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Shopping at the New Agapebabies – Delighting Parents 24/7


Online shopping is a quick and convenient way for busy parents to browse and make purchases on-the-go.

We’ve shopped at Agapebabies and watched them grow over the years – from The Sunshine Kids (which Jocelyn and Matthew started), to merging with Agapebabies, founded by local mum, Karen. Read our shopping experience here and our exclusive interview with The Sunshine Kids!

Growing in strength has also increased their array of products available. Today, they have over 250 brands and 6,000 products across 10 categories!

What’s more, the new Agapebabies site has an improved interface which makes it user-friendly and mobile-optimized so parents can enjoy a better shopping experience anytime of the day!

Agapebabies are quick to understand what mums want – and highly sought after, coveted products are one of them!

Jujube fans will rejoice, as Agapebabies has a lovely collection waiting for owners who would love them! They have just launched their new Black Widow and Navigator (and it’s SOLD OUT!!) and the new limited edition Tokidoki Kaiju City will be launched on 13 Sept, 3pm! YES, YOU READ IT HERE FIRST! :D

PLUS, the first 25 customers will receive a FREE JuJuBe coin purse with purchase of $250 worth of JuJuBe items! I know many mums who are huge fans and are amassing a collection (perhaps hiding them from husbands too. hehe.), so this is a good chance to shop and be rewarded too!

Oh, did I mention that spending above $200 gets you a VIP membership too? And, VIPs get special prices when shopping at Agapebabies! I spied some JuJuBe under the VIP offers here… #justsaying

online baby store Agapebabies review shop
JUJUBE love is going strong! Don’t miss the current JUJUBE Promo – FREE JUJUBE coin purse, exclusively at Agapebabies only!

Besides happy mums, little kids are really happy too with the range of products! And Vera was elated when we showed her these:

online baby store Agapebabies review shop
BARNEY fans will love these books available at Agapebabies!

No guesses what she received when she returned home from school one day! :P She loves her Barney book (you can get it here too!) and has been requesting for us to read it to her!

Extra happy to take Barney along in the car ride!
Reading the Barney book to her for the 143rd time! :P

Parents would also be able to purchase quality products that are curated only at selected online stores. One of them is 3M Household Safety Products, which houses a range of guards from the home to protect our little ones!

We are users of 3M products and have been using the 3M SCOTCH™ Portable Food Scissors for kids. It’s been more than 2 years, and we’re still using our very first pair. Here’s our quick review on the 3M food scissors. And, Agapebabies sells these scissors too – get them here!

As we speak predominantly English at home, and are a little concerned about her exposure to Mandarin, we decided to find a way to make the language fun for her. Yes, her teachers in school have mentioned her lackluster Mandarin standards, and picking up a language means consistent use and exposure, yes? #sorrynotsorry >.<

We know she enjoys singing and music, so we decided to get something that synergizes the best of both worlds! A Mandarin music DVD was our best bet – and it certainly has been a good buy. She requests for it nearly everyday upon returning home from school (sorry, Barney has to take a backseat for now. LOL.), and she’s even learnt to sing a few lines of some songs. There are Chinese characters flashed on the screen and it’s narrated too, so she repeats after them!

Mums who are wondering what this DVD entails before buying, there’s a sample song here. This was definitely a helpful effort by Agapebabies – what I did was to show Vera the clip to gauge her interest level before adding to cart. Turns out, she asked to watch it again and again, so I took that as a ‘YES!’ to buy! :P

We bought the WINK To LEARN – SING To LEARN Chinese Vol 1, and there are 3 volumes in all. There’s a 3 in 1 bundle set too, which is pocket-friendly too as you get to save some moolah.

Just to share, the DVD was sent separately via normal mail. This is so because some items are sent directly from the suppliers, so that means you get the items earlier instead of going through the wait for a consolidated shipping. It’s also common that retailers don’t keep stock of every single item – can you imagine the kind of inventory and space?! Space is scarce in Singapore, and when retailers keep their overheads costs low, that means customers enjoy better prices :)

We were informed via email about the shipping arrangements beforehand, so it was really fuss-free too! Communication was very prompt, and that earned our thumbs up too!

If you’re a breastfeeding mum, you’d be happy to know that Agapebabies stocks the major brands for breastpumps and accessories as well. Accessories can be quite difficult to get at the retail stores, and if you’re a busy mum, there isn’t much time to head out just to grab it unless it’s an emergency. I bought the highly raved Spectra S1 Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump, and am really keeping my fingers crossed about this. I’m still trying to find a(portable) breastpump which can fully clear, and luck has been a little rough :(

It’s been such a wonderful journey to see Agapebabies evolve, and I’m really happy for them that they’ve established themselves in this competitive market. My non-mummy friends know of their existence too – and that certain says much about their level of awareness :)

Are you ready to shop at Agapebabies? We’ve some special tips we hope come in handy for mums and dads! There’s also a special promo code for you, so everyone enjoys more savings too!

Tips for shopping at Agapebabies:

    • Sign up for their mailing list – their swift team understand our needs and concerns of families. Besides news of their latest launches, you will also receive tips and advice, and their latest mail offered advice on tackling the haze and Zika! Thoughtfulness in a nutshell!
    • To cater to our children’s ever-changing needs, Agapebabies launches several new brands each month here. Plus, shoppers can also look out for exclusive Weekly Deals every Wednesday to enjoy savings and special offers!
    • First Time Customers get to enjoy an exclusive promotion of $10 OFF + Free Gift. Choose between a Mustela Trial Kit (worth $10) or a Bellamy Milk Tin (worth $25.95). More details here.
    • VIP customers get to enjoy special price reductions and also lifestyle privileges too! There are perks at playgrounds and kids’ classes to name a few.
    • If you prefer to pick up your purchases, opt for the One-click self collection and select from 3 convenient locations – Newton, Sengkang and Old Airport Road. Smaller parcels enjoy 72 pick up locations. Find out more here.



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