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Easter-inspired Food Art for the Little One

Easter weekend just hopped past and baby V had her first bout of post-vaccine fever after the MMR jab. Sigh. So since we had a long weekend, I jolted my brain cells on how to delight our little cupcake. And since Easter was just round the corner, the idea of creating something related yet easy to do slipped into my brainwaves since I’m an utter novice at such arty crafty stuff! After some juice squeezing, and doodles, here’s what came up: image

And to convert the “conceptualization” to “execution”…. with some slight modification to the actual piece due to situational constraints (i.e. overestimation of plate space. LOL!) Introducing… my very first food art:


TA-DA!! Pretty amateur, I’m sure you could tell!

What i used:

Daikon for bunny’s head – boiled and mashed daikon (sounds painful!)

Daikon for bunny’s ears (bottom pieces) – sliced and boiled

Orange carrot for bunny’s ears (top pieces) – sliced and boiled

Orange carrot for flowers – boiled and cut to shape by hubs!

Long beans for flower stems – sliced and boiled

● Eyes were blueberries from daddy’s Post Blueberry Breakfast Cereal (initial plan was to use cheese for eyes, but it was difficult to cut flimsy cheese free-hand, so I was very thankful to find some alternatives which looked so much better anyways! Hah!), nose was a piece of cooked wolfberry, mouth was a cereal flake and whiskers were cooked enoki!


So, what did the little one think of mummy’s art piece? Well, she admired it for a few seconds, smiling to herself. And when asked “Where’s the rabbit?”, she coyly points to her plate and immediately points to her spoon, indicating that she wants to dig in. LOL!

When daddy asked her to ‘sayang’ the rabbit, she gentle stroked her plate. >.< I was afraid she was gonna stick her fingers into the bunny’s face or something! Oh, my little one. How you amuse us every day! Thank you for coming into our boring lives and brightening them with joy :D

“Where do I begin??”
“Oh….. that “eye” was nice….!”
“I’m so going for the other “eye” next!”

I know it’s such a simple food art, but to me, the look of appreciation from Vera and the joy that the three of us experienced in our hearts (or maybe it was just moi!), was worth more than the effort of creating this. I’m no crafty mama, and probably have to try triply as hard as compared to others. Nonetheless, happy to break through my own boundaries and creativity when it comes to exploration. Guess motherhood is about learning about oneself too, right? :) Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend too!

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