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[Review] Tackling Digestion with Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence

You probably already know that chicken essence has always been a part of my life! From those exam mugging days as a student, through both pregnancies and now as a mother… I love herbal soups and concoctions for health and wellness reasons :)

I’ve been trying out Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Digestion (四神) to find out how different they are from the regular bottle chicken essence that I’ve been drinking.

Read on to find out if they passed my taste test + there are 10 packets of chicken essence to WIN!

What is Tian Yuan Xiang?

popular chicken essence in Singapore
I enjoy drinking chicken essence because it’s a warm treat of health benefits – something that it is traditionally known for over centuries :)

Tian Yuan Xiang (田原香滴鸡精) has been double-boiling chicken essence for over 10 years, and they are popular in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan too.

This Taiwanese brand prides itself for sticking to their traditions of using free-range chicken which they raise in their own farms, with 3-generations of the Tian family involved in poultry farming. This farm-to-table practice reminded me so much of the modern day dining concept, and

To me, the Taiwanese are known to be dedicated to quality and their service-oriented demeanor. Likewise for Tian Yuan Xiang, only 150-day-old chickens are used, with no drugs or hormones involved. Happy chickens, happy tummies!

review Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence
Each packet of Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence is the result of stringent quality control and precise 9-step procedure to extract these golden broths for our family.

Each golden drop is really a precious testament of all the hard work from rearing, extraction to packing. These Halal-certified chicken essence are harnessed with a 100% natural extraction method with zero amount of water added – so all we get is pure, rich, flavourful chicken essence as is. That’s really fab because we could really do with just the good stuff in our body systems.

When the delivery was arranged, I was reminded to keep the chicken essence in the freezer upon receiving them. This is really important because they contain no preservatives, and are fresh for 6 months, or, as per the expiry date indicated on the box.

There are also 14 different types of chicken essence that you can now purchase from their shop or Tian Yuan Xiang’s online store in Singapore! There’s something for everyone at different stages of their lives, particularly women ;) I’ll be sharing more below PLUS there’s a GIVEAWAY TO WIN SOME CHICKEN ESSENCE, so keep reading!

Frozen chicken essence vs. bottled chicken essence

In Asian culture, chicken essence has always been considered a good dose of nourishment for our body and mind. Along with the rise of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and how herbs can help support bodily balance, home-cooked meals with chicken essence recipes are being dished up too.

how to prepare chicken essence
For the frozen chicken essence, you can easily heat it up using the microwave or the double-boiling method. For the room temperature version, you can choose to use either method too, to enjoy a hot bowl of chicken soup :)

It’s my first time discovering frozen chicken essence, and I was thinking to myself, “How time-consuming!”

Well, my first impressions got busted quite quickly because if you have a microwave (which we don’t HAHA!) at home, warming up the frozen chicken essence is super easy. Simply tear, or, cut open the packet, put the frozen chicken essence into a cup or bowl, then pop it into the microwave for 1 – 3 minutes! Fast and simple!

how to prepare frozen chicken essence tian yuan xiang
To prepare the frozen chicken essence, cut or tear open the sachet, and pour into a bowl.

But since we don’t have a microwave, we used the double-boiling method to warm it up. Everything was done pretty quickly too, and a piping hot bowl of chicken essence awaited me :P

steaming frozen chicken essence
I used the double-boiling method – basically how we steam fish – to heat up the frozen Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Digestion. Look at that golden goodness! Can you see some of the brownish bits that’s usually in chicken soup? :)

They also have the room temperature storage editions which don’t require freezing – just order from their website and they can be delivered to those in Singapore too.

My review of Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Digestion (四神)

I’ve to say that this box of Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Digestion (SGD200) came at the right time.

My stomach has been “off” for a couple of weeks, with frequent feeling of wind especially in the evenings, or, at night. On some mornings, I’d run to the toilet for a quick offload despite just starting or just finishing my breakfast. Didn’t seem quite my usual digestive health, so I thought, perhaps this box of chicken essence could help?

