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Bepanthen – Happy Bum + Happy Mum! *GIVEAWAY alert*


Baby V’s skin has been acting up of late and I’ve just gone thru a bout of sore throat + runny nose combo. If you’ve been following us on Facebook and Instagram (@deedeedee13), you might already know that her skin is flaring up on-and-off (mostly on.. sob!) and I had to douse pills (probably a year ago when I was sick-sick? Sob again!)

This was baby V with a deal of rash + eczema, appearing on her face, body, legs, the folds of her arm (I call them “elbow pits”… knee pits, elbow pits.. geddit? geddit?) and eventually her private areas – upset!

Unceremoniously celebrated her 4th month with a trip to the GP, who diagnosed her with atopic eczema, viral rash and heat rash :(
Unceremoniously celebrated her 4th month with a trip to the GP, who diagnosed her with atopic eczema, viral rash and heat rash :(

We were given some creams to apply and after another few days, they were still lurking around. We headed to a PD who then switched the creams and he diagnosed a different case – allergy rash (?!). And said (wait for this) that she could be reacting to my milk (I nearly died when I heard this) or the formula (which she’s been drinking the same type for awhile). With my head spinning on the uncertainties and an unwell baby whom I might have been the prime cause afterall was seriously uber disheartening. To cut the long story short (and save the details for a separate article), all these creams from the doctors contain steroids and are known to cause skin thinning and dries the skin up. In severe cases, babies experience withdrawal symptoms from steroids. Always follow-up with a moisturizer to help regulate the affected areas.

What better time to try my luck at reviewing a nappy rash ointment – an essential which every baby needs. Imagine having your bum wrapped up all day, damp and yucky?? Prevention is also better than cure – diaper rash is no fun at all. And, we definitely do not wish for baby V’s skin condition to aggravate. If you have read our previous article on Diapering Essentials, you’d know that a diaper cream is one of the key must-haves.

Good routine skincare for baby’s delicate skin should not be compromised:
– Gentle cleaning with wet wipes/cotton balls and lukewarm water. Pat dry.
– Good diaper practice: Change soiled diaper frequently especially after “bombing” to prevent bacteria buildup. Ensure diapers fit comfortable around baby’s waist (you should be able to fit 2 fingers in).
– Allow baby’s skin to breathe during each diaper change. Go diaper-free for 10-15mins each time and take this chance to “talk” to baby too! Baby V loves this, especially if one of us is upside down near her head!
– Use a trusted quality diaper cream like Bepanthen Ointment. Need we say more? :P

Preventing diaper rash is possible and most are white creams. It’s the zinc oxide which gives it the whiteness. Check most anti-UV cosmetics: you’d notice zinc oxide in there because it acts as a UV deflector to protect the skin from burning. Slapping it on the bum so it serves as a barrier against water but it does seem weird when I know it’s used in sunblocks.

With its dual-action system as a daily skin protector and healer of nappy rash, Bepanthen Ointment boosts Pro-vitamin B5 as the active ingredient, also known for its role in skin healing and repairing functions. Its water-in-oil formula allows water to evaporate and leave behind a thin, invisible barrier which locks in moisture in skin, and keeps areas that are dry or need extra care protected. High lipids concentration (70%) reduces the need of preservatives, freeing the product of additional baggage. The ointment is suitable for use on dry, chapped and cracked skin as well as minor skin injuries such as minor burns and wounds. Hence, we tried it on baby V’s eczema too.

Spotted in my mailbox: April issue of Motherhood mag with a Bepanthen ad!
Spotted in my mailbox: April issue of Motherhood mag with a Bepanthen ad!

After applying it onto baby V’s rash areas (especially the angry patches on her elbow pits, they do seem less angry and red within the same day, despite the hot weather. We didn’t have to use a great deal; just a small dot which spreads easily. I like that there’s no added colorant, fragrance and preservative which eliminates unnecessary irritants. Using it as a diaper rash cream was a breeze too, and baby V’s bum (I love her bum! Heh hope I don’t sound like a psycho mummy. LOL.) took to it pretty well! The emollient effect helps to keep her skin baby soft and smooth.

