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In the Spotlight: Not Just Another Mom and Pop Store

It’s tough raising children, and most parents agree that achieving a balanced life can be challenging too.

As individuals, we wear many hats juggling work, family, social life in hope to bring the best to our children.

In a bid to (hopefully) strike a better balance in their lives, these parents have taken a bold step forward towards entrepreneurship.

As with any business, it’s never a bed of roses. Being parents, these daddies and mummies often have to sneak in time after their young ones are asleep, or wake at ungodly hours to dedicate effort towards their business.

After all, during the day, our kids need us and truth be told, it’s an emotional dilemma to struggle between playing with your kids while trying to get work done at the same time – it’s just chaotic and does neither party any good.

This month’s interview feature takes a different approach. We are happy to put the spotlight on a group of parents, who are bloggers too!

We’ve got a list of parent-preneurs (yes, both mumpreneurs and dadpreneurs!) in this article.

Whether they are Stay-at-Home-Mums (SAHMs) or Full-time Working Mums (FTWMs), it’s never easy with kids stuck to you 24/7. And, before you think some of these mums are shaking their legs or sleeping whenever their children do (children and naps don’t share a super love relationship #trueexperience), they are in fact giving up on any little ‘me time’ left to work on their own business.

So, do send your support to these parent-owned business in Singapore. Because in doing so, you will also be sending love to the young ones in their humble families <3

Big Little MeMumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

Big Little Me is a company run by parents who just want to offer honest to goodness, essential products (with the occasional cute stuff!) to parents out there at affordable prices.

We are by no means lazy, but we retail products that make our lives simpler just so that you have that extra time to concentrate on the better things in life! We are also big fans of speaking with parents, so email us and talk to us about your needs and we will be happy to assist!

Who: Justine Ong
Email: enquiries@biglittleme.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/biglittleme.sg
Blog: www.tings.sg


Enagic Kangen Water Independent Distributor

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore
Jenn started drinking/using Kangen Water since 2012. She became active in the sales of Enagic Kangen Water machine after realising the enormous health benefits it brings.
Our body is 75% water, and it can heal on its own if we treat it well. Change your water; Change your life.

Who: Jenn Lee 
Email: lilbookworm1234@gmail.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jenn.lee.kangenwater
Blog: www.mylilbookworm.blogspot.com



Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

After suffering from skin problems for several years, Estella stumbled upon mineral make-up and went on to learn, experiment and benefit from them. Estella eventually set up ESOD (which stands for Extra Simple Ordinary Day – to represent how make-up should be simple and useful for everyday use) to share Hues Mineral Make Up with everyone.

Hues Mineral Make up are handcrafted in Singapore and special effort is made to keep the number of ingredients to the bare minimum because make-up should be useful yet simple. Star products include Glow, a mineral highlight that helps achieve radiance from different angles and Blushes like Rose, a dusty purple hue to bring out a natural flush.

Who: Estella Goh
Email: hello@esod.sg
Website: www.esod.sg
FB: www.facebook.com/hues.sg
Blog: www.estella.sg


Lil’ Rain Kids

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

Lil’ Rain Kids is a Singapore-based kids clothing line that aims to provide stylish, affordable and comfortable apparels for babies and toddlers.

Inspired by everyday objects and typography, we hope to bring a range of designs that strike familiarity with the kids and adults alike.

Who: Jayme Tan

Website: www.lilrainkids.com
IG: www.instagram.com/lilrainkids
FB: www.facebook.com/lilrainkids
Blog: www.jaymeshing.com



Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

My husband, Darren Yang, and I started PriviKids when we had our first child, Aiden, as we found it challenging to find stylish, quality and affordable apparel in Singapore. We started looking during our travels & online, and curated a collection of brands and designs. We wanted to share our unique finds with like-minded parents who would like to dress their kids as a reflection of their own style and launched our online store privi-kids.com.

We are now a fully integrated click and mortar business and our retail stores are an extension of our online store which provides a great channel for customers to feel the quality of our products and try on the clothes for their kids. Most importantly, they allow us to build a stronger rapport with our customers.


Rhapnroll Diapercakes

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

Uniquely personalized gifts for the little kewpies. The main ingredient: Diapers. I guarantee that every gift will be received with rhapsody.

