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[Review] Snagging Affordable Hauls on Shopee

Like most parents, window shopping has become a luxury! Mobile shopping gives us the freedom to shop anywhere and anytime, so if you love affordable hauls, here’s the review of my Shopee shopping experience!

What is Shopee?

If you didn’t already know, Shopee is a popular e-commerce platform headquartered in Singapore under Sea Group (previously known as Garena), and was founded in 2009 by Forrest Li. That was from Wikipedia, btw! :p Anyhows, the Shopee app is FREE for download on Apple store or Google Play, so basically anyone who has a smartphone can buy or sell things, with the option to shop via your desktop too!

The fun about online shopping is… the  shopping space is literally a playground! There are multiple categories on Shopee, such as: Toys, Kids & Babies, Food & Beverages, Home Appliances, Travel & Luggage and so many more!

Leroy playing with writing tablet from Shopee
Right after I unboxed my carefully wrapped package, Leroy couldn’t wait to start drawing on the writing tablet we bought off Shopee.

Tips & Tricks when shopping on Shopee

#1: Click through to Shopee from Shopback to earn $$$

Before you start adding to your shopping cart, here’s a tip for you to EARN cash backs! I’ve shared before why I like shopping through ShopBack, so now, remember to CLICK THROUGH to Shopee from your ShopBack app to earn extra cash when you buy items from Shopee App!

#2: Use Shopee promo codes, vouchers and Shopee Coins to save more!

Yes, make use of Shopee promo codes and vouchers that are available! These can be vouchers from the merchants, or promo codes that Shopee issues. If you’re shopping via desktop, their smart system actually helps to suss out the different promo codes that are active! I was pretty impressed as I could skip googling for promo codes elsewhere and trying to use it (and end up being disappointed cos they’re invalid or have already expired -_-)

review Shopee shopping promo codes
YES to valid promo codes and vouchers on Shopee to save more!

To earn Shopee Coins, you can check in the app daily, write a review (with photos for extra coins) for the items you buy are some ways! Shopee Coins can be used to offset your purchases too, meaning, they are cash too! Read on for a special promo code at the end of this article! ;)

#3: Take advantage of the upcoming popular online shopping seasons

For the uninitiated, the year end is peppered with super sale campaigns almost every month starting with 9.9 deals in September! In October, Shopee ran the 10.10 Brands Festival from 29 Sept to 10 Oct, and the 11.11 Big Sale will be running from now to 11 Nov to celebrate China’s Singles Day!

Also, look out for the TOP online shopping dates such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday as well as Christmas and post-Christmas deals! Time to settle those Christmas gifts in a pocket-friendly way, yes? :P

#4: Use my Shopee referral code and exclusive promo code to save!

This one’s for you – thank you for reading! Get SGD $10 off your first order and get Shopee Coins with my referral voucher code: CANDE223.

I’ll earn 500 coins for each invited friend! :) Coins are used to offset purchases, too! So, everyone is happy, right! :D

Use my exclusive shopping code: SHSCINDY to enjoy $7 off with a minimum $15 spend for new users only. Valid till 31 March 2020.

Review of my online shopping experience with Shopee

Well, most of my purchases were for the kids. LOL! But I made sure to shop for myself too, you know, like a little indulgence. Thankfully, the items were pretty cheap and delivery fees were reasonable.

review Shopee shopping experience
Shopee’s shopping order shows the price of each item, discounts that apply and delivery fees (if any)

I like that the order was itemised clearly showing the merchant, the individual prices of the items and total cost to pay the merchant, and the delivery charges, if applicable. Prices indicated are as is, so there’s no need to add a different price for different colours or variant. No surprises there, so YAY!

Additionally, the status for each item is updated so buyers know if the order is being transferred to Singpost for normal delivery, or, the parcel is in-transit from China to Singapore. That helps with managing my expectations wondering when the items were arriving.

