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Expert Advice: 11 Questions about Eyebrow Embroidery Answered!

Before getting my brows fixed, I had various questions about eyebrow embroidery. I used to think that eyebrow embroidery would hurt. After getting misty microblading done at LA VIDA, it gave me versatility in my hairstyles! Best of all, it’s perfect for lazy folks (like me!) who usually step out without makeup. #beautyhack

Thinking of getting those perfect brows but have concerns about this beauty service? Let’s get these common eyebrow embroidery questions answered by LA VIDA’s Brow Expert! Time to bust those myths about brow embroidery and aftercare too!

1. How do I know if I’m suitable for eyebrow embroidery?

Anyone can do eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. Males or females who suffered from hair loss such as Alopecia, chemotherapy, Trichotillomania (hair-pulling disorder) are also suitable for eyebrow embroidery.

2. How long can eyebrow embroidery last?

Eyebrow embroidery results can last up to 2 years depending on individual skin condition and lifestyle habits. However, there are aftercare procedures to prolong your eyebrow embroidery.

3. Is eyebrow embroidery touch-up necessary?

Colour typically fades 20-50%. Sometimes more, but this is very normal. Hence it is necessary. The fading happens because each person’s metabolism, skin type, ages, oily skin etc. are different. However, touch up can only be done after the skin regeneration renewal process.

4. Can I wash my face and hair after doing eyebrow embroidery?

Yes, you can wash your face and hair after doing eyebrow embroidery. However, avoid brows from touching water or do any workout that results in excessive sweating.  Always pat dry your brows after washing your face or when there’s perspiration.

5. Will eyebrow embroidery fade completely after some time?

Yes, it will gradually fade over time if there are no regular brow touch-ups as pigments used in eyebrow embroidery are semi-permanent in nature. Over time, the pigment will be broken down and reabsorbed into the body.

6. Is it normal to feel some pain during the microblading process?

Your comfort is always our priority! Our Brow Artist will apply medical grade anaesthetic cream on your brows before implating any colour pigment on your eyebrow. Enjoy almost no pain, thanks to the effectiveness of the anaesthetic cream. However, the anaesthetic cream will wear off and you may request your beautician to apply more cream to reduce the chances of feeling any pain.

numbing cream for eyebrow embroidery
Before trying out eyebrow embroidery, I had several questions and concerns! How painful was it? Numbing cream was used before my Brow Artist, Pansy, started work. All good!

7. How can I best maintain my eyebrows after embroidery? Any aftercare tips?

Aftercare for eyebrow embroidery is essential to ensure longer lasting results. Easy ways to care for your new brows:

  • Use a cotton bud to cleanse your eyebrows and the surrounding area
  • Apply the aftercare cream to your brows twice a day. (once in the morning and once at night)

Things to avoid after eyebrow embroidery:

  • Try to avoid direct sunlight, or use a hat
  • Avoid any vigorous exercise and perspiration
  • Do not have prolonged contact with water for 7 days
  • No swimming, sauna or steam baths for 2 weeks
  • No facials for at least 2 weeks
  • Avoid using makeup and skincare products on and around the treatment area for at least 2 weeks.

8. How often can I fix my brows? Is there a recommended time to wait between my eyebrow embroidery sessions?

Touch-ups can only be done after the skin regeneration renewal process. Typically 6 to 8 weeks after your first session. 

9. Are there people who should avoid doing eyebrow embroidery?

As a precaution, anyone taking accutane or any blood-thinning medications, or anyone who is pregnant or nursing, should avoid eyebrow embroidery. As embroidery is considered cosmetic tattooing, there aren’t much studies conducted on the ink chemical on the fetus. It’s best to avoid embroidery if you are pregnant.

10. What are the possible risks or side effects of doing eyebrow embroidery?

After doing your brows, it usually takes 3-7 days for the skin to dry up and scabs will start to peel off. Apply antiseptic cream or aloe vera gel to prevent the skin from falling off too quickly. The slower the scab falls off the better.

After the scab falls off, the colour usually fades 20-50% and this is expected.

11. How can we choose the right eyebrow therapist and know we are in good hands?

La Vida is an award-winning brow specialist, recognised in Singapore for the techniques and knowledge in semi-permanent make-up artistry. All our Brow Artists are trained by industry-leading trainers in the art of semi-permanent make-up and the golden ratio. Along with positive reviews of our eyebrow embroidery services, thousands of satisfied customers can’t be wrong?


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Do you have more questions about eyebrow embroidery? Leave a comment below and we’ll get them answered for you!

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