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Welcome to THE HOOTING POST, a family and lifestyle blogazine!

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Juggling work and raising children is no mean feat. But I’m thankful for my blessings and to be able to share knowledge and experience on my blogazine, The Hooting Post.

Thank you for wanting to find out more about The Hooting Post and me (Cindy!).

I created this baby as an anonymous online magazine to dish out articles on lifestyle bits and sneak peeks into the less-explored! Think: cafes, shopping and fashion!

Eventually, we became parents and as we raise our children in Singapore, The Hooting Post blogazine evolved. It proved to be difficult to remain anonymous, so I had to put a face to what I was writing about. This blog + magazine has been serving up parenting tips and information to support families. Motherhood is not a breeze and we are no experts. Just common folks who are going through similar experiences like everyone else.

How I got promoted to a Singapore mum blogger!

It sounds really weird to be known as a ‘mum blogger’ or ‘mum influencer’. But, I guess that’s how I got a promotion to become a mum blogger in Singapore/a parenting influencer? These terms give me a strange feeling. But I guess that’s how PR agencies and brands have termed our collective community.  1 thing led to another, and I was also a member of the now-defunct Singapore Mom Blogger group!

These days, I’m more active on my Instagram account or my Facebook page, sharing our family adventures amongst Instagram mums and dads! I’ve had the opportunity to meet some other lovely mummy KOLs and influencers. I’m also blessed and thankful for opportunities to work with various brands and products. You see,  it’s a different kind of fun to see and do things from the other side, especially with my day job. *wink*

To put simply, The Hooting Post blogazine was born out of a pure passion for writing and supporting the community.

Sharing family fun and stories on this blog, written by a mum in Singapore.

Guide to The Hooting Post blogazine, for parents by parents.

I’ve written over 300 articles here! I hope you’ll find something useful for the parenting phase or baby milestone you’re at. Maybe somewhere in the webverse, you might see my name on articles published on other websites like The Huffington Post, theAsianparent, New Age Parents and more. Oh, ghost writing for other platforms so no names there. HA!

Expect to read about pregnancy tips and food for pregnant mummies, pick up breastfeeding tips through my nursing experiences, try baby-friendly recipes (baby led weaning? have an egg allergy?), family travel adventures and so much more!

READER’S PERKS – The Hooting Post continues to grow because of YOU, our supportive readers! As our way of showing our appreciation, we are very fortunate to be supported by our friends and corporate partners. They have kindly extended exclusive perks just for YOU! It’s just our way of saying “THANK YOU for your endearing support!”.  Drop me an email at thehootingpost(at)gmail.com if you wish to extend freebies and goodies to our readers too!


About The Founder-Writer:

Fueled by a secret obsession to be a writer, I started dabbling with blogs from Geocities (it tells of my age!) during secondary school. Fast-forward with a few abandoned ones, I started writing again at one of the busiest points in my career.

As a working mother to 2 young children in Singapore, writing allows me to monument the positives and to grow this happiness bank, as my mama’s brain deteriorates. Writing keeps me sane amidst this challenging learning journey. With these articles, I hope to share useful tips (and tricks) from my experience, and may they be helpful to others too. 

Writing is therapeutic for me… interested to know how my writing process is like? Well, having coffee and cake feels great too! #justsaying :P

For questions, or, if you wish to collaborate,  just drop me a note at: thehootingpost(at)gmail.com.

In the meantime, happy reading this humble blogazine!

P/S: Some of you may have been supporting my previous site, Whitesays, and I’m immensely happy and thankful! Although there won’t be new updates, do feel free to flip back on those archive articles. All other blogs/webpages that I’ve started have been abandoned and disappeared into thin air. I’ve officially moved to THP and am blogging as a mum in Singapore too haha! Do bookmark this family blogazine. Hope to see you around! :)

Connect with us at thehootingpost(at)gmail.com | Instagram | Facebook too!

Disclaimer: All reviews and articles are based on impartial personal experiences, without responsibility or obligations to neither brand/company/services/any other parties involved.  

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