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Sensory Activities for Toddlers at Badanamu Bada Genius Classes

The Badanamu programme has a special place in Leroy’s heart and memory! Even months after his last lesson, he still fondly remembers the cute and fluffy Bada and the different characters!

Our active and happy-go-lucky toddler was all excited to attend the Badanamu trial class, but I was worried that he would cry without having me around. Thankfully, he went for the trial class with Vera, and while he did experience some separation anxiety before we parted ways, he was all smiles when we returned to pick them.

Vera went on to join the Badanamu Bada Sound classes for four-year-olds, and you can read our review here.

The Badanamu curriculum aims to offer children with a holistic development support. This pans across its weekly preschool, drop-off enrichment classes and teaching materials which includes print and digital resources.

Badanamu Teaching Method
At the heart of the Badanamu curriculum lies their unique teaching method. They are aligned to progress with each of the 5 levels to support children from 18 months to 6 years old in their learning. Image credit:

For two-year-old Leroy, he was placed on the Bada Genius programme, which is a foundational level catered to toddlers to develop their auditory and linguistic skills. I’ll be sharing about what the programme is about, and what the children learn in class.

review Badanamu classes in Singapore
Classes start with foundational skills (Bada Rhyme and Bada Genius) before moving to core skills development in vocabulary (Bada Talk), phonics (Bada Sound), reading (Bada Read), and STEM (coming soon!). Image credit: Badanamu Singapore

Read on to find out!

What is the Badanamu Bada Genius Programme about?

Toddlerhood is the time where curious minds pick up information and absorb knowledge quickly. That is also the basis of the Bada Genius programme, which aims to introduce the alphabet, build basic vocabulary and fundamental numeracy skills.

Recommended for 18 months to two-and-a-half-year-olds, the Bada Genius programme is themed around the seasons, holidays and special interests. Expect hands-on activities that stimulate their senses, and bodily movements to work that energy! Each session lasts 60 minutes and is a drop-off class, without parental accompaniment.

What do the kids do during Badanamu Bada Genius Class?

Did you know that Badanamu has conceptualised and developed a crew of fun-loving characters?

These characters help to build affinity with young children, and they appear across all Badanamu educational materials, both online and offline. That includes the Badanamu videos on YouTube, Badanamu App, as well as the home learning resource materials that we have at home!

meet Badanamu characters
Have you met the Badanamu characters? Bada is the leader of the pack and sometimes makes public appearances as a mascot at events! There’s Mimi, Abby, Curly, Jess, Pogo, Gronk, Professor Pip, Esme, and Goob! You’ll also see the Nemes appear in the books too, as kids learn phonics and the alphabet! Image source:

Leroy is able to identify them, and as he watches the videos in class and at home, he is able to tell me their names too! Bada, Mimi, Abby, and all their friends go on adventures as they sing songs, dance, play games and teach young children through visual, auditory and physical engagement.

Let’s take a look at some of the activities Leroy got up to at Bada Genius Class!

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👧🏻👶🏻When it comes to children, fun methods turn play into learning opportunities! We’ve been sharing snippets of what goes on at @badanamusg classes for both Vera and Leroy, as well as the homelearning resources which the kids enjoy very much! Click on our BADANAMU FUN highlights to browse! 😁 . Many mums asked about the Bada Pen and the learning tools, so we thought we should document it here before sharing our actual reviews on The Hooting Post. 😍 . SWIPE to browse some of the activities they partake in class and the materials we explore at home! Founders, Emma and Sol, as well as the teachers have been very accommodating by arranging to teach them (of different stages) at the same time. That gives us an hour of “free time” to run errands nearby! 🤣🙈 . Did you know that Badanamu has a library of educational videos too? Search on YouTube and you’ll know! Their varying mediums of learning materials make it fun for kids in class and at home! Both of them pick up phonics, learn about patterns & logic, create art pieces to work their fine motor skills, creativity and patience, dance and move along to catchy songs, learn about animal facts, get to climb and crawl to work their bodily coordination and more! 😜 . I’m also impressed with their home teaching resources! These subscription boxes are available on 3-mth, 6-mth or 12-mth package and are packed with 2 activity books, a hardcover thematic book, some surprises like stickers or posters – all enabled with the Bada Pen to encourage independent learning! . 🌟Sign up for your FREE trial class! Visit for more details!🌟

