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The Not-So-Secret Private Tour at the Jurong Bird Park + Giveaway!

If you’ve been raised in Singapore, or are a tourist visiting our country, you’d have visited the Jurong Bird Park at least once.

In fact, when my sister and I were kids, our parents used to take us to this bird sanctuary and the Singapore Zoo. Both parks are under the Wildlife Reserve Singapore (WRS) which manages our local parks while protecting and conserving the animals’ habitats.

Now for the honest truth: we’ve yet to take Vera and Leroy to the Jurong Bird Park! What blasphemy, isn’t it?! >.<

Well, there’s always a first time, so when an invite came along, it was perfect timing since it was the school holidays and my bestie was back to visit with her family. Her kids love animals, and what great fun it would be to have our kids explore nature and the great outdoors? The adults get to relive their own childhood too! ๐Ÿ˜†

Besides checking out the main attractions at the Jurong Bird Park, we’re about to let you in on a guided tour organised for visitors who are game for getting close to birds. Yes, that includes being able to stroke, feed and even get to “perform” tricks with these feathered friends!

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Getting Personal at the Bird’s Eye Tour

FUN FACT: The Bird’s Eye Tour was only launched less than a year ago!

Available daily (except when the Bird Park is closed), each tour group takes up to 7 visitors and you will visit sites around the Bird Park where the general public would most likely miss or would not be able to enter. Think of it as an exclusive one-to-one meeting with some of the park’s stars! :P

The Bird’s Eye Tour is a one-hour programme helmed by a guide. We were thankful to have Grace and Crystal with us when we visited, and that meant we could ask them any questions about the birds at the park. And we could tell that Grace, the senior guide who has been with the Jurong Bird Park for a long period, was enthusiastic about what she does, and equally knowledgeable too!

Our first stop: checking out the pink flamingos!

The large flock of pink flamingos was a spectacular sight, and our little girls were pointing out to them while observing these birds.

While they are nurtured by humans, flamingoes in the Bird Park and other waterfowl undergo annual health checks and flu vaccinations, to help keep them in the pink of health.

Also, their beautiful pinkish peach-hued feathers are a result of their seafood diet, which includes prawns. How interesting!

Did you know? Flamingos rest by standing on one leg! Oh my… those skinny legs are stronger than they seem!

birds to see at Jurong Bird Park Singapore
A beautiful shade of pink feathered flamingos at our Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.

Our second stop: Breeding and Research Centre

Often, the birds we see in the park are older than chicks and mostly adults. Have you ever wondered what happens to the eggs and after they have hatched?

That’s why the Breeding and Research Centre at the Bird Park is equipped to support little chicks, nourishing them in their early months until they are ready to join their family.

review Bird's Eye Tour Jurong Bird Park
Observe new eggs, baby birds and even give them a little pat when you are at the Breeding and Research Centre, located at the Jurong Bird Park.

We entered a room to meet our new friend! This one-month-old baby bird was about to meet 4 excited humans! HAHA!

His carer told us that green-feathered Eclectus Parrots are males, while the red-feathered ones are females! WOW! Their gender gets them colour-coded by appearance!

pat birds at Jurong Bird Park tour
Hello, baby parrot! We watched this baby feed from a milk bottle, and we get to pat him too :)

I was caught by surprise when we were invited to touch this little baby bird. He was a little wobbly since he’s very young, but the bird keeper assured us that it was okay for human interaction (even unfamiliar faces!) despite his tender age.

Guess these two little girls were excited to stroke his fluffy feathers, and I was happy to see that Vera took to it very well, using gentle fingers :)

Bird's Eye Tour review Singapore Bird Park
Kinia and Vera listened attentively to the parrot’s carer share interesting facts about his diet, how big it would grow to, and more!

Besides stroking the baby parrot, we watched as it fed on formula milk like a wee baby. And then, I had to jump in and touch him for myself :P

I’m really not too brave when it comes to being up close with animals. But since we were already on the Bird’s Eye Tour, what fun would it be if I did not interact with these birds? #achievementunlocked

review Bird's Eye Tour at Jurong Bird Park Singapore
All hands on the baby parrot – he’s definitely a little star in front of all the females here. HA!
Bird's Eye Tour family experience and review
We toured the research centre and saw cages of baby birds with different equipment and readings on them. Here’s a Jambu Fruit-dove, an Asian bird species at the Bird Park.

We also spotted some larger birds housed in larger cages. Turns out that they were about to be sent overseas, so they were being cared for and monitored for a bit before leaving the Bird Park :(

Our third stop: Performing tricks with raptors and other birds

Now, here comes the adventurous part of the Bird’s Eye Tour programme!

If stroking a baby parrot was an achievement unlocked moment for me, what you’re about to witness would be me actually conquering one of my fears. HAHA!

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I was pretty nervous when the day came, but Iโ€™m so glad to put my nerves aside and step up to facing some fears at the Jurong Bird Park recently! โ€œWhatโ€™s the big deal?โ€, you might ask. Watching these birds of preys was one thing; interacting with them was another. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ Raptors, eagles, vultures, owl, hornbill… I actually amazed myself, so Iโ€™m pretty happy that Iโ€™ll be ending the year with an #achievementunlocked kinda milestone ๐Ÿ˜† The Birdโ€™s Eye Tour is a private session offered by the park, and lets visitors get close to these feathered friends, stroking, feeding, even performing tricks with them (with their keepers/nannies by the side!), and it was a fowlsome experience for the kids too! ๐Ÿ˜ We also learned facts about penguins and parrots, even caressing a 1-month old baby parrot at the Research and Breeding Centre. Did you know that itโ€™s at the Bird Park too? Will be sharing more details of our experience soon! In the meantime, SWIPE and spot my scaredy-cat face above! ๐Ÿ˜‚ And guess what? I learned that Vera is nothin like her mama, but a brave young girl! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ #phew Tickets are $98/adult and $65/child, only for 3-12yo. Participants need to be at least 1.2m to fly the raptor too. Email to inquire, and visit for more details! ๐Ÿฅ

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YES, that’s me! I was wearing a leather protective glove on my left arm, outstretched with a vulture perched on it.

