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Get Porkilicious at Newton Roast, You Say?

Media Invite

Whether you’re a local Singaporean or a visting tourist, chances are you’ll know what “Newton” refers to. Newton Hawker Centre (loosely referred to as “Newton”) is a popular food ground which houses some of the best foods in town. Remember Gordon Ramsay’s visit for the great Hawker Heros Challenge?? Well, it’s been sometime since we’ve been to Newton, and are happy to visit this foodie hot spot, what with a new kid on the block all fired up for us to do a taste review. If you’re a porkie lover, chances are you’re gonna love Newton Roast!

Newton Roast makes its debut at Newton Food Centre!

This new-age roasted fella serves up German meats. Yes, the kind you won’t usually find at hawker centres. We were invited to their event for some tummy treats and truth be told, I don’t usually eat roast pork per se (unless crispy and not so fatty) but after this visit, reckon i’ll never look at roast pork the same way again.

Meet the mighty meats – 6-pack Pork Belly and KO German Knuckles!

So, what is Newton Roast?
Casey, the co-founder of this new venture shares: “We love travelling and enjoy cooking for house parties and decided to offer a more affordable option of a different type of roast pork, here at Newton. Our chef hails from semi-fine dining and Italian restaurants previously, and we like the accessibility of Newton and its wide variety of food that people can enjoy.”  Newton Roast focuses on Pork Belly and German Pork Knuckles (aka Schweinshaxe) only, which is different from what the rest are offering. Imagine enjoying the German sio bak (roast pork) on an idylic evening with a mug in hand… shiok right? :P

What we thought was cool?
Their food, of course, are the VIPs here! Well-marinated and slowly roasted to perfection in its incubator of a machine (okok, it’s the roaster hardware that I’m referring to). In addition, Newton Roast runs a ‘live’ automated system with software in place for online orders at the convenience of the customer! Simply log onto their site and place your orders. Each order is received at the store and appears on the iPad which the chef can access to acknowledge the order, prepare the meats and serve to the customer when they collect at the timing they have chosen. This way, the orders are kept predictable and fresh out of the oven during collection, not some cold and sad-looking meat that’s been waiting all day for someone to buy.

Easy navigation, quick view and lesser buttons to touch – makes it easy for the Chef and team to manage their orders.
Here comes the order slip, so get cracking!

In fact, when I first received the invite, I was smiling to myself when I saw its website. Its tongue-in-cheek kinda cheekiness is refreshing and shows a fun side to this roaster.

Even its reheating instructions shows a touch of quirkiness! Casey was sharing that it was his nephew who came up with the copy, along with those on the web. Hot yoga and 6pack? HOHO!

‘Nuff words, pictures coming right up! Be warned, drool-worthy food sightings ahead :P

That’s a BIG German Knuckle ($39.90) you’re eyeing. Served with sour cabbage on the side.
Meat was juicy without being dried and shrivelled. Well-marinated and not too salty for me. Hub enjoyed it too but he felt that the sour cabbage could be more sour. I thought it was perfectly fine for me… not really a fan of sourish stuff, perhaps. Oh, and the sauce was good! A tad like a mixup of mash potato sauce + chicken chop gravy + black pepper! Haha! I made that up, and i enjoyed that taste! It doesn’t overempower the meats which was great!
When you sink your teeth into the 6pack Pork Belly ($33.90), you can tell that it enjoyed some intensive massage with Newton Roast proprietory herbs and seasonings (think herb bath!) and slowly roasted till it’s outsides are crispy (confirmed to be VERY crispy!!!) and insides are soft and melt-in-your-mouth goodness!
The Hub liked this cos it was fatty enough (he loves fatty meat!) and yet very crispy. Washed it down with beer on that very day though. It’s a manly thing i guess. I’m not a beer lover. Heh.

Gimmie those meat – how do I get them?
Head over to to get your orders through, especially if you’re planning a party and need multiple sets. Always good to prepare in advance! Walk-ins are welcomed, so do swing by their store and grab some beer to go along!

SURPRISE SURPRISE! Casey gave us a sneak peek at a yet-to-be-named newcomer who will be added to the menu pretty soon. It’s a huge slab of pork belly, cut differently from the 6pack Pork Belly, so meat lovers get to enjoy a different part of a pig. Check out its golden, crispy skin! Can almost hear it cackling. Haha!

When I posted this pic on FB, even my friends were excited! One of them just bought some and he was impressed too!

PHEW! Glad that he loved it!
PHEW! Glad that he loved it!

Bite into some yummeh pork:

Newton Roast #01-51,
Newton Circus Food Centre,
500, Clemenceau Avenue,
Singapore 229495

Opening Hour (For Pre-Order Collection):
Monday – Saturday 2:00 pm to 11:30 pm
Sunday 2:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Thank you so much, Casey and the team at Newton Roast for having us! We had a belly good time!! :D Even made some new friends – cherubic Rosental and partner whom we shared tables with and tucked into the pork (lucky we didn’t end up fighting for the food.Just kiddin’!). And for the record, baby Vera was suchhhhhh a gooooood girl. She simply slept n the stroller from the time we arrived till almost the end of it, where she started to get cranky cos it was time to nurse. Heh.

-Post note: Temporary goodbye from Newton Roast – Newton Roast moved out of Newton Circus on 27 July. They will be finding a new home to serve you better in a more conducive environment, in a place nearer and more convenient for everyone.

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