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Let’s Review My Botox and Fillers Results & Compare!

It has been over 5 months since I bravely did botox and fillers at a reputable clinic in Singapore. I had both aesthetic treatments done at Halley Medical Aesthetics and here’s a review of my results!

When I shared about my decision to get botox and dermal fillers done on my face, many of my personal friends were WOW-ed that I was so brave (HAHA! they certainly know my low threshold for pain.) And, sent me messages asking questions about these non-surgical procedures and my personal experience.

“Was it painful?”

“How was the before and after results? Do you look stiff? Can you smile properly?”

“How much was it? How long can botox and filler lasts?”

I had the same questions before going for it too!

botox and fillers before and after photos
Baring it all with no makeup or filters here! Photos taken before and right after my botox and filler procedures. If you zoom in, you can see the tiny injection sites, but they went off within the day. Not very obvious haha! With this frontal shots, my under eye area looks brighter, don’t you think? It takes about a week or so for full effects to show up – will share the post-treatment update next, stay tuned!
under eye fillers before and after pictures
The undereye fillers (tear-trough filler) are more obvious from my side view. If you’re wondering how much dermal fillers cost, check out Halley Medical Aesthetics website – they’re very transparent about it, and you can find plenty of helpful articles about each treatment to better understand what goes on. I personally found their articles insightful in providing a newbie to aesthetics treatment :) *Thumbs up*

My tips: It is important to seek a medically trained doctor’s professional opinion and talk to patients who have been in the good hands of these doctors before deciding.

This time round, I’ll be sharing my results since it’s 3 months since these injectables have been administered!

Post-treatment Review at Halley Medical Aesthetics

I went back to the clinic 2 weeks after Dr. Mark Lim from Halley Medical Aesthetics did my very first shots of facial aesthetics treatments. Initially, I was really worried about the pain because of the thought of having needles poke me seems scary! Well, you can read this to find out how the treatments went.

During the 2 weeks, I didn’t have any side effects like swelling or pain. But I did have to consciously remember not to rub my eyes especially in the mornings :P

It takes about 2 weeks for the botox to relax the muscles around my eyes and eliminated my crow’s feet and smoothened out those static fine lines on my forehead. By then, the effects of dermal fillers were more apparent too – filling up the hollow area between my under eyes and cheekbones so they look less sunken and dark.

My Botox and Fillers Results – with before and after photos

To be honest, after the initial few weeks, I kinda forgot I had these subtle improvements done. They turned out pretty natural (rightfully so!). The only times I could feel something, was when I’m washing my face or applying eye cream. I say “feel” because the hollow area under my eyes are now plumped up thanks to the Juvederm fillers (undereye fillers / tear-trough filler) used.

More before and after photos after getting botox and fillers done:

BEFORE –> Check out the crow’s feet creeping out from the corners of my eyes. And I wasn’t even flashing a huge smile!

before doing botox and fillers singapore mum the hooting post
See those lines at the end of my eyes? Those are crow’s feet. The undereye areas between the eye bags and cheekbones are slightly sunken too. Ageing signs that show up before any botox.
before doing botox for crow's feet
Photo taken without any makeup or filters, just lash extensions and crow’s feet showing up here.

Photo taken at 2 weeks post-treatment:

botox and fillers results
Back at Halley Medical Aesthetics to review my botox and filler results with Dr. Mark Lim! This photo was taken 2 weeks after getting both botox and filler treatments done :)

Photo of my botox and fillers results about 2.5 months after the injectables:

botox and fillers results
Photo taken in early Jan 2021, about 2.5 months after botox and fillers at Halley Medical Aesthetics. No makeup or filters too – just sending Leroy to school in the morning haha!

I felt that my crow’s feet were practically erased away when I smile and I’m definitely happy! Lines around the eyes, eye bags and dark circles are VERY obvious when you’ve small eyes (like me!). It also makes a huge difference with and without eyelash extensions, right? LOL.

My husband could tell the stark difference before and after I did botox for crow’s feet. I guess the results speak for themselves.

Without the crow’s feet, my peepers look brighter and I look more awake although I’m sleepy HAHA.

With my undereye tear troughs improved thanks to dermal fillers that create a more supple and lifted appearance, you can see that the indented shadows are reduced too. Looking less panda-ish. Honestly, there’s only so much eye creams can help from the outside. The late nights are also showing up more apparently since my skin’s metabolism has definitely slowed down given my age. Lost hyaluronic acid and collagen are part of ageing, and the quickest way to regaining a youthful appearance is to replenish them.

NOW, the million-dollar question: will I be addicted to seeing this “improved version” of myself and want to continue achieving visible differences with these botox and fillers results? Let’s see! ;)

Are you deciding to go for botox and fillers in Singapore? I would recommend that you look for a medical doctor / aesthetics doctor who is qualified and experienced in administering such beauty procedures. I hope my experience getting Botox and fillers at Halley Medical Aesthetics comes in handy for your decision-making too! Feel free to share any questions about facial aesthetics treatments below!

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