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Breastmilk vs. Infant Formula: Is it About the Money?

Raising children in Singapore seems to be a costly investment. With the rising prices of infant formula, parents are hunting for better deals to save where possible. After all, we learned in university… Continue reading

In the Spotlight: Feeding Our Babies with Love

Nutrition is key to our wellness and health, and is a common concern when we become parents. Personally, I appreciate my food and advocate healthy eating too. Like most mums, we try to… Continue reading

Is Your Kids’ Diet Causing Indigestion?

Indigestion is a concern in our family. K’s digestive tracts go wonky when he takes the “wrong” food (certain food cause bloatedness and backaches for him). My sister gets a regular episode of… Continue reading

Baked Stuffed Chicken Roulade with Oats Recipe

Excuse the long overdue with recipe updates! It’s been some crazy months with deadlines, our recent family holiday with both kids. Here’s a new dish we did a couple of months ago. Yes,… Continue reading

A Little Motivation Goes a Long Way…

Watching our two young bubs learn and grow is very much like unveiling a surprise gift; one that we do not know what we will discover, but nevertheless amaze us. Now that little… Continue reading

Picking Up Expert Tips as a Second-Time Mum

Becoming a second-time mum sure felt like the restart button was pushed. Caring for both a newborn and a toddler presents new challenges, and as we navigate our way through the new chapters,… Continue reading

MondaySundays: Styling Up with the Latest Fashion Pitstop

Looking presentable need not take tons of makeup, designer togs or expensive accessories. As a working mum with two young kids, I try my best to put my best face forward whenever I’m… Continue reading

Shopping at the New Agapebabies – Delighting Parents 24/7

Advertorial Online shopping is a quick and convenient way for busy parents to browse and make purchases on-the-go. We’ve shopped at Agapebabies and watched them grow over the years – from The Sunshine… Continue reading

National Library Board: Raising Early Readers for Life

Reading has always been such an integral part of my life that I hope to share the wonders of books with my children. We’ve shared experts’ advice why families who read together nurture more… Continue reading

In the Spotlight: Tears and Joys As a Mum of 2

As we welcomed our second baby earlier this year, life has been same same but different. After surviving 4 months with baby Leroy, we sometimes find ourselves a little more confident. Adding a… Continue reading