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Pianissimo Baby: Cuddly Hugs of Happiness


Weather in Singapore is hot and humid, which does no good to baby V’s skin. With her eczema condition, we have to keep her cool and her skin well-moisturized throughout the day. From the clothes detergent to her beddings, we need to be more aware of what’s being used.

Pianissimo Baby and Home houses a beautiful collection of baby items, specially handcrafted by founder/designer, Christina Shiu. This perfectionist of a lady, puts her loving heart into each piece of art with hope to bring happiness into the homes of all lovely babies and children.

Here’s our little princess with her pretty Crown Pillow (SGD 22), made with carefully picked 100% cotton Japanese double gauze. Such fabrics are widely used in baby’s clothing and light interior items such as beddings. Two layers of open woven (mesh-like) textile are attached to each other using small, almost invisible stabbing are neatly handcrafted by the designer. We like that it’s soft and light, and its airy material allows good ventilation so baby V doesn’t end up with a sweaty head of hair (yes, it happens often especially during feeding!). It makes a great gift for new babies; and for new parents who love taking copious amounts of photos of their bub (like me!) – no better chance for glamming up those first online appearances! Christina shared that the idea of this crown pillow came about as baby V is too young to use the usual pillow… so, she worked her nifty fingers and created this wonderful reversible pillow perfect for infants!

"Look mummy, I've got my own crown. Am I a real princess now??"
“Look mummy, I’ve got my own crown. Am I a real princess now??”

Baby V has discovered her hands, fingers, wrists (she knows how to do wrist rotation, ok! don’t pray pray…) and arms too! Engaging her in this road to self-discovery is a stepping stone to self-feeding where she will need to grab and put food to her mouth. Right now, she loves to put just about anything into her mouth as long as she gets hold of it – includes mummy’s hair, her foot and booties, daddy’s watch to name a few. LOL!

Babies learn through play to discover new skills, and what better way to do so with Taggies! Lightweight (easy to grab), easy to wash (for hygiene purposes), colourful (for vision stimulation) and boasts several textures for play (sensory stimulation). An interesting mix of materials and colours are used for the tags where ribbons and textured fabrics are used to encourage development of motor skills. Made of 100% cotton flannel on one side and terry cloth on the other, this multipurpose item doubles up as a wash cloth too. When child is older, use it in a game of catch and throw like a frisbee or encourage healthy habits of drying hands or wiping faces after washing! Its bold and vibrant prints on the cotton flannel side catches baby’s attention easily – newborns love contrasting colours like black and white; while babies from 3 month onwards are attracted to loud shades such as red, yellow, and blue. The bright, colourful graphics and varying textures invites a child’s exploration. Pianissimo selects quality cotton flannel materials and imports them from USA, and carefully handcrafts them in Singapore. Baby V enjoys her new taggies: Bird Small Taggie (SGD 12) and Lady Bug  BigTaggie (SGD 25).

Mummy hands Vera her small taggie.. here you go, darling!
“Busy me, reading my book and playing with my taggie. It’s not easy, you know…”
vera crown pillow1
“I can play with my taggie when I’m in my cot too!”
“Mummy, this morning Mamak brought me to the garden and the dog was barking… and then……….” Baby V “talking” and having fun with her big taggie.
“Mummy, I’m gonna have to do a taste test!”
Gong Gong sharing a moment with baby V discussing about the pretty prints on the big taggie.

Before baby V was out of my tummy, we naively bought a regular set of pillow and bolster, thinking that infants would sleep on it. Well, we forgot that it’s kinda too high for her which would hurt her neck so we kept it in her wardrobe. Now that she’s learning to sit, we put it to good use – something for her to hug and support her so she has a soft and light item resting on her legs. A pretty pillowcase would definitely get her attention and make her happy! Pianissimo Baby gifted baby V with a soft and oh-so-huggable cottony pillow, which is sooo nice to hold. The pillow insert is fluffy and stuffed just right, and the prints are just so striking! The cotton flannel makes it a smooth comfort to lie on…. When baby V is a little older, she gets to sleep on this comfy pillow in a breathable pillowcase made with cotton flannel. Even with warm temperatures in Singapore, this natural fibre is easily cared for by using a laundry net when machine washing. Avoid hot water as cotton tends to shrink in higher temperatures. Ironing can be done with the cotton setting for special care.

Looking at the prints makes mummy happy, AND, the pillow case even comes in customizable sizes for adults too! How’s that for a parent and child matching set! I’m gonna keep it for myself though :P So, what does baby V think of her pillow with marching elephants (SGD 24)? :)

Baby V sitting on Mamak's lap and fascinated with the striking colours and soft fabric of the cottony pillow!
Baby V sitting on Mamak’s lap and fascinated with the striking colours and soft fabric of the cottony pillow!

What’s the truth behind hugs and happiness, you ask? Fact: hugs boost our happiness levels. And scientific research show that a good hug is the fastest way for you to get oxytocin flowing in your body. Oxytocin, also known as the “love drug”, calms your nervous system and boosts positive emotions. Hugging baby often is our simple way of telling her “I love you” and for baby to learn to hug others and her toys is an early step to communication of joy. Our cuddly hugs of happiness are specially created by Pianissimo Baby, which embraces happiness as the core in their crafts.


Pianissimo Baby would love to give you a pretty piece of art made with their loving hands! Simply quote “The Hooting Post” during check-out and you will be gifted with a complimentary gift with any purchase! Click here to start shopping! Psst! This special promo is till end May 2014 only, don’t miss it! :)

About Pianissimo Baby and Home Boutique
Each product is uniquely handmade and carefully crafted with utmost care. With great emphasis on quality, the stay-at-home-mom team does not believe in running like factories by churning products out just for the sake of running a business. Only premium materials are chosen and cotton and organic cotton are imported directly from designer houses. Designer and crafter of Pianissimo Baby, Christina Shiu, shares her simple vision: creating happy spaces in everyone’s homes. We’re happy to hear this mummy has earned fans from across the globe too – seeing happy faces motivates her further! Whether you’re looking for a gift for a friend or your own bub, check with them on customization requests – sizes and fabric combination options are available!

Bring home these delicate pieces too – and connect with Pianissimo Baby today!



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