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Bet You Can’t Tell These Are Nursing Tops!

Breastfeeding is one of the toughest phases as a mum.

My breastfeeding journey with Vera was nothing short of tumultuous. Because of our “shaky” relationship, I stuck to getting nursing-friendly clothes instead of “real” nursing wear, since the latter are usually pricier and mostly boring and style-less.

Definitely adamant about not wanting to look like a frumpy mum-to-be when I was pregnant, I stubbornly refused to buy maternity clothes either, except for maternity shorts. You can read more about how I dressed myself in regular clothes during my first pregnancy, essentially the same was done when I was pregnant the second time too.

So, despite the painstaking effort to sieve out button-down tops, spaghetti-strapped dresses/rompers, padded camisoles/tank tops for ease of breastfeeding, I held dearly to them as these were my limited nursing-friendly staples.

This time round, I’m lucky to be blessed with nursing tops from Spring Maternity, and boy, they changed my mind about these functional apparel.

I’ve to admit though, they took some getting used to, for the fact that I have been thoroughly used to nursing through my standard clothes.

With these nursing tops, I had fun wearing them to create multiple looks and share my honest review:

#1: Bright and Cheery

Knitted Sleeveless Contrast Neck & Yoke Nursing Red, $46.90 (NOW: $23.45)
Availble in 5 colours

Nursing access:
Side access

It’s a versatile piece! Whether it’s for a laidback weekend or a smart casual look for work, this top makes it a breeze to dress up! And, you can skip necklaces too, since the strong colours around the neckline makes it outstanding.

Mix and match with a pair of deconstructed jeans, sneakers and a cap for a sporty look. Or wear it under dungarees for an edgy look. At work, a pair of white pants would bring out that fashionista in you!

Love how vibrant the colours are even after several washes! It seems to add a nice glow on my skin too :P

I’m wearing size S and it fits just right. Unless you prefer a loose fit, I would recommend going for your actual size.

For pregnant mums, this top is stretchy and would offer a nice fit around the bump.

Other notes:
As with new clothes, take caution during first wash as the colours ran a little.

Dressing up: #OOTD shots!

nursing clothes in Singapore Spring Maternity review

Perfect for spending time with an active toddler, this nursing top doesn’t “flash” and is comfy when you need to be up and running.

Nursing in progress…can you tell?
Just me and my little buddy.


#2: Pleats Please!

Knitted Sleeveless Pleated Collar Top Purple Orchid, $46.90 (Sold out!)

Nursing access:
Side access

To be honest, my initial worry was the shade of purple. With only a couple of purple coloured clothes, I was a little worried about looking older in that tricky hue. Thankfully, my fears were unfounded, or so, I would like to think!

I’m wearing size S for this nursing top, and I would recommend getting it in your actual size too.

For pregnant mums, it might be helpful to know that pleats add bulk, and if you’re on the bigger side/towards the end of your pregnancy, the fabric would stretch out and lead to a little peekaboo from the sides – refer to notes below to find out what I mean!

The contrasting collar adds a girlie touch to this nursing top. The pleated front ups its formal-ness (is there such a word?!), and I’d say, it’s pretty versatile too.

For a feminine style, pair it with a flared skirt, or simply put on skinny jeans with wedges/strappy heels or sandals for a smart casual weekend/dress-down Fridays at work.

Thrown on a vest to create an androgynous look paired with culottes that’s on-point. Or throw on a jacket for that OL style.

Material isn’t too thick for Singapore’s weather, so it’s great if you need to chase after kids. During nursing, it was pretty easy. Except that the pleats may get slightly crumbled as the front needs to be shifted to access the boobs.

Other notes:
As the front panel (pleated area) is designed to conceal the side nursing access, do take note that you might accidentally flash yourself, especially if baby tugs at your top. #trueexperience

Pleats are pretty details to have, but a little effort is needed during ironing to make sure they are nice and straight.

