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Baking Pineapple Tarts at Little Bakers Lab + Giveaway!

My husband and I enjoy cooking and baking, but since we became parents to two, we aren’t able to do that as often now.

When we do get to the kitchen, we try to involve the kids, although that would mean more mess and stress. HAHA!

So when an invite to a parent-and-child baking session from Little Bakers Lab came along, we got excited! How’s that for learning to bake WITH both children, without having to worry about the recipe going wrong, or getting the steps mixed up!

It’s not our first time at a parent-and-child baking workshop in Singapore, so here’s sharing our first baking experience at Little Bakers Lab. We managed to bake our very first batch of pineapple tarts for Chinese New Year! What a milestone :P #achievementunlocked

Read on for our review PLUS stand to WIN a FREE parent-and-child baking session in our giveaway!

parent and child baking workshops in Singapore
Looks like daddy, Vera and Leroy are all ready to bake their very own pineapple tarts!

Stirring up fresh bakes in the kitchen

Upon entering the baking studio, we were greeted with friendly smiles from Janice (the founder, who’s a mother of two as well!) and her team. A huge table which all the little bakers and their parents would be working on took centre stage. All the ingredients and baking tools were already nicely prepared for each parent-child pair, so all we had to do was to don the aprons and chef hats :)

kids baking classes in Singapore
Kids get hands-on experience and learn to scoop flour, measure and read off the digital weighing scale.

Our kids are 5 years old and almost-3; and with some guidance, they could follow the instructions according to the recipe. In fact, the friendly baking instructors went around to each family to check if we needed any help, or explain certain steps.

I’ve always had the impression that pineapple tarts were a complicated affair. But realised that the recipe is actually pretty simple – you’ll find the pineapple tart recipe that we learned during the baking class here! Have fun!

Little fingers kneading butter and floor to make them into breadcrumbs texture – a fun sensory experience for sure!

kids baking class in Singapore
Adding in the egg yolk and vanilla essence into the mixture… pineapple tarts, we’re almost there!
bake pineapple tarts class
Daddy and Vera rolling into things with a breeze… and that’s the soon-to-be pineapple tart that you see in a ball!
kids decorate cupcakes baking class
While the dough was kept in the fridge for 30 minutes, these happy little bakers learned to pipe and decorate cupcakes! A brilliant way to keep impatient kids occupied while answering their questions of “where are the pineapple tarts??”. HAHA!
kids decorate cupcakes at baking class singapore
No guesses that the cupcakes got devoured in a flash :P
parent and child baking sessions
Proof that I did contribute to our family’s first pineapple tarts :P Thank you for capturing this, Steven (The Perfect Father).
kids-friendly baking classes in Singapore
Little fingers rolling and wrapping up the pineapple jam ball with the dough. Leroy gets to work on fine motor skills while listening to instructions as he bakes his very first pineapple tarts! #proudmama
children baking class Little Bakers Lab
“Can I eat this pineapple tart now, mummy?” Oh, darling, they have to be baked first, please wait.
review Little Bakers Lab baking class
Proof that my phone was getting buttered :P Also proof that K was enjoying good bonding time with his son :) Thank you for this, Steven (The Perfect Father)!
review baking class Little Bakers Lab
When the pineapple tarts were baking in the ovens, our kids were clowning around in the baking studio. Hello, Hayley and Noah!

Our first homemade pineapple tarts!


Fresh out of the oven, each unique in their own ways… our little piggy pineapple tarts are here to say HELLO!

easy and fun baking class Singapore
Ushering the Year of the Pig with Piggy Pineapple Tarts. Would you like to order some? :D

They didn’t get to stay for long, because almost half of them were eaten before we stepped out of Little Bakers Lab -_-

Can you also tell if Team Leroy or Team Vera had better-looking piggies? :P

Evidently, such hands-on crafty stuff is second nature to my husband… baking, crafting and technical stuff are totally up his alley. He even made that cute money bag! #proudwife

Our verdict: Parent-and-child baking session at Little Bakers Lab

With young children in mind, a kid-friendly basin was within the studio for little ones to wash their hands. There were also children’s stools for stacking to different heights so kids could reach the work table.

The studio was neat and well-lit with natural sunlight and lighting. It was nicely equipped with baking equipment like built-in ovens, KitchenAid mixers, and a fridge.

The recipe was straightforward and the sweetness of the pineapple jam was just right. We don’t really fancy those that are overly sweet, so these premium pineapple jam fillings from Red Man are great. They are available at Phoon Huat stores in Singapore, and the husband has declared that we should make another round at home for Chinese New Year :P

Parking along the shophouses might be tricky, but there are several parking options on the opposite side of the road, or even further down. Stop at Baker & Cook, and go up the stairs beside the cafe, which will lead you to Little Bakers Lab :)

We believe that baking food is a good way for kids to understand effort and results. Baking at home can be chaotic – yes, we’ve tried several times! – so a child-friendly baking workshop can be a safer and less stressful option for families.

review kids class Little Bakers Lab
Thank you for having us, Janice! We are glad to spend a meaningful afternoon with purposeful activities as a family :)
baking class for kids Singapore
After a zillion shots from multiple cameras and smartphones, this works! Thank you, Ruby of Familystaycationsg!
kids baking class mommy blogger review
A group photo with all the mummies and their kiddos – pineapple tart baking class was a success! YAY!
Singapore family blogger review baking class
1 more photo (from Steven!) for the album, with our tray of homemade pineapple tarts :P

Contact details:

Little Bakers Lab
87A Serangoon Garden Way S(555983)
For inquiries and bookings: Facebook page, email or call 9026 5663



1 x Parent-and-child CNY Baking Workshop
(worth $58)

kids baking class in Singapore
1 lucky parent-and-child get to attend a workshop for free!

To join:

  1. LIKE The HOOting Post and Little Bakers Lab
  2. Leave a comment on the Facebook post by answering this question: who made a cute money bag pineapple tart? (Answer is within the article!)
  3. SHARE the Facebook post on your profile. Remember to keep your settings open for verification :)

Terms & Conditions:
1) Recommended age for the child is 3 years old and above.
2) Winner can choose a preferred date and time to attend ONE of the Piggy Pineapple Tarts Baking Workshop.
2) Contest ends on 15 Jan 2019, 2359 (Singapore time), and is opened to families in Singapore only.
3) Winner will be announced on the thread of the Facebook post. Winner will be required to provide contact details so the Little Bakers Lab team can get in touch with you.

Have a blessed and HUAT HUAT Chinese New Year 2019! See you at in the Year of the Pig!

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