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Bada Genius Badanamu review Singapore
Learning about patterns and colours with ink stamps to stimulate visual and spatial development! Can you spot the Badanamu characters? :)
review activities at Badanamu Singapore
Learning about shapes and deciding to colour them using these Do-a-Dot Markers, while Vera uses stickers. Decision-making at play, along with working independently allow Leroy to learn about cause-and-effect at each Badanamu lesson.
Montessori toys and materials at Badanamu class Singapore
Different types of teaching materials are used during a Badanamu class too. Leroy working his mind and little fingers as he explores shapes and sizes with the Montessori cylindrical blocks with Teacher Sol!
review Badanamu Singapore Marine Paradde
This serious builder indulges in sensory play using Magna Tiles on the light table! Definitely a discovery session about colours, shapes and creating something fun!
kids art and craft work at Badanamu class
These are some of the art and craft work done by Vera and Leroy after a term of Badanamu classes! Activities relate to the theme/topic of the day, such as pandas, giraffes and even Mother’s Day! <3

Our overall review of Badanamu Bada Genius classes

The multi-sensory concept works great for Leroy because he enjoys the stimulation. So when we stepped into this colourfully inviting place, it didn’t take long for him to dash off to explore the different areas.

With toddlers, the initial thought of leaving him for a non-parent-accompanied class struck a nerve. Thankfully, he warmed up to the patient teachers pretty quickly! I’m glad he had a taste of what it’s like to go for classes on his own before he started childcare earlier this year.  What a big boy now… *sobs*

Leroy would also hold legit conversations with Teacher Tricia who often takes the time to share with me what they did during each lesson. Whether it was phonics, colouring, art and craft, or, animal knowledge, she would explain what the kids were supposed to do, what they did, and also injected funny anecdotes of her banter with the kids. I really appreciate her effort, and it does assure me that the teachers make it a point to guide the young children in various aspects. A purposeful hour for the kids scores with parents!

Every child has different learning styles, and getting them exposed to a variety of materials (academic or not!) widens their mind and vision of our world, don’t you think?

I know Leroy and Vera have plenty of fun at Badanamu classes because it would be such a tough challenge to get them to leave! HAHA! That also meant tears were involved at times…

At home, he’d explore the Badanamu App with Vera on the iPad and they have to learn to share and take turns :P

Apart from attending lessons at their Marine Parade branch, Leroy enjoys using the Bada Pen independently to read the board books and posters that come with our Badanamu Home Learning Packages. Can’t wait to share more about these home learning resources – the review for that is coming up next!

In the meantime, head here to sign up for a TRIAL CLASS!

Bada Sound and Bada Genius fees Badanamu review
Sharing the programme details and school fees for Bada Sound and Bada Genius programmes in Singapore.

What is Badanamu about?

Calm Island is the developer of the brand Badanamu and sells educational products in over 30 countries. The company focuses on literacy and S.T.E.M development for children aged from 12 months to 5 years old.

Created by David Roberts after years of watching his nephews grow and develop.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA and in Seoul, Korea to take advantage of their fantastic animation and game development expertise. Musical and storytelling content is produced in the United States and Canada, while interactive play design is produced in Sweden. The curriculum design hopes to capture the best elements of different methods to make learning a playful experience.

For more information about the Badanamu programme for young kids:

Badanamu Singapore
1 Marine Parade Central #11-07
Parkway Centre Singapore 449408
Tel: 6344-2886
Website | e-store | Facebook | Instagram

Is your toddler attending enrichment classes yet? Do tell us which programmes have benefitted your child too!

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