First things first: what does this box of chicken essence contain? And, how does it improve digestion?

tian yuan xiang chicken essence for confinement
Remember to keep these frozen chicken essences in the freezer to maintain freshness! With no preservatives, shelf-life is about 6 months, and check the expiry date labelled on the packaging.

Each box has 20 packets of 60cc chicken essence, with 3.5 whole natural chickens used. Besides pure goodness from chickens, it also contains herbs such as:

  • 山药 Dioscoreae Rhizoma, 茯苓 Poria and 芡实 Euryales Semen (also known as Gordon Euryale Seed), believed to nourish the spleen and stomach, prevent retention of dampness and phlegm.
  • 莲子 Nelumbinis Semen to tonify spleen and kidney.
chicken essence for children and pregnancy
Almost anyone is suitable to drink these Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence for Digestion! Skip it if you’re down with fever or have inflammation, or are diagnosed with the condition stated on the label.

You’d notice that the herbs are similar to what’s in the tonic soup, Si Shen Tang 四神汤, which is known to boost appetite and improve digestion.

singapore mum blogger review  Tian Yuan Xiang chicken essence
Fancy a bowl of yummy chicken essence? It was so yums, I had 2 sachets in one sitting! :P

My review of the chicken essence: it tastes smooth and light! And, didn’t have that sweet aftertaste that I’d usually experience with the bottled chicken essence. It was REALLY TASTY, and I was super tempted to double my portion by warming up another sachet! Which I did, in the end, so I could let the kids try it too :)

Yup, it’s suitable for kids one-year-old and above to drink this for digestion too. Additionally, the best time to drink chicken essence is in the morning, or before 4pm , so that it would not be keep you (or your kids!) awake at night :P We drank ours at dinner time but thankfully, both Vera and I snoozed all the way till the next morning!! #dontlearn

Vera drink chicken essence for children
Vera tried it at dinner time, and liked it too! She said it tastes like Chicken Soup :P
kids drink chicken essence
“Yummy!” Vera declared. Leroy, on the other hand, didn’t quite take to drinking chicken essence hehe. But at least he tried a couple of sips!

The herbal taste is subtle, so for those who are worried about the taste and smell of herbs, this soup tasted more chicken-ish than herb-y. It’s also recommended to skip this during your period, and stick to their regular pure Chicken Essence, if you need a perk-me-up during that time of the month.

That night, I experienced a fair bit of wind passing! Not kidding, because my stomach was feeling bloated after drinking, and I was wondering if that was normal. On other days when I drank it, I wasn’t as “noisy” haha! So, I checked with Ginni from Tian Yuan Xiang about my concerns, and was assured that while effects vary among individuals, passing wind does help with bloatedness which is part of the digestive process. So sorry for those music at night, Vera. HAHA!

Chicken essence makes a thoughtful nourishment for those who are trying to conceive (TTC), pregnant mums, and even post-partum/breastfeeding mummies.

This chicken essence taste was also pretty familiar, because I remember that during my confinement, we did the double-boiling method with black chicken and zero water. Now, busy mums can slurp up delicious homemade chicken broth with this smart and convenient way!

So, I mentioned earlier that these chicken essence can come in handy for women, and here’s why!

Building up our health to conceive is relatable to many women – for ladies who are trying to conceive, or mums who have just delivered, our bodies need plenty of nutrients to keep a healthy baby as well as maintain our own wellness. The details here would give you some idea on which type of chicken essence to drink at different points of your life and health :)

I’m attracted by the clarity of information where they put effort into preparing their leaflets to explain how women can incorporate the various chicken essences into their diet. Simply put, Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence can be weaved into your diet when preparing to conceive, is suitable for pregnancy and even during confinement and breastfeeding.

Where to buy Tian Yuan Xiang Chicken Essence (田原香滴鸡精)

Address: 101 Thomson Road, #B1-24A United Square, Singapore 307591 (Novena MRT)
Tel: +65 6200 6789
Opening hours:
Sundays to Thursdays and public holiday: 10:30am – 09:00pm
Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holiday: 10:30am – 09:30pm

Website | Facebook | Instagram


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