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[Review] Tackling Dust Mites with Professional Cleaning & Disinfecting!

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’d know that we’re tackling a new allergy this season. DUST MITES, and truly unexpected! V’s blood test results were off the charts. It was essential to look for a helpful review on professional cleaning services and disinfecting treatment relating to our new battle.

clean lab review home cleaning sofa
We spend alot of time on our sofa and sleeping on our beds, so it’s really important to keep the furniture clean, even if we can’t see dust mites, trapped dirt and other gross stuff!

Regular cleaning can only do so much. In fact, with this COVID-19 pandemic, cleaning needs to level up, isn’t it? Engaging the professional cleaners means they have the right equipment and disinfecting solutions to kill those pesky dust mites. These troublemakers turn our home into a breeding ground so even if we can’t see them, they’re there! Dust mites feed on dead skin cells and according to this article, “Beds are a prime habitat for dust mites and a typical mattress may have around 100,000 to 10 million mites inside. A single dust mite produces about 20 waste droppings a day, each containing a protein that many people are allergic to.”

professional home cleaning Clean Lab review
Clean Lab drew samples from the 5 items that went through deep cleaning & disinfecting – this was the GROSSEST! Guess where this was from??

YUP. SUPER GROSS! And, what are the symptoms of a dust mite allergy? It includes runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion, red or watery eyes, asthma and difficulty in breathing, eczema, cough or hay fever. Some folks experience all or just a few. WHO KNEW? We had always thought it was because of her sensitive nose like daddy’s. -_-

Thus, we had to get our mattresses, bolsters, pillows, headboard, curtain and our new sofa disinfected to as part of dust mite management! Our home isn’t as “safe” as we think! Find out more with this review on professional cleaning services and disinfecting in Singapore!

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Looking for a professional cleaning company to help bust dust mites

All of a sudden, this became an urgent need! I had to look for reputable professional cleaning services in Singapore that could exterminate dust mites and disinfect our furniture. Not all cleaning companies tackle dust mites, so do check first if that’s your key concern. I chanced upon Clean Lab Singapore, which has been focusing on commercial work such as office cleaning services, carpet and rug cleaning and post-renovation cleaning since 2016. I was happy that they have ventured into the residential sectors to help families with their professional house cleaning services to eliminate dust mites, stains, germs, molds, bacteria, toxins, and more.

removing stubborn stains by professional cleaners
Blood stains? Body stains? Oops. Clean Lab advised if stains are accumulated for more than 3 months, it’s almost impossible to remove completely. That said, the ones on the single mattress and king sized mattress managed to lighten!!

Finding out how Clean Lab’s professional cleaning services and disinfection treatments can help address dust mites

An Account Manager or Operations Specialist is assigned to each client. First, we had a call to better understand what I needed, and she advised what they could do to tackle those concerns. I’ve to say that Serene from the Clean Lab team answered my queries patiently and professionally! I was all ready to clean the whole house – whatever that could be cleaned HAHA. My hubs thought I was going nuts with the whole allergy episode. But, as parents and homeowners who have NEVER done any disinfecting or deep cleaning, shouldn’t we be extra mindful now that our child is diagnosed with dust mite allergy?? #foodforthought

Okay, so I reined it in and narrowed down to the upholstery with higher chances of contact.

Review: professional cleaning services and disinfecting by Clean Lab

On our scheduled appointment, the Cleaning & Disinfection Specialist team was very prompt, arriving 30 minutes ahead of time *what???* I panicked a little because our house was in a mess. LOL. But thankfully, they didn’t make me feel awkward about the disarray. Instead, their early arrival gave me time to show them where things were, including power points. Actually, I simply told them that they could feel free to move whatever needed in order to do their work smoothly. Hehe.

For home cleaning, I learned that it usually consists of a 2-man team or 4 pax, depending on the scope. The total time taken was approximately 2 hours.

Clean Lab practices their 5-step Mattress Cleaning Program and 4-step Restorative Deep Upholstery Cleaning for beddings and sofas respectively. Together with industrial equipment and solutions, these help to tackle stubborn stains, remove stray hair, dust, bacteria and dust mites etc.