Dressing up: #OOTD shots!

nursing clothes in Singapore Spring Maternity review

nursing clothes in Singapore Spring Maternity review
Milk coma after a feed… nursing in public (with a nursing cover) can be done easily with a nursing top :)
nursing clothes in Singapore Spring Maternity review
Layering the nursing top over a printed shorts creates a different look!

#3: Dainty in Lace

nursing clothes in Singapore Spring Maternity review

Woven Fringe Draping Caroline Top Mint, $46.90 (NOW: $23.45)
Available in pink too, but it’s sold out.

Nursing access:
Hem access + vertical access

This top has a lace front that flaps to allow nursing access, and comes with side runches to accommodate pregnant mums’ growing bumps. I’m wearing size S post-partum, so it’s a little loose around the tummy area. Not baggy, but a comfortable fit.

It goes nicely with fitted bottoms so the slight-flared top adds a nice contrast with them.

Pair with shorts for a casual look, or style up with a pencil skirt for work – dainty accessories help add a lovely touch too.

When I first put this top on, my immediate reaction was, “This is so luxuriously soft!”

Made with over 95% bamboo fibres, this top feels like a dream on my skin! :D

Other notes:
As this has vertical access for nursing, it comes with a hidden zip to conceal that “hole” which runs down your chest. The opening runs a few centrimetres under the breasts, so it may take a adjustment along the way to allow baby to access for feeds. Then again, perhaps I might be too used to unbuttoning a little lower :P

While your modesty is well-protected with a zipper, it also means an additional step when you need to nurse your baby.

And since the hem access is on the left side, it takes a little getting used to to get comfy nursing on the right boob – or maybe, the flap could even double up as a cover during breastfeeding!

Also, the underside of the zip tends to peek out from the top too (do you see it sticking out from my photo?), which may be a little concern if your bub loves rubbing his face on your chest. Just be sure to adjust your top when that happens :)

Dressing up: #OOTD shots!

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22 April marks 🌎Earth Day, a global campaign which sees people all over the world celebrating and championing ideas, initiatives and awareness to do our bit for Mother Earth and environmental issues. So today, I was a pseudo SAHM and joined Vera's school for their Earth Day programs where parents were invited to get involved and everyone dons green👗🍀 And luckily, I have my one and only mint nursing top with bamboo fabric from @springmaternitynbaby!✌🏻️ The Teachers planned activities and children put up performances that they've spent time rehearsing for. It got me teary-eyed to see the older kids dance and sing so well, as I started imagining this would be the older Vera someday. But when it was show time for the younger kids, one by one they burst into tears… Literally a chain effect 😂 Well, it was chaotic nonetheless! And kids started getting clingy and all.. Just as I've immense respect for SAHMs, no doubt that I feel the same for preschool Teachers too 👍🏼 Happy Earth Day, everyone! Don't forget to share with your kids on the story of Earth Day and how we can each do our part too!

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THERE! Bet you couldn’t tell these were nursing tops if I hadn’t mention, eh? Likewise, others would be none the wiser too. Heh heh!

Best of all, they are actually really wearable unlike the traditional classic ones which are largely boring uninspired and I’ve steered far from. It’s heartening to know that a local company has been dedicating time and effort to offer pregnant and breastfeeding mums with stylish yet functional nursing clothes :) To sweeten the deal, they are not exorbitantly priced.

If you’re shopping for pregnancy or baby essentials, you’d be happy to know that the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) is happening at Spring Maternity. Shop online or at their retail stores. PSST: These nursing clothes are on sale too, making them really affordable :D

The Spring Maternity GSS is happening now till 3 Aug 2016.

Spring Maternity GSS16.jpg

About Spring Maternity
A homegrown brand in Singapore, Spring Maternity represents the beginning of life and celebrates motherhood. As a leading retail chain, Spring Maternity offers maternity, nursing and baby products to support pregnant mums and new mums in their journey.


What are some of your favourite styles for nursing wear? Do share where you get them too!

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