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Pregnancy Outfits: Fitting vs. Baggy?

As our body changes throughout the stages of pregnancy, our dressing starts to evolve to accomodate the growing belly as well as some not-so-flattering parts of our bodies. There are 2 main school of thoughts when it comes to the choice of clothes: wear comfortable clothes as long as they aren’t tight or make you feel restricted VS. loose = baggy (or frumpy). Which camp are you in?

Personally, I belong to the former. Except for getting a pair of maternity shorts, and receiving a couple of maternity/nursing dresses and a maternity capri from a colleague, everything else is “non-maternity wear”. Mums-to-be who belong in the same camp will also agree that maternity wear does not come cheap. The pair of shorts that I’ve gotten from The Maternity House at Novena Square costs $49.90, and it’s just a simple black cotton pair with pockets. As I got bigger, new clothes were purchased either from Forever 21, H&M or Gmarket, just to tide over the next few months, and subsequently, are still wearable post-pregnancy.

Strangely, I’ve gotten disapproving looks from a certain colleague, who seems very shocked that I’m wearing my usual clothes which; according to her, are “tight clothes”. Excuse me?! Why would I want to be wearing “tight clothes” when the first person who’s going to be in discomfort would definitely be me?? This lady, mother of 3 grown-up kids, also said that the “tight clothes” that I’m wearing restricts baby’s movement and the growth of my tummy, which is not good for development. W.O.W.! I don’t know where that came from, but for sure, my clothes are not tight. And, secondly, baby’s well-protected inside the womb not sitting outside (like boobs), so how legit is that? Anyway, to each his own, I say. Having to go through the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual changes, one of the last things I need is to look frumpy by donning an oversized curtain.

Anyway, here’s a sneak peek at some of my #OOTD at different points of my pregnancy. The initial stages are still easily manageable with the pre-pregnancy wardrobe. At the third trimester, most clothes can’t fit so like most mums, I’ll be sticking to those few that still can. Of course, you can still grab new clothes if your budget’s not busted already of if you’re planning the next few kids very soon.. that’s for economies of scale :P

Dressing up during the first trimester
During the first trimester:
Zipped front dress from Korea, Cardigan from Hong Kong, Leggings from Cotton On, Watch from GUESS / T-shirt from local brand, Nom Nom / Aztech-printed dress from Bugis with my preggy friend, J, who has since delivered her princess :)
Bump showing during second trimester
Second trimester:
At the hair salon in Printed tee from Bangkok, Watch from Baby G, Bag from Sportsgirl Aust / Tie-dye Denim dress from H&M, Owl necklace from Taiwan.
Getting rounder at the third trimester!
Can’t hide no more during the third trimester:
Cross-back top from FOX, Watch from CK, Bird Ring from H&M / Neon Yellow Tank Top from Cotton On, Owl Necklace from friend, Leggings from F21 (had to buy larger size cos can’t fit into the Cotton On pair), Shoes from Crocs / Anchor-printed Tank Top from Lowry’s Farm, Maternity Shorts from The Maternity House, Bag from Tory Burch, Watch from CK.

For modern mums-to-be, H&M has a maternity section with fashionable jeans, nursing bras etc! Totally missed it and am so sad because I really love my jeans. Prices are in the range of $49.90 or so, do check them out at VivoCity outlet. Their flagship store at Somerset will have the maternity section too, but the last I heard, it’s undergoing renovation. Might wish to call them before heading down.

Here’s to all mums-to-be, enjoy your pregnancy journey no matter how tough it may get. One of my gfs whose baby girl is now 6mths old, shares her thoughts: “Enjoy the feeling of having baby in your tummy. It’s a unique experience with each child before carrying him/her in your arms.” All the best! :)




  1. Hello. when are you due? I am due in Nov. Yes my clothes are all mostly loose fitting ones, those maternity clothes I have are from my gf but that also cannot wear oredi. I am running out of clothes actually hehe…

    1. Hello Shirlin! Im on standby right now as bb seems ready to arrive anytime (she’s engaged). How about yourself?
      Yes! Dressing up gets tougher as the bump gets bigger – I’ve practically “nothing to wear” now. LOL! Hope you’re enjoying your pregnancy journey so far :)

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