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Why My Baby’s Diaper Is Important to Me

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Toddlerhood is a new, exciting journey altogether.

Now that little Vera has entered the terrific two’s, things are just about to get more challenging for us. This is the time when we will see ourselves evolve and try to inculcate the right values during the worst of times – read: refrain from going crazy during tantrums and meltdowns.

Our little one has also recently started childcare, kicking off with half-day sessions. This month we aim to transition her into full-day sessions. While we are looking forward to it, we are a bit nervous too. SO, what are our main fears?

Bath times and taking naps in school.

In school, bath times are quick as the kids bathe standing, and they nap on mattresses during the day. Right now, she bathes in a bath tub, and sleeps in the cradle when she’s at my mum’s.

As a mother, these two aspects are enough for me to hold back on a full-day session, for fear that she would react adversely. That would be one of our worst nightmares.

After much thought, I’ve realised that in all honesty, it boils down to her insecurity and lack of confidence on my part.

A mummy’s fears

I must admit that I’m not the most maternal of mums. Hats off to mums who spend 24/7 with their child doing crafts and all sorts of fun activities together and are all smiles at the end of the day without a hair out of place. I may not be able to do that, but I try my best to be present.

MamyPoko pants diaper review
Mummy’s little darling and forever sweetheart!

When I compare myself to other mums (who does not?), I feel inadequate; as if I’m not doing much for my child, except cooking for her on weekends or conjuring up new recipes when time permits – which, unfortunately, is getting rarer these days.

The choices we make define the parents we become

But when it comes to making decisions about her development and overall well-being, one thing is for sure — my child takes the priority seat.

  • If we are sharing a meal, I’ll make sure she gets the best parts, especially her favourite foods like egg or fish.
  • If we’re shopping for groceries, I’ll make sure she gets her fresh milk, UHT milk, favourite cheese, and fresh variety of fruits to keep her healthy, because nutrition is so important for children.
  • If we’re out in a new environment, I’ll make sure to tell her what we are seeing, be it a Christmas decoration or a pretty dress in the mall.
  • If she misbehaves, I’ll make sure to keep her in check and correct her.
  • If we’re getting her daily essentials, I’ll make sure we choose the better-than-average ones, which are good for her, especially since she has had a bout of terrible eczema recently.
MamyPoko pants diaper review
The happy and confident smile that makes my heart melt.

Motherhood has made me realise that we are all different, and we subscribe to varying methods of trying to play this role well.

It all boils down to making choices during our parenthood journey. So when it comes to products that we use, we tend to be selective and mindful. As first-time parents, we have gone through scores of products and learnt that it takes trial and error to work out what suits your child and works well for them. Making the right choices for your child is a way to confident parenting.

Why my toddler’s diaper is important

One of our big experiments was with diapers – it did turn us into extremely discerning parents. You may laugh, but I’m sure many parents would agree.

Tell me something – which of the following has happened to you?

  • Your child had diaper rash and left you feeling guilty because you had recently changed to a cheaper alternative, hoping to save some moolah?
  • You’ve forgotten to change your child’s diapers (especially when you’re out) and ended up with a soaking, leaking diaper that stained the car seat, her clothes or even yours?
  • You’ve been rudely awakened by a wet mattress or wet child’s clothing in the middle of the night because your child has been sleeping in pee the last few hours?

Unfortunately, we’ve been in all of those situations. And each time, it has caused plenty of discomfort (who likes wearing soaked diapers for hours?) for the child, putting her at a risk for diaper rash, and causing disturbed sleep for everyone. And don’t even ask about all that extra laundry to wash!

best diaper pants
The choice of diapers cannot be made lightly. It requires a lot of thought from parents.

Choosing the right diapers has always been one of our main concerns as parents, and we’ve tried several brands including different variants of the same brand. But know this mums and dads: Saving those few bucks does backfire on us. There, I’ve said it!

We choose MamyPoko

Since little Vera was a newborn, we’ve put various brands of diapers to test, and one of the brands that we’ve been using consistently is MamyPoko.

Out of all the available pants in the market (we’re using premium type, Pants Extra Soft which deliver extra dryness and softness to little Vera), there are many reasons why MamyPoko is constantly recommended by friends and other parents in our circle.

Now that our toddler has transitioned to “pants diapers’, we decided to put the Pants Extra Soft to a test-drive this week:

The previous week before MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft
– Diaper kept leaking during the nights and we had to change her 2-3X that week
– Diaper leaked on car seat after 4 hours
– Poop leaked out from diaper in school, staining uniform

best diaper pants
We have tried and tested many diapers and have to say that we swear by MamyPoko Pants!

This week with MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft
– No night leaks so far: fingers crossed!
– No diaper leaks during the day, whether in school or when we’re out
– No redness on private areas or diaper rash spotted

Our confidence in MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft stems from our own experience with their tape diapers when she was a newborn till now, when Vera has entered toddlerhood.

Over the last couple of years, we’ve tried different variants of MamyPoko diapers and their Pants Extra Soft really are “first amongst equals”.

MamyPoko diapers are regulars in our stash for little Vera… putting the MamyPoko Pants Extra Soft to the test!

The fact that the extra soft pants have the ability to hold up to 12 hours means “bye!” to midnight diaper changes and better sleep for everyone, especially daddy! In our home, he’s the one to do the night changes when needed.

We also appreciate the fact that the Pants diapers are not an uncomfortable thick wad of fibre, unlike others that we’ve tried. These Pants diapers are enhanced with soft, cotton-like texture, making it more breathable for the little bum, without restricting Vera’s movements.

Trusted by parents in Singapore, the brand has earned a positive reputation and following, and is the most popular diaper brand here. More recently, it has also been awarded the “Best Disposable Diaper Brand” at the Mother & Baby Awards 2015.

Tear it, tape it, bin it!

With an active toddler, changing diapers can be done just about anywhere (in private, of course!) without the need of a specific diaper changing area or KoalaKare Diaper Changing Stations – you’re lucky if your toddler still allows you to lay her down at times! Pants are easy to remove by tearing the sides, and pulling up again with a fresh piece. Simply adjust the elastic waistband and stretchable leg gathers to ensure they are fitted and not folded over, and we’re done!

best diaper pants
Tear it, tape it, bin it!

To dispose, use the roll up tape to hold contents in place for easy disposal. No one likes to see the colour of poop in your child’s diaper, seriously.

Roll, tape up and dispose! Easy peasy to toss out those soiled MamyPoko pants diapers!

MamyPoko pants are available in pink for girls and blue for boys,. Trust me when I tell you that the sweet colours and cute Pooh prints make a good distraction when the tot is refusing a diaper change and attempts to run away naked!

As we countdown to the arrival of baby No.2, we’re certain that MamyPoko diapers will very much be an integral element of our baby essentials.

As parents, we learn through experience, and put our trust in things that have proven their worth over and over again. MamyPoko has my trust – and every little bit that I do right, helps to grow my confidence bank as a mum.

The lessons we valued with our first born will continue to be with us as we expand the brood. And with the parenting journey, well, it’s a lifelong confidence lesson, ain’t it?

Mummies, do you share my fears and confessions too?

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