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[Review] I finally did eyebrow embroidery!

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WOOHOO! I finally took the plunge to get my non-existent brows revived, thanks to LA VIDA! Here’s sharing my experience in this eyebrow embroidery review, so if you’re contemplating to do yours, the lowdown is here!

If you’ve been reading my blogazine and following me on Instagram and Facebook for some time now, you’d have noticed that I’ve always had a fringe.

singapore mum blogger review brow embroidery
I’ve been sporting a fringe for the longest time, and my eyebrows are nicely hidden behind those curtains haha!

To be honest, I’ve had bangs since my University days. They’re my best bet for unruly eyebrows, because I’ve decided to stop shaping and shading my eyebrows after graduating from Junior College (JC). Now, it’s just lazy mum tired mum of two young bubs! With little time for grooming and self-care, I needed something hassle-free.

What made me decide to do eyebrow embroidery after all these years?

Plucking my brows and shading them was often in the works during my younger days. I’ve also gotten them trimmed on the streets by Steven Lim! haha! Does anyone still remember him from those days? :P

To be honest, I’m bored of looking the same, and figured I could really do with some minor makeover. Of course, part of the reason is… for my husband. Oh, the things we do for our men HAHA!

Eyebrow embroidery helps save time and I can basically step out of the house without worrying about my invisible eyebrows. AND, I can FINALLY change my hairstyle! HAHA!

brow artist la vida eyebrow touch up review
Eyebrow embroidery includes a blade and colour pigments to create strokes that look like my brow hair. Read on for more details about my eyebrow embroidery review!

BUT, what truly held me back was the PAIN. I mean, there’s a blade literally cutting our skin. I’m sure that would hurt! So, I’ve been asking those who have done their brows before about the pain factor, and so far, it seems that the numbing cream works well. Let’s see!

Read on to find out how you can enjoy this EXCLUSIVE OFFER for Misty Brow Microblading!

Looking for positive eyebrow embroidery review in Singapore

What exactly is eyebrow embroidery? Does it actually involve sewing? *GASP*

Firstly, eyebrow embroidery is NOT the tattoo version our mums did decades ago. That also means it isn’t permanent, so we won’t be stuck with a particular brow shape or colour forever :P

singapore mum blogger eyebrow embroidery results
Day 4 post-eyebrow embroidery when I was holidaying in Japan!

This semi-permanent beauty service involves a fine blade adding customised colour pigments into our skin, so they look like our natural brow hair. These brows can last between 2 to 3 years, depending on aftercare, skin condition and lifestyle over the period.

I did some research and wanted to look for reputable eyebrow embroidery services in Singapore. LA VIDA, which has been in the brow industry for 7 years, had several positive reviews.

So, I made an appointment and visited the LA VIDA outlet at Bedok Mall. Their 6 outlets are conveniently located at malls across Singapore which are next to MRT stations. That’s a WIN, thanks to its accessibility. If you’re looking for eyebrow embroidery services in the East, hop over to Bedok Mall or White Sands!

My first impressions upon stepping into LA VIDA at Bedok Mall

Located at level 1 (street level) of Bedok Mall, getting to the outlet was a breeze. The friendly ladies greeted me and invited me to sit on an armchair.

LA VIA eyebrow embroidery review
Comfortably seated on their armchair, Kelly, my Brow Artist, gets going with the eyebrow embroidery to revive my sparse brows.

Sharing my experience at LA VIDA with this eyebrow embroidery review

LA VIDA offers 6 different types of brow services to suit different looks, preferred style, which are also dependent on each person’s original brows.

Choose from Classic Eyebrow Embroidery, Deluxe Creative Brows, LA VIDA Ultimate Floating Brows, LA VIDA Regenerating Eyebrow, LA VIDA Misty Microstroking (also known as Misty Microblading) and LA VIDA Regene Misty Brow.

LA VIDA eyebrow embroidery services in Singapore
LA VIDA has 6 types of brow services to suit different brow styles and looks. Prices range from $99 to $3,000+.

Read on for my eyebrow embroidery review!

First, my Brow Artist, Kelly, studied my face shape, and asked if I had any preference for a certain brow shape or style.

The Korean eyebrow embroidery style where brows are dark and straighter with a lower arch is pretty popular these days, but I don’t think I’d suit that as I’m pretty fair-skinned and am usually with only light or no makeup.

before and after doing misty microblading eyebrows review
Brow comparison: (LEFT) my original eyebrow / (RIGHT) Misty Microblading brow embroidery done

I wanted something more natural to frame my look, so I’ll look more awake :P My original brows are sparse and light, with a high arched shape. The arch would make me look perceptually shocked, so I wasn’t keen to go with my original brow shape at all. Haha!

