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Paul Immigrations Reviews: Stress-free Singapore PR Application

Like me, my bestie is a true-blue Singaporean who was born and raised here. As her husband is a foreigner, they’ve been trying to secure a Permanent Residence (PR) status for him since they got married. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that the Singapore Permanent Residency (SPR) application process is tedious and takes a long time.

One of the tricky aspects of a transnational (aka mixed) marriage involves having to decide where to live permanently. They can comfortably call this country their home, while working and raising a family. With young children in the equation, this major decision would affect the kids’ education and cultural experiences too.

Although there were nearly 32,000 new permanent residents in 2017, it isn’t as straightforward as it may seem! Additionally, with each rejected application, he has to wait for another 6 months before trying his luck again… That works out to just 1 or max 2 chances each year… :(

documents needed for Singapore PR application
Foreigners with families who wish to migrate to Singapore to live and work here long term may consider applying to become her Permanent Residents.

How to apply for SPR?

Did you know that the Immigrations Checkpoints Authority (ICA) only accepts submissions through its online portal, the ePR system?

Apart from preparing the required documents and duly submitting them, you can also seek an expert’s help. He would be able to guide you through the time-consuming process. Hence, you are closer to securing that coveted status to enjoy the advantages of a PR in our sunny island!

What if you could assess your Singapore PR eligibility for FREE and speak to an expert first?

Paul Immigrations Reviews: Stress-free Help Rendered

Paul Immigrations is an immigration services consultancy firm in Singapore which provides one-stop support for those baffled by the process.

Conveniently located at Suntec City Tower 2, it is easy to get to their office by MRT or buses!

Paul Immigrations at Suntec City
Free yourself from the tedious PR application, and engage Paul Immigrations who are experts in the PR process in Singapore.

How can an immigration services agency help with the PR submission?

Since 2016, the experienced team at Paul Immigrations, manned by 100++ employees, has been supporting folks from all over the world with their local PR journey.

Instead of getting all flustered with the criteria and different documents, an experienced specialist would be able to guide you!

Here’s how they can help first-time applicants and reapplicants:

  • Provide insights and expert advice
  • Organise required documents
  • Advise on the need to prepare additional supporting documents
  • Have a cover letter prepared by their specialist writers to support your application
  • Offer guidance throughout the process, even after getting a rejection notification from the ICA
  • Extend efficient support to navigate the ePR system for PR application submission

Advantages of being an SPR

I’ve been looking forward to having my bestie and her family back in Singapore. Am hoping we can grow old together while toddling through our lives as working mums. Wouldn’t it be awesome for our children grow up together and deepen their friendships, just like my bestie and I? :)

I know it may seem like such a beautiful dream. There are strict criteria before anyone can obtain the SPR status, and it may not be that simple.

With the blue card, her husband would be able to work in the city-state without the need for another Working Permit. He would also have the opportunity to purchase a flat from the Housing Development Board (HDB). Every family needs a roof, for sure!

Most importantly, they would be in the same country as one side of the family with assuring support. It really makes a difference with kids to care for and additional mouths to feed…

paul immigrations review singapore
Thinking of getting that PR status with your family?

Paul Immigrations Reviews: SPR Application Process

The role of an immigration services company is to provide professional assistance to ensure a seamless process. Should there be complex issues that arise, the expert team would step in with strategic methods, tips and solutions. To make it a fuss-free experience, the process is streamlined with 6-steps; where step 1 and 2 are at zero fees! Yes, there’s no payment involved until you decide to engage their service.

#1: Interview over phone

This preliminary contact lets the Immigration Consultant (IC) ascertain your eligibility in applying for the Permanent Residency status.

Information needed:

  • Type of work pass on-hand: S Pass, Personalised Employment Pass, Employment Pass, or others.
  • Applicant’s age, salary, length of stay in the country and more,

#2: Face-to-face interview

This meeting would allow the IC to verify and confirm the physical work pass details as provided in Step 1.

Also, your profile will be reviewed to understand the success rate of securing that PR status. At the same time, you can find out the agency’s rates, as well as ask questions on how to become a PR here. Should you decide to engage the agency, you will proceed to the next step. And, an Immigration Specialist (IS) will be assigned to guide you forward.

#3: Request for documents

After reviewing your eligibility, some documents would be needed for submission. These documents can be handed to the IS personally, or simply scanned and emailed over.

Some of the key documents needed are:

  • Audited form submission known as Form 4A
  • Correct compulsory documents as required by the ICA
  • Essential additional documents that shows your involvement in community or charity initiatives

After compiling them, you will be advised if they meet the listed PR criteria and requirements as stated by the ICA.

#4: Completion of paperwork

At the stage, the IS will complete the form on your behalf. This is done based on the documents and information received. Paul Immigrations’ specialist writer will craft a customised cover letter to emphasise your skill sets, experience, contributions to the community etc. Think of it as a cover letter for your resume which is submitted when applying for a job!

#5: Submission of the Singapore PR application

Once everything is in order and upon your confirmation, the IS guides you to submit the form. You may do the submission at your own convenience or may do it with the IS’ presence in their office. Note that steps 2 to 5 take about 1 to 2 months to complete.

#6: Await outcome of application

It takes typically 4 to 6 months for an application to be fully processed. At times, some take longer than 6 months, as the Immigration Officers at the ICA are extremely selective. Depending on the outcome – approved or rejected – the specialists will advise on the next steps.

paul immigrations review
With the blue card, you and your family are all set to call Singapore your home too!

Over 15,000 Happy Clients & Positive Paul Immigrations Reviews

With their strong policy knowledge, professional case management, and experience in SPR applications, the consultancy has earned several positive reviews. I’m definitely sharing this article with my bestie, so their family can evaluate their options again! If you’re thinking of converting to a local PR, consider speaking with these experts to assess your SPR eligibility first – it’s free! ;)

Was your application to become a PR in SG a breeze or a headache for you? Do share your experience in the comments below!

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