Sensory Activities for Toddlers at Badanamu Bada Genius Classes

The Badanamu programme has a special place in Leroy’s heart and memory! Even months after his last lesson, he still fondly remembers the cute and fluffy Bada and the different characters! Our active… Continue reading

Multi-Sensory Learning with Badanamu Bada Sound Programme

With the digital age and new technology infiltrating learning, children are exposed to multi-sensory and multi-dimensional education tools at a young age. When it comes to a play-and-learn curriculum, I’m all up for… Continue reading

Bye Bikini, Hello Diastasis Recti!

It all started with some sharp pains under my ribs whenever Leroy pressed onto me when I was lying down. After several incidents, a trip to the General Practitioner (GP) revealed something unexpected.… Continue reading

Supporting Our Preschooler’s Reading and Language Exposure

Just after Vera turned four, we noticed that she was enthusiastically trying to read books and words around her. At school, the preschool curriculum includes an introduction to Phonics, and she was starting… Continue reading

Keeping Fit with FREE Fitness Activities + How to get a FREE Activity Tracker

Stepping up my fitness level has always been at the back of my mind, but my post-delivery scare made me hold back on working out :( 18 months post-partum, I was ready and eager to… Continue reading

Fluffy Japanese Cheesecake Recipe

Greeting the year with one of our baking attempts from late last year! Hope 2018 has started on a deliciously good note for everyone :) Else, some light and fluffy Japanese cheesecake would… Continue reading

Beyond Breastfeeding: Milk for a Toddler’s Diet

Despite the benefits of breastfeeding, there will come a time when weaning or offering other types of milk to our toddler happens. When our kids turned one year old, we celebrated their milestones… Continue reading

Healthy Oatmeal Cookie Recipe

Do you or your kids love cookies, but you’re worried about the unnecessary “extra ingredients” in them? Well, making your own healthy yet delicious cookies is actually pretty simple! We love food and enjoy… Continue reading

#LEROYSCARNIVA1: Catering Healthier Buffet Food for the Party

With Leroy turning one, it was yet another milestone for us to celebrate as parents of two! You might have also caught our #instagramstories and videos on our Instagram, and you can read… Continue reading

[REVIEW] Right Brain Activities & Games for Kids + PROMO CODE

Right brain training may sound like a bombastic word, but the truth is, its roots traces back to how our brains function and their specialised skills. Some interesting brain facts to put things… Continue reading