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21 Inspiring Food Instagrammers You Need to Follow!

Food – it can be a bittersweet relationship to have. I live to eat and often find myself drooling over beautiful food shots. In between experimenting with recipes, I enjoy my food and… Continue reading

Cheesy Carrot Potato Fingers for the Fussy Tot

Lil V used to be such a dream child to feed, who ate nearly everything that’s offered to her. Since turning two, she’s been picking out certain foods, especially green veggies (what’s up… Continue reading

Easy and Cute Christmas Food Art Ideas

With Christmas just round the corner, some mummies and daddies might be squeezing their creative juices to come up with kids-friendly food for the brood, or for those Christmas parties. We’ve put together… Continue reading

In the Spotlight: Dr Ang Poon Liat Shares Nutrition Tips Every Mum Should Know

Nutrition is close to my heart and I’m not referring to having a feast with an emperor’s spread on the table. Before I was pregnant with Vera, I’ve had a couple of health… Continue reading

Have a bite of Korea at Guksu Restaurant

Guksu Restaurant wows guests with their signature Drumsticks and Jeongol – find out which was my fave dish!

[The Polished Singaporean] Hot Drink Freebies – No Strings Attached

No spam emails, no completing of surveys, no entering of competitions, no nuisance phone calls, no joining of focus panels, no downloading of any apps, no liking of Facebook pages… Nada, zilch! And… Continue reading

Egg-free Tofu Pork Patties – and They Don’t Crumble!

Tofus are such delicate food that the slightest uncareful interaction with them can cause a messy affair. Baby V has tried tofu in the usual manners (think: soup) and I’m excited to take… Continue reading

Slurp a Bowl of Fish & Veggies Soup!

A hot bowl of soup sure makes one feel a tad better. Imagine the warm essence of broth trickling down into your tummy like a comforting hug. It sure is a soothing treat even… Continue reading

Easter-inspired Food Art for the Little One

Easter weekend just hopped past and baby V had her first bout of post-vaccine fever after the MMR jab. Sigh. So since we had a long weekend, I jolted my brain cells on how… Continue reading

The Busy Parents Guide to Quick & Easy Baby Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is coined as the most important meal to start the day. Our bodies undergo 8 – 12 hours of rest each night as we sleep, while cells are hard at work repairing and… Continue reading