Indulge in Healthy Blue Yogurt

 It’s almost mid-week: hang in there and perhaps, treat yourself to a yummy and healthy dessert! Berrylite introduces its NEW cool blue yogurt, topped with everyone’s favourite, Oreo cookies! Droolsome!   A big… Continue reading

An Eye-conic Fight

I have probably invested the most in my eyes. Four-eyed since the age of 7; where wearing glasses seemed cool and a grown-up thing to have, they start to become an eyesore towards… Continue reading

The Battle of the Strongest

The challenge begins! Sophia Ong and Jen Li Sheng have just added “Strongest” to their achievements – Sophia is Singapore’s inaugural Strongwoman and Li Sheng, Singapore’s Strongman for the 3rd time. Organized by HomeTeamNS… Continue reading