Honestly, I felt it was best to leave it to the expert since she has over 7 years of experience under her belt.

I trusted that my eyebrows were in good hands – do read on for my personal experience detailed in this review!

What went on during the 2-hour session:

  • Kelly studied my original makeup-free brows, and we discussed my desired brow outcome and techniques. Kelly also gave her recommendations.
  • Kelly’s colleague applied numbing cream on my brows, and we waited for about 30 minutes. During this time, she prepares the customised colour pigment for me.
  • After marking out some measurements, Kelly uses a pencil to outline the shape of a recommend pair of brows to show me.
  • She proceeds to fill in the colours and work her magic!
apply numbing cream before eyebrow embroidery review
Before my brows are worked on, numbing cream is applied to prep the skin for the cuts that were gonna happen!

Surprisingly, my skin felt slightly hot and itchy when the numbing cream was on my skin. Apparently, this happens for people with sensitive skin and/or dry skin at the brow area. Thankfully, that subsided when Kelly was working on them.

The recommended eyebrow services for me was the Misty Microblading. Scabbing was expected to be minimal, so the colour shouldn’t fade too much. But this really depends on each individual’s skin and how receptive it is to absorbing pigments.

How about the pain which I was afraid of?

I’ve to say that her hand was going really fast, as she created a powdered look which Misty Microblading is known for. The shading effect offers a gradual gradient style from light to dark to create the natural brow shape for me. Personally, there was no pain at the beginning of the session. However, certain sections was slightly more painful and I experienced some sharp pain at certain spots e.g. the tail end of my brows.

Kelly explained that the pain was because of the brow bone. At the same time, the colour had to be darker at those areas which meant repeated cuts around the localised spots.

LA VIDA eyebrow embroidery review Singapore
Kelly was very focused on doing my brows, and I respect her eye power for doing so many people’s eyebrows everyday. Must be super tiring for her eyes, arms and her poor back =x

YES, it was bearable – thank goodness for numbing cream! HAHA! Just like how epidural is my happy-dural during pregnancy! I think the pain was also in my mind when the Brow Artist did my eyebrows because I kept thinking about the blade cutting my skin -_-

At the end of the session, the paper-cut pain subsided and I noticed some redness around my new eyebrows. I’d say downtime was lower than I expected – thankfully, the colour wasn’t crazily dark like La Pi Xiao Xin’s eyebrows! PHEW! :P

Aftercare tips for post-eyebrow embroidery

ointment for skin healing after eyebrow embroidery
After my brows were nicely done, Kelly proceeds to apply a thin layer of ointment on my eyebrows to help with healing.

To maintain long lasting eyebrows and ensure that my skin’s recovery is optimised, Kelly and her friendly colleague advised me to follow some skincare tips:

  • Apply the eyebrow embroidery aftercare ointment twice a day, for at least 7 days.
  • Between Day 3 – 7, skin scabbing is expected. Hence, do not peel or tug the skin as that would affect discolouration. It’s also normal for the new brows colour to fade by 20% – 50%, hence, there will be a touch-up session.
  • Avoid contact with water when washing your face or hair. Simply pat dry if the brows get wet.
  • Avoid swimming, sauna, steam baths or facials for 2 weeks.

Just a few days after doing Misty Microblading for my eyebrows, we jetted off for our winter holiday. I made a conscious effort to religiously apply the ointment to help with healing, especially with the cold and dry weather.

skin scabbing after eyebrow embroidery
My skin started scabbing/peeling a few days after eyebrow embroidery, and here’s sharing my detailed review for the process and experience!

True enough, on Day 3 or 4, the skin on my brows started peeling! I thought it was due to the cold weather because I was seeing large pieces of dark coloured skin coming off. Oh dear, were my eyebrows gonna fade much?! I was worried, but kept up with my aftercare even after Day 7… because… scared HAHA! Didn’t want to waste the effort of doing eyebrow embroidery.

As I applied the ointment from the first day onwards, I could also feel slight tenderness on my skin where the cuts felt more obvious. But that feeling went off within the first week, and no other discomfort was experienced or observed :)

Additionally, there will be a touch-up session so if I’d like to make them darker, or slightly alter my brow shape, that could be done.

singapore parent blogger brow embroidery review
Photo taken outdoors 1 month after eyebrow embroidery. I did a poll on Instagram Stories asking if they were too light and should go darker, OR, they were fine. Most said they were a little light haha!

