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#FamilyHacks: How to Shop and Earn Cashbacks on Top of Voucher Codes!

Hubs and I love hosting gatherings and parties at our home, but since having a child, we usually end up dining outdoors which leaves us hunting for suitable venues to accommodate large groups.

With a toddler in tow, dining at home or at someone’s place makes it more convenient and a definitely more cosy environment. There’s no need to fight with the peak hour crowds and be faced with the awkward dilemma of “where to go next” after we’re done with our main meal.

So when we had our family come over for Christmas dinner last year (actually, it was only a month ago!), hubs and I decided to get food delivered to complement our homecooked dishes of Carbonara Pasta, Roasted Beer Chicken and a salad. And we enjoyed some cashbacks, we added to our savings!

Read on to find out how to shop and earn CASH easily!

We scrolled through Foodpanda and happily ordered Indian food via their site. But boy, we later found out that we had totally missed the boat on earning cashbacks! :(

Foodpanda is one of the food partners on ShopBack, a platform which allows you to earn as you shop. ShopBack gives you up to 8% cashback on top of Foodpanda voucher codes. And it was not as if I had no clue about ShopBack – one of my girlfriends, L, had been raving to me about ShopBack months before Black Friday, sharing how she had been shopping for clothes, shoes and bags via that site, and L has since earned quite a fair bit in her account!

When I realised that, I totally felt like smacking myself in the head! BECAUSE I HAD ALREADY OWNED AN ACCOUNT. Sheesh. Silly me!

So this Chinese New Year, if you are planning to get food delivery, don’t forget to look through FoodPanda (but remember to visit their site through ShopBack!) for their diverse array of restaurants. Each ShopBack merchant allows you to earn varying REAL MONEY (merchants are offering anywhere from 5% to 30% cashbacks), which you are able cash out, instead of having to offset future purchases.

In addition, there are regular and seasonal discounts too, so don’t miss out on saving those moolah, PLUS, earning extra moolah! Those extras would definitely come in handy for us since raising a child (and another on the way!) calls for additional expenditure for baby’s needs. You could get baby essentials delivered with RedMart and earn 9% cashback on top of RedMart coupon codes too!

Exciting partners families would love:

  • Redmart – no longer on Shopback (updated Nov 2018)
  • Lazada
  • iHerb
  • Courts
  • Taobao
  • Cotton On
  • Zalora
  • ASOS
  • Beautiful.Me – no longer on Shopback (updated Nov 2018)
  • Forever21
  • Carter’s – been shopping at Carter’s and Osh’gosh over several Black Fridays now!
  • Agoda
  • ZUJI
  • Shopee
  • HonestBee
  • Guardian
  • Melissa
  • Grab – YAY to those who grab through the Grab app anyway!

Seems like I already have individual accounts with most of these merchants and I’ve been missing out on earning cashbacks :(

There are international and local sites too, so if you’re eyeing items from across the world, you get to have your items shipped over and earn some cash while at it.

Online shopping is uber convenient for busy parents like us, and to be able to enjoy discounts or use special vouchers while earning cash makes it more exciting!

How ShopBack works:

Refer a friend and earn additional cash:

One of the reasons why my girlfriend’s account was growing – the referral programme.

She has had several friends who were referred by her, and have been shopping since. Thus, both of them get to earn cash together!

So, her mummy friends cleverly and aptly used ShopBack to shop during Black Friday too (oh, those Carter’s and Bloomingdale’s deals!), and happily chalked up cash. Why didn’t we realise this back then?! All those shopping we did over Black Friday and Cyber Monday could have converted to additional cash too…

Now, could you kindly help to contribute to our children’s education funds, please? :P

Referral Link:

Use my referral link and you’ll get $5 credited to your account. Make your first purchase and both of us will receive $5 – it’s that easy :)

how to use cashback to earn money
Shop for the present, and earn cash for the future! Image credit: Pexels

Oh wait! I just discovered a Chinese New Year special bonus promo where everyone gets to earn even more! From now to 29 Feb 2016, refer 5 friends successfully in order to get an extra $50 bonus. You will receive the $50 bonus if you make 5 or more qualified referrals within this period. The $50 bonus will be granted only once and will be credited into your ShopBack account by 31 Mar 2016.

You can bet that my next online shopping purchase will be done via ShopBack – I’m one step towards being a more savvy mummy! ;)

Here’s wishing you and your family a HUAT HUAT Chinese New Year! May the moolah keep rolling in, and have a splendid new year ahead with extra pocket money and savings done right! :)

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  1. IKR! I felt so silly for missing out especially during Black Friday last year. But it’s okay, I’ve started to stock up on home essentials like baby’s detergent cos they weigh a ton, and I’m not gonna be able to lug them home in the next 1 mth! Happy shopping, Michelle! :P

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