"Hmm.. what's this? Let me inspect it first..." Baby V in the midst of a diaper change. LOL.
“Hmm.. what’s this? Let me inspect it first…” Baby V in the midst of a diaper change. LOL.
“Okay, pass! Please use this on my bum bum, mummy!”

Did you know that Bepanthen can also double up as nipple care too? Sore and cracked nipples are common phenomenon espeically during the early days of nursing where the constant rubbing from baby’s suckles cause the sensitive skin around the aerola and nipples to experience sudden and frequent friction. Breastfeeding mums like myself are not spared! Being able to use the ointment means mummies can save on getting a separate nipple cream! More bang for your buck too, if you ask me! It may seem sticky at first, but upon application, the ointment actually spreads very easily and disappears without staining clothes or “feeling heavy” with the layer. I didn’t experience any stinging sensation either, so that’s good. Before offering breasts to baby or using the breast pumps, gently clean the areas with warm water and clean cloth.

Some supposed miracle cures and probably unorthodox methods of preventing diaper rash:
Australians use paw paw (aka Papaya; maybe that’s how their famous-amongst-women-and-babies paw paw cream came about! Can anyone confirm this out of curiosity? :P)  In China, they supposedly swear by dried bitter gourd vine to keep diaper rash at bay. In Italy, fish paste is used… erm… okay, no comments. In Singapore, old wives’ tales has it that talcum powder should be used to keep the area dry and comfortable.

Parents on the lookout for a suitable nappy/diaper rash cream, here’s your chance to get them for FREE! 2 great chances for you to WIN Bepanthen Ointment for your darling’s delicate skin! And, by darling, I mean both mummy and baby, okay daddies? :P

       1) ***GIVEAWAY ALERT!!!***
Do you know of any traditional vs new diaper rash stories? Comment on this post and we’ll pick 2 lucky winners to WIN a 2 months’ supply of Bepanthen & a limited edition Bepanthen diaper clutch for easy convenience! Comment away by 7 May 2014, don’t miss it!

A cute diaper clutch for mummy and baby!
A cute diaper clutch for mummy and baby!

2) ***GET FREE SAMPLES!!!***

Wanna try out Bepanthen Ointment for yourself and/or your baby? Or know someone who needs this? Claim a FREE sample to try! Simply click here to head to the application form and key in OMYB2 under the promotional code field!

Enter "OMYB2" under the Promotional Code field and wait for your sample to arrive! :)
Enter “OMYB2” under the Promotional Code field and wait for your sample to arrive! :)

I was already on their mailing list prior to this opportunity, and received this EDM just in time to share some great deals! Our take: Grab a sample to try and if you love it, don’t miss this special savers! P/S: You’d be thankful for a teether shaped this way; now at 5.5mths, baby V loves grabbing and pulling things (my hair is not spared!) and it’s good to practice with a lightweight, easy to handle piece of item for her to chew on.

Exclusive in-store promotion at Guardian from now till 31 May 2014, Free Munchkin teether with every purchase of two (2) tubes of Bepanthen Ointment (30g).
Exclusive in-store promotion at Guardian from now till 31 May 2014, Free Munchkin teether with every purchase of two (2) tubes of Bepanthen Ointment (30g).


My sweetie pie after a nice bath, Bepanthen Ointment on those nasty patches and bum :)

Here’s to smiling babies and happy mummies! For more information, visit Thank you Bayer and OMY for this special opportunity!

P/S: Special thank you to the Bayer folks for the Redoxon treats too. While nursing myself back to health, I had already loaded up on my usual Redoxon capsules to boost my return to health, so these came at the right time. Being sick is seriously no fun at all – had to keep my distance from baby V as I got paranoid about spreading the virus to her :(


  1. Well, my mum told me that during her days, my grandma applied baby powder onto her butt. Its not little thou, its one whole lot?! Luckily, I din stock up any at home, else I believe my mum will try her luck when Im not around. phew.
    Now she uses diaper rash cream on my daughter’s butt, easy and definitely, not messy. :)


  2. Thank you all for your entries! The giveaway has ended and the winners are………….. *drum rolls*

    Congatulations to Xiuli and Wei Lee!!! Pls send your details to so Bepanthen can get your prizes to you!

    Name, NRIC, Address, Contact Number and Email Add.

    Thank you for the support and we hope your baby enjoy this awesome gift! :)


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