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A Mane Affair at Fluff Hair Room


Being a mum leaves one with lesser ‘me’ time. But that should not be a reason for looking unkempt and turning into a “yellow face wife” (黄脸婆). Assuming one is an SAHM: which husband would like to return home to see his wife still in her PJs which she was in since the night before?

As a FTWM (full time working mum.. heh new role calls for new title and plenty of lingos to pick up!), juggling work and family, plus trying not to look like a wreck is something I try to abide to. I’m not a typically vain or image conscious person but looking presentable or at least having neat hair, is a form of personal respect. Better yet if it can be done quickly without needing much effort! My unruly hair loves getting out of place, and if I don’t comb it in time after it’s washed, it’s a sure-thing that my fringe splits at an odd angle and the back frizzes like there’s no tomorrow. Some days i step out with kinks in my locks cos I didn’t rest my hair properly on the pillow. Ugh!

Last shot of my pokey bangs.. and untamed shoulder length hair..
Last shot of my bangs poking my eyes.. and untamed shoulder-length hair..

My hair definitely needs a maneover! During pregnancy, my hair was chopped to make it easier to manage as blow drying is a daily affair every night before sleeping. Failure to do so and flyaway hair greets me in the morning. Conclusion: I’ve got stubborn hair with an attitude! When Fluff Hair Room extended an invite, it couldn’t have been a better time! My previously coloured hair look just like my natural hair colour (the dye was just too close to the original) and the ends were hitting my shoulder and getting out of shape. So, we made time to check-in at Fluff Hair Room for some SOS! Located at Far East Plaza, one of my fave hangouts during school days, it is a one-stop shop for an image overhaul. Settle the hair first and shop later :P

Head Stylist, Alan, takes me to a seat and serves up a cup of hot tea. He studies my hair and asks what I’d like to do it. It’s simple for me: easy to manage (Certainly no time to preen every morning before heading to work) and make sure my crazy natural curls at the ends don’t go nuts! A colour job would put a nice finishing touch to rejuvenate my look. So, here we go!

Alan sits me down and recommends some suitable shades to complement my fair skin tone. Rows of Goldwell hair colour to choose from!
Alan sits me down and recommends some suitable shades to complement my fair skin tone. Rows of Goldwell hair colour to choose from!
Guess what colour I’m headed for??
Daddy was so patiently window shopping with a sleeping Vera while mummy gets some “me” time in the salon.

After washing off the dye, my newly-coloured locks get some pampering TLC, something which I’m guilty of. Have been neglecting my hair and it’s been some time since I’ve used conditioner during showers too, in a bid to do things faster these days. I’m sorry, poor hair….

hair treatment hair treatment w machine hair treatment products

My new hair accessory – POOF! Haha, couldn’t resist a comical shot when that hot air balloon was in action. See that machine there? Steam gets emitted and I look like I’ve a piping head while my hair enjoy a luxurious treat of a Milkshake! Yes, milkshake! Integrity Repairing Hair Lotion are individually sealed treatment oil to boost hair health with an intensive dose of nutrients. Every drop boasts concentrated repairing protein treats which are gently massaged into the strands before letting the steam do its magic for the next 30 minutes or so. This treatment contains a highly concentrated protein and amino acids repairing system to restructure and strengthen damaged and chemically treated hair, for soft and shiny results – just the thing for my lifeless tresses! Its key active ingredients include organic Muru Muru, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Hydrolysed Keratin and Argan Oil to name a few, this is such a “yummy” delight! Time to fling my hair!

During the hair wash, Alan shared that using slightly colder water to rinse off the treatment helps to lock in the goodness and seals the cuticles. Afterall, we don’t want to lose the good stuff! With 15 years in the hair business, Alan knows his stuff, for sure.

cutting hair final trimmings

After blow-drying, Alan proceeds to snip my hair into shape. In the 2nd pic, there’s the new hair colour – Ash brown with a faint tinge of green, visible under sunlight. I was actually contemplating between Grimace-kinda purple and ash brown, and wondered if it might make me look a little cartoonish? Maybe I should just go for it at the next dye job :P

Alan expertly recommends a slope style to my otherwise boring hairdo. The back is a slight bob, with more volume on the top since my hair tends to get flat due to the weight when it grows longer. The front frames my face nicely. A revived row of bangs lends a sleek finishing. Alan is easy to talk to – we chatted during the session, and I learned that he is a father of 3! Amazing!

vera in stroller pic with alan

Little Vera gives a smile of approval when she sees mummy with her new hairstyle. No yellow face mummy, I hope? Striked a post with Alan, and it’s time for Vera to take the wheels and do some shopping with mummy!

Thank you Fluff Hair Room and Alan for the lovely maneover! I feel light-headed (in a good sense!) with lesser load now! Love that my hair is fuss-free and low maintenance! Just wash and blow – TA-DA!


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Fluff Hair Room 

14 Scotts Road, #05-84 Far East Plaza Singapore 288213

Phone: 6836 0468 Email:
Facebook: Fluff Hair Rm  Instagram: @fluffhairroom


  1. Hi! Came across ur blog while searching for recommendation of hair cut.. Wonder if u know the price for cutting hair at fluff hair room? Will they psyco to sign packages/treatment etc? ;) thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Casey! It’s about $35 for guys and $40 for girls. They were pretty chill when I did my hair, no pressure to sign up for stuff or pushiness at all! :D Soft spoken folks too, if you prefer to just enjoy the session and not have someone yakking at you throughout. Haha!
      Hope you have a good experience too! Cheers!

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