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Our First Mum & Daughter Kid-friendly Makeup Playtime!

*Updated Oct 2022 – ShinyShiny has since ceased operations for the child-friendly makeup products.

Did you know that there are kid-friendly makeup that are safe for children’s sensitive skin?

As an adult, I don’t use full makeup, or, have a huge makeup collection. On the contrary, my little girl was getting excited over cosmetics, and has since tried on nail polish, nail stickers… and until more recently, kid-friendly makeup too!

Like most mummies who are concerned with what our children eat, drink and use, I’m not really for the idea of having Vera use my “adult” makeup as she has sensitive skin. Allergies can happen with the type of makeup used on our kid’s skin as some ingredients can be pretty nasty and harsh.

By a stroke of luck, we were introduced to ShinyShiny, a kid-friendly makeup started by a mother (Mama J!) in Singapore. What propelled her to start this line was the idea to create a child-friendly alternative to markers and crayons as her kids would use them to doodle on themselves =P OOPSY! With that, she decided to fuel children’s love for colours and intellectual curiousity!

ShinyShiny, a kid-friendly makeup brand from Singapore

ShinyShiny’s range of kid-safe makeup is formulated and manufactured in Italy, meeting stringent EU regulations for a peace of mind. It’s great to know that each product is made with active bio ingredients derived from sustainable farming practice. Above all, their products are free of unnecessary ingredients such as paraben, lanolin, nano-materials so kids don’t come in contact with these unnecessary no-no’s. What’s more, these makeup for kids are vegan-friendly and come with a cruelty-free promise.

Apart from offering makeup that are kid-friendly on our little ones, mama J incorporates the sustainability factor into her business. The most prominent manner is by eliminating secondary packaging in effort to reduce waste, and by using reusable packaging where possible.

where to buy children stage makeup in singapore
Who crushed the Lip & Cheek Stain???

Keep reading to find out our review of ShinyShiny’s makeup that’s safe for children! PSST: Wanna WIN some kid-friendly makeup for your children? And, enjoy discounts when you shop for makeup? We’ve got a promo code for our readers too!

It’s playtime for mummy and daughter!

I was pretty impressed about mama J’s endeavour in developing her own brand of makeup for children when I learned about ShinyShiny’s kid-friendly makeup. On the other hand, I was in two minds about fuelling a vain pot versus the opportunity to teach my curious daughter about makeup…

To be honest, I knew shielding her isn’t the best option. She sees me applying light makeup on myself for work, just to look more awake and put together :P Lipsticks are my main giveaways – I look pale without them!

Hence, I disrobed my “adultness” (is there such a word?), and told Vera that I’ve some kid-friendly makeup at home. Her eyes grew larger and she squealed in delight, “You mean for me?? I can use the makeup??”

When I told Vera we could go ahead and PLAY – she was “soooooooooo excited” in her own words haha!

Check out how this giggly little girl was happy to do my makeup for me! HAHA!

Our review of ShinyShiny’s kid-friendly makeup

I decided to throw ourselves a challenge and told her that she could do MY makeup! I know, what was I thinking??? HAHA! But I figured – what’s the worse that could happen? I’d look like Ronald McDonald, and then we’d both laugh it off – and I could imagine her giggling all the way with 2 scenarios. Well, either she’d try to clean it off, OR, give me larger sausage lips. HAHA!

However, knowing that this baby of mine has a history of eczema and has food allergies, I’m cautious about what we use on her sensitive skin. That means before she gets to use these makeup, I would first test them on myself to ensure they are okay before allowing her to use.

So we let loose for some fun with ShinyShiny’s kid-friendly makeup! Sharing our review of the makeup products too – read on!

ShinyShiny buy children makeup Singapore
We used ShinyShiny’s Lip & Cheek Stick on our lips! How do we look? :D

Loose Powder with Powder Puff

children's makeup review
ShinyShiny Loose Powder and Lip & Cheek Stick (Plum Fairy)

The first step to makeup is setting the base, so we started with the Loose Powder with Powder Puff (available in 2 options: Snow (matte) and Shimmer (Glittery), $17.90 . My daughter got overzealous and puffed with the Shimmer option which was glitter (oops!!), and I promptly removed it with wet wipes. Thankfully, they were removed easily :P

children makeup loose powder ShinyShiny review
Vera was happily “stamping” my face with ShinyShiny’s Loose Powder, which spreads easily on our faces.

Ingredients-wise, the Snow (Matte) option contains Sodium Hyaluronate, which is a form of Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient that helps skin to retain moisture. Which means, no worries about our kid’s skin drying out. Interestingly, the Shimmer (Glitter) option contains Titanium Dioxide, a type of UV filter that’s used in sunscreen products too.