Customer satisfaction is my utmost priority. These diaper-cakes are not mass-produced. They are all artistically hand-crafted and assembled with TLC.

Who: Janice Wong

Shop of Curios

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore
Crochet has been my passion since my young days but I only started to develop it
a couple of years ago and that’s when “Shop of Curios” was created. “Curio” means “a rare, unusual, or intriguing object”, which describes the crochet items I create. Every item is made with love and care – if it’s not perfect, they will not be sent out.

We are also the authorised distributor of Dr Lily’s All Natural® Aloe Vera Gel (USA), the trusted gel that relieves minor burns, inflammation, blistering and scarring, anti viral/bacterial, natural UV protection, wound cleansing, body/mouth ulcer, insect bites etc. It is “certified vegan” and organic, with no fragrance, parabens, phthalates and triclosan etc.

Who: Jennifer Lim
Website: www.shopofcurios.blogspot.sg
Facebook : www.facebook.com/ShopofCurios
Blog: www.dinomama.com


Summer Joy

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore
The purpose of this business is to bring joy to parents and children by bringing them educational toys and learning materials.


Who: Evangeline Ong

Super Swimmies Swim School

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

Super Swimmies is Singapore’s first superhero themed swim school located at Woodlands Swimming Complex. Students will be amazed by Coach Nian’s Spiderman-inspired swim suit at first sight.

That is not all, children will also get to collect superhero-inspired swim caps as they climb up the SwimSafer levels!

Who: Jacqualine Tan
Website: www.superswimmies.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/superswimmies
Blog: www.hellomrstan.com


The Chill Mom Maternity Concierge

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

The Chill Mom Maternity Concierge helps busy first time parents plan and manage the arrival of their babies.

We guide parents through the baby preparation maze of endless shopping, researching, conflicting advice, stress and confusion that comes with being a new parent. Services include confinement nanny matching, nursery set up, baby shower, etc.

Who: Michelle Hon
Email: hello@thechillmom.com

The Little Bow Company

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

We are a humble little store run by Mamas which curates beautiful, handmade, high-quality Mama-made classic-style apparel and accessories from all over the world.

We support home businesses and other mumpreneurs in Asia, the U.S., Australia and more.

Who: Elizabeth / Libby Soh
Website: www.thelittlebowcompany.sg
Facebook: www.facebook.com/littlebowgirl
Instagram: @thelittlebowco
Blog: www.littlebowgirl.com


Young Living Independent Distributor

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

Serene, an Essentially spOILed Mum to two kids, strongly believed in natural healing. She personally witnessed the improvement in the immunity of the kids, hence, she decided to share and make a difference to the lives of people around her. Keen to know which Young Living Essential Oils your body needs, find out through Zyto scan, a service provided by Serene.

Who: Serene Seah
Facebook : www.facebook.com/Xavvylicious
Instagram : www.instagram.com/xavvylicious
Blog: www.xavvy-licious.blogspot.sg


 Young Smarties

Mumpreneurs parent owned business in Singapore

Young Smarties specialises in creating learning materials for use in schools and at home. We put together customisation requests to support your teaching needs, as well as gifts and goodie bags for birthday parties.
In addition to learning materials, we conduct art workshops during school holidays, gatherings and parties too.


Who: Lup Wai
Instagram: @youngsmarties
Twitter: YoungSmarties
Blog: www.youngsmarties.wordpress.com


We hope these mums and dads have inspired you in one way or another. On behalf of them, THANK YOU for taking time to visit their sites. Your support for their business is much appreciated! :)


If you’ve got an inspiring story to share, or know someone who should be featured, drop us a note!
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  1. Thank you for giving us a list of the cool mom-entrepreneurs in Singapore as well as their links to their businesses. I will definitely support them and spread the love to other mommy friends of mine. I know its not an easy job to be a parent and juggling a business also… Cheers Mommies!

  2. There is a great range of products and services provided by parent-preneurs. Thanks for compiling.

  3. Awesome ladies! Glad that I know some of them through the facebook group. More power to these moms.

  4. As if raising kids wasn’t hard enough! Great work mummies. As a business owner myself, I wonder how mummies survive… and yet they do. And they do well. Impressive.

  5. Hehe thanks for featuring our swim school in your post too!! Many lovesssss. I want to go take a look all the mumpreneurs’ businesses and see which ones I can lend my support to too.

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