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5 Baby Products that Make You Ponder

Babies (and parents) are spoilt for choices these days. As we get more “scientific” during our researches, information churners and parents alike start to look at developmental milestones for their child as a means of deciding the type of toys that would aid their child’s development.

Well, when there’s a demand, there comes supply. It’s basically a chicken and egg theory here. So we rounded up 5 toys available in the market that really make us think harder – do parent really WANT these? Or are the manufacturers PUSHING them to the end-consumers. You decide.

1) Apptivity™ Gym for iPhone® & iPod touch® devices + Baby Apptivity™ Seat.

Apptivity Gym for iPhone and iPod touch devices

I don’t know about you but to me, a baby that young DOES NOT need an electronic device like that. Fisher-Price puts forth these Apptivity packages as an interactive gym for babies and a “niche product” with reference to that baby rocker which comes with an iPad holder – interact with the hanging toys to develop gross and fine motor skills, as well as stimulate visual development via the free apps which are supposed to help them learn educational stuff. Best of all, the toys are recommended from birth onwards. Talk about starting them young.

2) Baby Perfume

Babies come with their own Eau de Mmm Baby – naturally. Bottled fragrances just don’t cut it. Do babies really need perfume to musk a non-existence odour? Some grown-ups do need them and yet don’t realize. Why pick on a baby and create something artificial unlike a newborn’s real scent? I don’t know about you but i’m loving the smell of my baby, with perspiration or not. Heh!

3)  The Breast Milk Baby Doll

The Breast Milk Baby Doll

As natural as breastfeeding is, this will sit well with breastfeeding advocates. Drawing comparison to dolls which come with a bottle, this probably is a “yes” or “no”, depending on social stigma and individual beliefs. Well, come to think of it, this doll might make a useful educational tool during lactation classes for parents-to-be.

4) A Crying Analyzer

A Crying Analyzer

We actually saw a similar product in our local Robinsons store, and I pointed it out excitedly to the hub to tell him about this interesting invention. With different cries, the analyzer sends a message to say if baby is hungry, wants to be comforted, has a wet diaper etc. Without batting an eyelid, he said “This was tested with Caucasian babies. Might not work for us.” Well, Siri was proven wrong. Sounds legit, eh?

5) iPotty with iPad

No offence to those who read the papers or play with their smartphones in the loo (me, included!), but this training-from-young sort of habit just doesn’t seem to make it. What if baby gets too engrossed with the apps and refuse to get off the potty? Certainly not anticipating a meltdown amidst doing business. Babies are not pressed for time/need time fillers when doing something else – multi-tasking comes later in life, not at toddler stage.


So there, we’ve sussed out these strange toys! Have you encountered others that made you feel like they are gonna get you off your rocker? Leave a comment!

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  1. That ‘s very cute baby perfume especially the teddy bear. My baby usually has his own perfume, smells good all day long.

    1. Haha, Helen! Yes, you’re right. Love the smell of baby Vera’s booties too. We could get high on them. Haha! How old is your little bub? :)

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