Watch this video to see how stiff I was when the bird came close! HAHAHA.

It was good fun, I’ve to say! The vulture was oblivious to the new faces, and went about doing its usual tricks with treats. It definitely didn’t bother it at all that we’ve only just met :P

singapore family review Bird's Eye Tour experience
Kids have to be at least 1.2m to fly the raptor, so our girls sat by the bench to watch their mummies play and be part of fun tricks!

Caption: Kids have to be at least 1.2m to fly the raptor, so our girls sat by the bench to watch their mummies play and be part of fun tricks!

After that, we proceeded to do more “tricks” with different birds! Not one, but with two birds flying around at the same time!

This time, I had a shiny flat lid with some treats on it, and they had to fly down to get the treats and land at different points.

Bird's Eye Tour experience at Jurong Bird Park
These Brahminy Kites were swooping down fast and furious, taking their treats with their clawed feet. I was wondering if they would crash into me. LOL!
Bird's Eye Tour experience at Jurong Bird Park Singapore
Oh, someone stood close for a photo with me. hehe.

And then…….. my favourite bird came along! While we didn’t get to fly him or do any tricks together, we could touch it and went pretty close to it. Even the little girls joined in!

Did you know? Owls can turn 270 degrees, and that allows them to keep their eyes around their surroundings, even at night! Almost like a surveillance camera if you think about it!

family experience at Jurong Bird Park Singapore review
I think the Eagle Owl knew I was eyeing him… he gave me a wink when our eyes met! :D

Our fourth stop: Hello, Sally!

Sally the hornbill is known to be a manja (meaning ‘indulgent/pampered’ in Malay) lady.

When we arrived at her spot, there were public visitors who were snapping photographs of her.

As guests of the Bird’s Eye Tour, we were allowed to enter the premises to interact with her and her keeper, Kim. In fact, our little girls got to feed Sally fruit such as grapes and blueberries. But Sally wasn’t in the mood for snacks, so she picked them up with her beak and tossed them out which intrigued her young visitors :P

Vera and Kinia were pretty amused when they saw the hornbill do that. Maybe it reminded them about themselves too? HA!

Bird's eye tour review Jurong Bird Park Singapore
Participants of the guided tour at the Bird Park get to feed, stroke and have Sally the hornbill on their arms too.
Review Bird's Eye Tour family experience Jurong Bird Park
Someone’s checking out Vera hahaha! This girl is definitely not faint-hearted like her mum, and she liked having Sally on her arm.
family blogger experience Jurong Bird Park Singapore
It’s my turn with Sally! I’m definitely getting more comfortable with birds now. Just don’t peck my ears, Sally!
Singapore family experience Bird's Eye Tour
This manja hornbill lapping up all the attention from her visitors – she’s such a lovely bird enjoying the human interaction at the Bird Park.

Sally’s sharp claws and weight on the little girls was a new experience for them – a hornbill can actually be quite heavy!

That was our final stop for the guided tour at the Jurong Bird Park, and Grace drove the buggy to send us back to where we met up.

It was definitely an exceptional experience for both children and us! Such behind-the-scenes of how birds are taken care of, and to witness their mums’ performances by the birds up close make really good memories for them :P I guess it helps that Vera and I learned a little more about each other too.

Special notes about the Bird’s Eye Tour at the Jurong Bird Park

There are seasonal special editions for the tour. This Chinese New Year, guests enjoy a hands-on session by making festive treats for the weaning birds. Do also look out for the Easter and National Day editions!

Understandably, while every attempt is made to include the animal interactions as planned, there may be unforeseen circumstances (e.g. when a bird is not feeling too well) where the outcome/level of interaction may not be guaranteed.

Look out for thematic campaigns at the Jurong Bird Park too!

review bird tour for kids in Singapore
When we visited last December, penguins were in the spotlight :)

With new attractions and new feathered friends who join the Bird Park from time-to-time, the people in Singapore and tourists can keep a sharp eye on the events!

penguins at bird park
Donning tuxedos and looking cute is very normal for these penguins :P Come see them at our Bird Park soon!

Meet the Blue Macaw, walk alongside Doves and other birds too!

We entered the aviary and were walking around the different birds’ spaces. Some were really friendly and came close by. Maybe they were hoping we would feed them snacks – but visitors really shouldn’t. It’s just not good for them to be eating other stuff except their own food – so please don’t feed them tidbits!

family fun in Singapore Bird Park
Locals and tourists would enjoy this outdoor family fun with kids, exploring our Bird Park in Singapore!

We spent about six hours at the Bird Park and the kids were tired by the end of the day. We had a cranky kindergartener in our arms so we couldn’t get legit photos of the Blue Macaw. Sobs!

Yes, they’re like the blue parrot you see in the kids’ movie, Rio! The Blue Macaws are some of the rarest birds in the world, and they’re calling it home at our Jurong Bird Park for awhile!

Pelicans at Jurong Bird Park
Pelicans cooling themselves on a sunny day in Singapore.
outdoor activities in Singapore bird park
Now, who’s staring at whom??
outdoor family fun in Singapore
Daddy and Leroy had fun checking out different parrots together!

If you’re planning to spend some family time at the Jurong Bird Park, do consider booking the Bird’s Eye Tour to interact with the birds and build your very own special memories too!

Find out more information about the Bird’s Eye Tour here.



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