The only thing I thought could be better was to have an Estimated Date of Arrival (EDA), so I can have a rough idea how many more days it would take to reach. But I know it’s a TON of operational legwork for a business, so I probably understand why it’s not in place :) I guess the uncertainty makes receiving those parcels randomly feel like surprise gifts too! :P

Definitely spoilt for choice! I did say online shopping was like a playground, right? :P The waiting time for shipping of goods to arrive really depends on where the items are shipped out from. Read on to find out what I bought and my thoughts about the merchants and a not-so-pleasant experience with one of them!

What do mums buy on Shopee + review of my online shopping loots!

review Shopee shopping experience
Wore my new ankle socks to an indoor playground in Singapore and happy to say that they didn’t slip or tear!

Cute Adult Socks
These were really cute, comfy and cheaper than what the retail stores sell them for. My kids were hysterical when I unboxed my package! They thought the socks were super cute, and, each of them slipped on a pair and started running around the house. HAHA! I hope the quality can last for some time though =x

online shopping Shopee review
New earrings purchased via the Shopee App!

This pair of pretty leaves earrings took a couple of weeks to arrive and was found in my mailbox! The seller gave an extra piece of earring back, and I’m glad for that because 1 of it broke after wearing it for the first time =x

Denim Shorts
I’ve been looking for a pair of high-waisted shorts that aren’t too short, and I’ve to say that this was a really lucky buy that doesn’t cost an arm! Like the other pair of shorts, I sized up an bought a medium. Glad it fits well!

I discovered that this dress seemed a little short for me (I’m 1.62cm). After putting it on, Vera went, “WOWWWWWW, so sexy!” HAHAHA! It felt like I was showing alot of skin though but then again, that’s the style of it. Actual colour is closer to brown instead of pink. No colour runs, and I hope it lasts a few wears :P

Leroy’s diapers arrived in the next 2 days! I was really impressed with this Shopee seller’s efficiency. Arrived in a carton and everything was in good condition. Well done! This seller definitely got my 5 stars for scoring a positive review for my Shopee shopping loots.

Party goodie bag items
I ordered 10 of these for Vera’s classmates as a graduating gift. So she helped me to pick her friends’ favourite characters :) Of all, this seller was the most efficient and on-the-ball with customer interaction. Items received in good condition within the next 2 days upon ordering, and she even started a chat to ask if I’ve received the order and to give them a rating. 5 stars for this Shopee seller!

singapore mum Shopee shopping review
Shopee sells affordable educational toys too!

Kids’ sound chart
I waited excitedly for this to arrive as I’d envision both Vera and Leroy liking this too. It only cost a few dollars so, fingers crossed! It took more than a week to arrive due to overseas shipping. Sadly, it wasn’t in working condition despite putting in new batteries. It was silly of me to click on the ‘Order Received’ button – I shouldn’t have done that if I’d like to refund/return the goods. I was thinking of doing an exchange though, so I messaged the seller about it but his/her reply surprised me! LOL! He/she asked me to change my 1 star rating to 4 or 5 stars, or his/her boss would dock her wage or fire him/her.

buy cheap clothes on Shopee
Decked in my comfy pair of new shorts purchased from Shopee! #ootd

Army Green Cargo Shorts
This pair of shorts looked pretty decent for something that’s SGD$9.09. I followed the reviews to size up and took an M size. Thank goodness for the gutters at the back HAHA!

cheap electronics and accessories on Shopee
The Shopee sellers made sure the more “fragile” items were well-bubble wrapped, and I really appreciated that.

Drawing tablet
I bought this to replace our writing tablet that has KO-ed, and this cost only a fraction of the prices for similar ones sold at our local electronics stores!

What are your best online buys? Do share your honest review and thoughts of your Shopee shopping experience too!

Lastly, don’t forget to use my exclusive promo code, SHSCINDY, for $7 off minimum $15 purchase for new users only. Valid till 31 March 2020.

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