Clean Lab review professional cleaning services and disinfection
Clean Lab’s 5-step Mattress Cleaning Program and 4-step Restorative Deep Upholstery Cleaning for beddings and sofas respectively. Image credit: Clean Lab

Here’s a look at the actual process for the professional mattress cleaning, and deep cleaning for our upholstery in the house:

Dry Extraction and Stains Treatment are first done, before the bulky equipment start work. At this point, the Clean Lab team vacuums away the dislodge grime and dirt stuck in between the fabric fibres. Next, they zoom in on visible stains and try to get rid of them with a solution.

trying to remove stain on mattress during cleaning
There’s a huge stain on our king sized mattress which Clean Lab tried to remove… do you think they will succeed? It’s been accumulating since we moved in LOL!

Deep Mattress Extraction Cleaning and Disinfection, and, Atomized Steam Cleaning are done using industrial equipment. There was some noise, expectedly! And it was SO LIBERATING to see the steam killing the bacteria, germs, dust mites and microorganisms breeding there!

mattress cleaning and disinfection singapore
We moved in with a new king-sized bed which has never been cleaned professionally. After sleeping with dust mites & other gross stuff for over a decade, it finally got a thorough cleaning and disinfecting treatment by Clean Lab. Killing dust mites!
professional cleaning service
The sheer weight of a king-sized mattress needs many hands, so all sides of the mattress can be cleaned! Thank you for taking care of the heavy work, Clean Lab!
managing dust mite allergy
The recommended temperature to kill dust mites is at approx. 60 degree Celsius, and Clean Lab exterminates them at 164 degrees Celsius. KILL KILL!
review Clean Lab professional sofa cleaning
Dislodging dirt, hair, dust and more between the fabric fibres. So good to have high temperature at 164 degrees Celscius kill those too!
professional cleaning for pillows & bolsters kids
Mattresses and sofa done! Let’s not forget the kids’ pillows, bolsters and the adults’ too! After the steam cleaning step, the chemical-free Bio-shield treatment is sprayed directly to slow down dust mite reproduction and provide 30 days protect against bacteria and dust mites.

The “cleaned up” mattresses, sofa, bolsters, pillows and curtain are protected with a layer of Bioshield, an anti-microbial treatment to protect the fabrics for up to 30 days.

Different curtain cleaning services offered

For off-site curtain cleaning, it will take about 10-14 working days. Curtains will be professionally cleaned with industrial equipment and sent back to you when ready.

For on-site curtain cleaning (which was what we did for our small set of Roman Blinds), Clean Lab specially informed their team to perform vacuuming and steaming at between 120 degrees to 180 degrees to tackle the dust mite issue. It was fuss-free with zero downtime.

We picked on-site cleaning for our Roman Blinds so it was done during the same trip and with the same equipment.
professional cleaning for homes
LOOK! The grossest was actually our NEW SOFA! The solid residues were thickest at the bottom of the test tube which holds samples of what was collected during cleaning. YIKES.

Tips for scheduling a professional home cleaning service:

  • Ask them questions about your concerns and the type of solutions they can offer to help.
  • Schedule an appointment in the morning if you are doing the full works like me. Disinfecting and deep cleaning will leave the furniture wet and will need about 6 hours to dry. To speed up the drying process, Serene very kindly taught me a smart hack! Simply switch on the air conditioner’s dehumidification mode and close the doors and windows. WOO!
  • Pick a time and date when the kids are out. ‘Nuff said, right? HAHA.
  • Prepare to have things moved around as the specialists need to access power points. They will make space to go around the king sized bed or sofa to clean from different sides etc.
  • Prepare some big towels on standby to lay on the floor as there will be water dripping from the equipment.
  • If you or any family member is at home during the cleaning, do wear a mask, especially if you’ve sensitive airways or have dust mite allergies too!
  • Plan for regular maintenance to keep the home cleaner and safer. The recommended frequency is once every 3-4 months.

How much does professional cleaning cost?

Depending on what you need them to clean and the services to render, it’s best to contact Clean Lab for their rates.

As a reference, this was our quotation for what we cleaned:

  • 1 king mattress – $200 (Complimentary 2 pillows and 1 bolster)
  • 2 single mattresses – $280 (Complimentary 4 pillows and 2 bolster)
  • 1 Roman Blinds (small) – $30
  • 1 headboard – $100
  • 1 sofa (new, 3-seater) – $180

Together with Clean Lab, we would like to help more families in Singapore be safe at home, as well as manage dust mite allergies. Thus, we’re extending a promo code for you to enjoy savings. PLUS! Stand a chance to WIN a FREE home cleaning session so you can get those yucky stuff purged!


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I hope my review of Clean Lab’s professional cleaning services and disinfecting treatments in Singapore gives you an idea on what goes on during the session. Stay safe and healthy, everyone!

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