When is the best time to do a touch-up for eyebrow embroidery?

The recommended period is 4 weeks or 28 days after doing the eyebrow embroidery. This also coincides with the skin’s renewal cycle and how long it takes to heal. By this time, the colour pigments would have pretty much settled too.

LA VIDA bedok mall brow review
On my way to Bedok Mall for my eyebrow embroidery touch-up appointment.

So, what happens during the brow touch-up session?

The whole process restarted from application of numbing cream, down to application of ointment when the brows were done. That said, the touch-up session took less than 1.5 hours; the numbing cream needed about 30 minutes to kick in. This time round, I didn’t feel any hot sensation with the numbing cream, and the microblading process was less painful too :) YAY!

after brow touch-up at LA VIDA bedok
Unedited photo taken right after the touch-up session: as you can see that there’s a white border around my brows, and that was about it. No downtime, and just don’t get them wet!

All in all, I really like my new brow shape and I find that with neatly groomed brows, it changes one’s looks to appear neater and more put-together. As my actual brows are still growing (yes, they are still there and not removed permanently haha!), I’ll have to pluck off the newly grown ones and trim the longer hairs. No pain, no gain, and a little effort goes a long way! :)

eyebrow embroidery review touch-up at LA VIDA
I did my brow touch-up at LA VIDA’s roadshow – in a quiet corner for customers to sit and lie back while getting their eyebrows done up.

LA VIDA’s eyebrow embroidery services price ranges from $99 to $3,000+. Give them a call, or simply DM them over Instagram or Facebook to find out more, or make an appointment. There are also promotions from time-to-time so do remember to ask or show them this review article or my photos on Instagram or Facebook :)

brow embroidery with lash extensions review
A mini makeover with eyebrow embroidery + lash extensions! Just in time for my 10th solemnization anniversary :P

***Eyebrow touch up: updates as of Feb 2021***

I’m sliding into Chinese New Year with darker and more defined brows!

It’s been more than a year since I did my brows and I must say it has been a breeze cos I save time from having to fill my brows with makeup, and then having to clean off at night. Nicely-shaped fuss-free brows is life-changing for busy women!

If you’re wondering how long can brow microblading last? It varies from 6 months to a year or more, and it differs amongst individuals because of our skin metabolism, skin type and how our skin takes to the colour pigments. The skin at my forehead and near my brows is oilier, hence the colour becomes substantially lighter with time. Fading is normal, and I felt it was time to have darker and more obvious brows so I went back to LA VIDA for a touch-up 😊

During this session, I was in Pansy’s good hands. I chose the same Misty Eyebrow technique although at this point, I was told that I could go for a different style 😊 Misty Microblading eyebrow technique creates natural-looking brows, encompasses the ombre effect with a natural powdery look which I have been happy with so far.

eyebrow embroidery touch up
Numbing cream was applied before starting on these brows.

The process remains the same, starting by applying numbing cream, shaping my brow hair, outlining my brow shape, checking with me if I’m okay with the hand-drawn shape before Pansy got to her artwork. She was patient and didn’t rush, so that was great! Good things need time, right? HAHA.

The touch-up session started off with neatening of my brows, followed by Pansy drawing the shape. Here, she’s starting on the Misty Microblading technique on my right eyebrow.

Pansy was friendly and checked with me several times if it hurt during the microblading process. As I’ve said before, thank goodness for numbing cream – it’s just like happy-dural! :P Also, I didn’t have any sensitive reaction to the numbing cream (you can read above for my earlier experience) but I did feel some slight but bearable pain, that’s all!

Misty microblading eyebrow embroidery before and after
Check out the OBVIOUS difference with Misty Microblading – before and after photos!

The healing process will be pretty much the same, as well as the eyebrow microblading aftercare. I’ll be diligently using the ointment to nourish and help with healing. Scabbing will be expected over the next 7 days too. How do you like moi newly resurrected brows? I think I’m a wee bit more ready for CNY – I just need to go get some new clothes haha!


Get your perfect and naturally-shaped brows for just S$398!

Quote “HOOT398” for Misty Brow Microblading (U.P. $$2011.60, GST inclusive) when making an appointment at LA VIDA!

Terms and conditions:
To make an appointment, call any of their outlets or send a DM via Facebook or Instagram. Valid for first-time customers and cancellation without valid reasons is not allowed after appointments are booked. Special deal price is subjected to GST, and the payable amount will be S$425.86.

I hope my eyebrow embroidery review comes in handy for those who are thinking of reviving their brows :) Mums in Singapore who have “reconstructed” their brows, feel free to share your review and tips below!

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