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Quick and Easy French Toast Fingers Recipe

Baby V had her first taste of solids when she was 6 months 3 days young but mummy hadn’t been very hardworking in building up the food library.

To be honest, like most new parents, we were pretty clueless about the solids journey. Several questions kept springing up: How do we plan the food feeds into her milk feeds schedule? What should we prepare? How do we go about preparing? Should we get this tool or that to help make it easier for mum? Should we send mum and her helper to an infant firstaid course? And of course, we had the older generation telling us that babies take porridge (in particular, fish) and that mostly kept coming up. I meant, babies don’t only eat porridge right?

So I chanced upon a weaning concept known as Baby Led Weaning (BLW). “Weaning” because they are starting to wean from a milk-only diet and taking on other foods, and “baby led” meant letting baby take the lead. Unlike the usual feed-the-porridge style, BLW lets baby take control as opposed to spoonfeeding. BLW is coined by Gill Rapley and you may find out more here.

For us, we practice a combo of BLW (mostly weekdays evenings and weekends) and spoonfeeding (weekdays) so it gives caregivers confidence in how they manage baby V’s meals.

As baby V has had a case of eczema, we are careful with the foods she tries. First up, a treat for her done BLW way. Super easy treat with just 2 ingredients too!

French Toast Fingers

– Sliced bread (you may choose plain ones or those with grains as preferred, depending on baby’s age and allergy records)
– An egg (ensure that baby has passed the 3-day food test for egg whites and yolk before offering whole eggs)

1) Beat egg and cut bread into desired shapes or sizes.

Cutting with a pair of food scissors is a hygienic way of preventing food contamination too.

2) Heat up frying pan. You may add olive oil or other oils like butter but we fry without any oil. Slip bread pieces into egg mixture and coat evenly.

Cut bread pieces swimming in egg mixture.

3) Fry coated bread pieces evenly till they are slightly brown to ensure egg is cooked. It is not recommended to offer raw eggs to babies below one.

Turn them around to ensure evenness. No oil needed at all!

And, they are ready to be served!

Each slice of bread yields 12 pieces in easy-to-grip size, so it allows baby to grab them easily.
Our food critic having first dips….
And….. it’s a winner! Phew!

Looks like the little one enjoyed it and she walloped almost the entire slice of bread! It was a great way for us to run the allergy test for whites since the yolks were a-ok previously. Due for her MMR jab after her 1st birthday so not much time left to try.

What we liked about the 3M SCOTCH™ Portable Food Scissors:

It’s super simple and fast to cut with the 3M SCOTCH™ Portable Food Scissors – handy and comes with a cover so it’s convenient to bring out for baby’s meals too!

With SGS certification, the blades passed tests to resist corrosion and provide superior sharpness. Unlike ordinary scissors, this handy pair comes equipped with a safety lock, so little bubbas can’t mess around with them.
Will be publishing other simple recipes whenever mummy can get some time to experiment in the kitchen. Noob cook for sure, so beginners like thyself, hope this recipe was fun and easy-peasy! Tell us how it went when you try it ok?

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