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Eggless 2-ingredient Pancake Blender Recipe

Waking up to freshly made pancakes brightens up a new day! We love fluffy pancakes, and from time-to-time (when there’s time! Ha!), try to make them from scratch for Vera so she enjoys… Continue reading

Rice Cooker Pumpkin Rice Recipe

This rice cooker pumpkin rice has been a hit with the discerning husband (and our occasional-fussy toddler too!), and we’ve since made it several times over. Finally putting this easy recipe down in… Continue reading

Baby Led Weaning: Tips on BLW and Nutritious Food Ideas for Babies

Eating is one of life’s greatest pleasures and we love wholesome and healthy meals for the family. Now that Leroy has started on solids, we are returning to the basics of weaning. Just as… Continue reading

Baked Stuffed Chicken Roulade with Oats Recipe

Excuse the long overdue with recipe updates! It’s been some crazy months with deadlines, our recent family holiday with both kids. Here’s a new dish we did a couple of months ago. Yes,… Continue reading

Weaning with That First Spoonful of Cereal + GIVEAWAY!

Sponsored Article Introduction to solids is a new chapter for every baby. With weaning, baby gets to experience eating and this calls for some food and mess ahead! With Leroy turning 6 months… Continue reading

Easy Seafood Tom Yum Soup Recipe

There’s just something comforting about soups, isn’t it? We’ve experimented with different soups, and managed to put a few soup recipes down too. Soups for pregnant mums to western soups and family-friendly soups,… Continue reading

Super Cheesy Double Flavoured Baked Rice

If you love cheese, you’re gonna love this! It’s a long overdued article but here it is – fresh out of the oven, brimming with cheesy goodness on a bed of double flavoured… Continue reading

Apple Pork Ribs Soup Recipe 

Finally, managed to update with this soup dish that we had a few weeks ago. Soups are essentially part of our dinners (except when we do stews or one-pot dishes. hehe.) and I’ve… Continue reading

Baked Honey Lemon Chicken Recipe

With limited time in the kitchen, time-saver meals are our best bet as we serve up healthy and yummy (if I may say so myself. LOL!) dishes. I used to think having a built-in oven… Continue reading

Slow Braised Pork with Black Fungus Slow Cooker Recipe

Having to prepare homemade meals on a daily or frequent basis can somewhat be nerve-wrecking, or essentially boring after awhile. I enjoy coming up with recipes (especially easy ones!) so there’s always variety and… Continue reading