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Refreshing Black Fungus Cold Dish Recipe

Great as a side dish or appetiser, we’ve been using this deliciously easy Black Fungus Cold Dish or Black Fungus Salad (凉拌木耳). The recipe is super straightforward, doesn’t take much time and this tangy vegetarian dish really awakens the palates!

Black fungus is also known as Wood Ear Mushroom. Our first taste of this dish was probably the Taiwanese version but more recently, we tried the Sichuan style which was fiery. My hubs loves it hot and spicy, and we both enjoy the crunchy bite that black fungus offers! So, we started making our version of this black fungus dish several times over by adjusting it to our preference. Read on for some cooking tips and why we use dried black fungus instead of fresh ones from the supermarket!

Black Fungus Cold Dish Recipe


🥄 20-30g dried black fungus, soaked till they’ve soften & expanded.

Ingredients for sauce:
🥄8 tbsp white vinegar
🥄4 tbsp black vinegar
🥄2 tbsp sesame oil
🥄1/2 tsp salt
🥄1/2 tsp sugar
🥄Juice from 1/2 lime
🥄1/2 tsp LILO Kombu Powder (optional for extra nutrients and flavour)
🥄1/2 tsp LILO Mushroom Powder (optional for extra nutrients and flavour)

Ingredients for garnishing (*For adults 🌶 version):
🥄1 Chili Padi, remove seeds & cut with scissors
🥄1/2 tsp Szechuan Peppercorns – adjust as preferred but be warned as they dumb tongues!
🥄2 tsp minced garlic
🥄Spring onions

Cooking Method:

1. Boil black fungus to cook for about 5-10 mins depending on size. Cut them before boiling . Drain hot water and soak cooked fungus in cold water for 5 mins.

2. In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together and add fungus 1 by 1 into bowl to soak them in liquid mixture until all fungus are in bowl.

3. Keep refrigerated for at least 4 hours/overnight. Every 1-2 hours, stir the mixture to coat fungus. This helps them to be well-marinated for better taste.

4. When ready to serve, remove from fridge and ENJOY!

Tips on how to make this crunchy tangy black fungus appetizer recipe:

• Dried black fungus are crunchier than fresh ones. Yes, we tried and tested!

• Ensure they’re cooked and don’t consume black fungus raw or undercooked.

• Go easy with the peppercorns unless you love the fiery kick!

• Some folks turn this into a black fungus and cucumber salad recipe. Simply chop up some Japanese cucumber into cubes and add in for extra bite!

Health benefits of black fungus:

• These edible black wild mushroom are iron-rich and brim with polysaccharides to help lower cholesterol & triglycerides for better heart health. Did you know they contain ZERO cholesterol too? :P

• Helps to detoxify body and promote bowel movement. Black fungus brims with fiber and antioxidants which promotes better immunity.

• Can we eat black fungus everyday? According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), black fungus is considered as “cooling”. Looks like there are some folks who cannot eat black fungus due to health concerns. If in doubt, check with a health practitioner.

If you enjoy our easy recipe ideas created with LILO powders, you can enjoy 5% discount with my referral link to shop for LILO powders! These 100% natural ingredients which are made into powders are really versatile. They can be used as a marinade, during cooking and after the dish is made – Vera and Leroy like these powders on plain rice and added into soup too! 

Even Vera enjoys the Black Fungus appetizer too as it’s sour and helps to stimulate appetite! I would usually make 2 versions – 1 spicy and 1 non-spicy for the not-so-brave ones like myself and the kids. hehe.

Do you and your family enjoy dishes with black fungus? Some commonly enjoyed Chinese dishes include Stir-fry Black Fungus and Black Fungus with Chicken recipes. We’ve also been making this fuss-free one-pot dish – Slow Braised Pork with Black Fungus Slow Cooker Recipe. Time-saving meal ideas for busy families!

P/S: ‘Black Fungus’ is a type of edible wild mushroom commonly found in Asian dishes popularly enjoyed for their health benefits. Also, not to be mistaken with the ‘black fungus’ which is a rare fungal disease called mucormycosis that has hit India amidst this Covid-19 period.

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