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Pico Laser: Skincare Tips for Pre & Post Laser

This year, one of my best decisions was to do something about my pigmentation!

I finally sought help to tackle my stubborn pigmentation. You can read more about my review and experience undergoing Pico Power of 3 Laser treatments to eliminate dark spots and rejuvenate my overall skin tone.

Between and after my 2 sessions of Pico Laser, I went for 3 facial sessions. All the beauty therapist advised that my skin would need more hydration post-laser. That’s a key concern to be mindful of after doing laser on skin. After all, hydration is the foundation to healthy skin, right? :P

The next question is: How do I take care of my skin before and after Pico Laser treatments?

Read on for post-Pico Laser skincare tips!

What to avoid before Pico Laser treatments?

During your skin consultation and before the Pico Laser treatment, your doctor would advise how to prepare your skin and what to skip. Be good and follow these pre-laser tips:

  • Avoid skincare products with AHA and BHA actives as they may increase skin photosensitivity
  • Avoid excessive sun exposure prior to your laser treatment appointment
  • Avoid skincare with Vitamin C
  • Avoid skincare which contains Retinol (Vitamin A). 7 days before doing the Pico Power of 3 Laser, I was not supposed to use any Retinol products on my face.
Post-laser skincare tips
Caring for your delicate skin after a laser treatment helps with skin healing and rebalancing moisture and oil levels.

If you’re getting prepared for a skin laser session, it’s important to take skin healing seriously too. After all, you would want to achieve the best skin results, right?

Post-laser skincare tips for best healing results

Not sure what to do after a Pico Laser treatment? Do note these post-laser aftercare Do’s and Don’ts:

  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure and water sports for 7 days
  • Avoid scratching or peeling the scabs or redness – it’s tempting, but DON’T DO IT!
  • Avoid skincare products with AHA and retinol
  • Avoid exfoliating your skin for about 7 days. If you’re planning a facial session, schedule it at least 14 days later
  • Skip aesthetics procedures e.g. botox, fillers and chemical peels to allow skin to recover adequately
  • Use a good sunscreen with at least SPF 30+++ to protect your delicate post-laser skin – got to prevent new spots from appearing!
  • Use a hydrating mask to restore hydration level and boost skin recovery
  • Use the steroid on redness (it was provided by Halley Medical Aesthetics after my first session)
  • Use hydrating skincare products to restore balance and improve moisture levels
post laser skin aftercare tips
Got to protect my skin from further sun damage because those annoying pigmentation keep appearing on my fair skin!

As I’m usually barefaced without makeup, pigmentation have been bothering me in recent years. I’ve to rely on concealer to cover up those acne scars. My irritable chin seems to be getting mood swings – recurring pimples that are big, red and painful with pus love appearing!

Just like how our body changes after pregnancy, our skin can also change after having kids! While it may not get in the way of your daily life like Diastasis Recti, unwelcomed skin changes can affect our confidence. If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, change it! :)

I hope these post laser skincare tips will come in handy for those who are wondering how to care for your delicate skin after laser treatments!

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