Lip and Cheek Stick

Who loves a versatile product? It’s also my first time trying a 2-in-1 lip and cheek product! I was a little hesitant/unsure about using it on my face as I’ve always been using powered blushers =X I have to say, while playing with Vera, I felt like I stepped out of my own comfort zone to explore makeup too.

singapore mum blogger review kid-friendly makeup ShinyShiny
Vera was super excited to be able to colour my lips with ShinyShiny’s 2-in-1 Lip and Cheek Stick! I was quite worried I might end up looking like Ronald McDonald! :p

I’ve had cold sore and sensitised lips when I was younger, and have been staying away from lip products as my lips would itch, feel hot or flake when triggered. Until recently, I’ve started using lip colours again. Thus, I’d usually apply a layer of Vaseline petroleum jelly on my lips as a coat of protection before applying lip stick. This is a helpful tip for those who have sensitive or sensitised lips :)

using lip and cheek stick as blusher kids-friendly makeup singapore
OH NO! Is this how we do it with stick blushers? Fortunately, the Lip and Cheek Stick spreads easily, and the colour looks pretty natural on my fair skin.

Thankfully, mummy and daughter didn’t experience any reaction with ShinyShiny’s Lip and Cheek Stick (available in 2 colours: Plum Fairy and Sun Kissed), $15.90. WOOHOO!

shinyshiny lipstick kids-friendly makeup
This little princess was squealing when it was her turn to use ShinyShiny’s Lip and Cheek Stick on her lips :P

We used Sun Kissed on our lips and mummy’s cheek, and the I’m happy to say that it spread well on my cheeks to give me that rosy look too. Scroll on to see the colour on my face. How do we look? :P

Liquid Lip Balm

review kid's makeup Singapore
ShinyShiny Liquid Lip Balm and Lip & Cheek Stick (Sun Kissed)

If your kids prefer a light tint and some gloss, the Liquid Lip Balm (available in 3 colours: Vanilla, Cherry, Rose Apple), $12.90 gives the puckers that effect. Containing 95% natural and active ingredients sourced through organic farming to moisturise and protect from cracked lips. Do note that the Liquid Lip Balms might contain nut extract too.

using Liquid Lip Balm ShinyShiny kids-friendly makeup
“Don’t worry, mummy. I know how to do this.” Vera gives me an assuring, confident look as she applies ShinyShiny’s Liquid Lip Balm on my lips :P
mum blogger daughter using liquid lip balm kids-friendly makeup singapore
Vera doing the Princess pout and getting her lips glossed up with kid-friendly Liquid Lip Balm from Singapore.

Pucker up, little Princess! Our lips didn’t feel sticky, heavy or drying like how some lip gloss might. My sensitized lips were fine too. Yay!

Eyeshadow Palette

children's makeup review singapore
ShinyShiny Eye Shadow Palette with 4 colours – Cotton Candy, Ash Macaron, Lime Sherbet & Ocean Popsicle.

To kids, makeup means lots of colours. An Eyeshadow Palette, $20.90, provides a plethora of fun shades, and that means Vera could pick any colour to put on my eyes LOL! That said, these 4 colour pops would come in handy for children’s stage performance too!

children safe eye shadow makeup ShinyShiny
Vera, my personal Makeup Artist, gets zealous about beautifying me with ShinyShiny’s Eyeshadow Palette!

I thought the hand-drawn illustrations on the cardboard packaging was really cute! It certainly added a touch of children’s innocence!

daughter using kids-friendly eyeshadow review singapore ShinyShiny
Little Missy gets to use the Eyeshadow Palette on herself! She uses the blue colour (Ocean Popsicle)… and I think she kinda overdid it =X

Makeup Brush Set

review ShinyShiny kids makeup brush
ShinyShiny’s Makeup Brush Set, available in Singapore.

Besides children friendly makeup, ShinyShiny has a Makeup Brush Set, $20.90, with 5 brushes too. It comes with a handy washable pouch that’s compact and lightweight to bring it on-the-go too!

Gentle makeup removal means less tugging on our children’s skin

Was it difficult to remove the makeup? Not at all!

The eyeshadow, blusher, loose powder and lip stains came off easily with wet wipes. Also, I’ve successfully used Micellar Water and cotton pad to remove the eyeshadow on my eyelids. I’ve lash extensions, and need to be more careful about my eye area. Pretty impressed to say that the eyeshadow came off easily!

Nonetheless, parents can also use baby lotion to help their children remove the makeup at the end of the day :)

singapore mum blogger children makeup review
ALL DOLLED UP with ShinyShiny’s kid-friendly makeup! HAHA. Did we pass? :P

Where to buy ShinyShiny’s kid-friendly makeup in Singapore?

ShinyShiny’s range of products are available on their website. Do follow their Instagram to stay updated about new product launches, promotions and contests too!


Enjoy 15% off with a min. spend of SGD30.
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How to join via Facebook:

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Terms and conditions: 

  1. This contest ends 15 March 2020 (Sunday) 23:59hrs, and is opened to families in Singapore only.
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