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Who Says Mums with Toddlers Can’t Shop and Look Good at the Same Time?

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As parents, our weekly routine consists of (window) shopping and grocery shopping, and boy, bringing an excited toddler to the supermarket is starting to get challenging these days.

Little V used to enjoy sitting in the trolley but now….. she LOVESSSSS running all over the place, as if it was her wanderland. if you spot two frantic adults chasing after a toddler who decides to squat in the middle of nowhere, or wouldn’t let go of that juicy tomato while ignoring our attempts to walk off without her only to be greeted with a cheeky “byeee!” – that’s probably us -_-|||

Now that we’re expecting B2, the hubs disallows me from carrying those heavy shopping bags. So, what does that mean?

Daddy becomes the mighty superhero, whose arm muscles are forced to take on those straining bags of groceries (we all know how heavy those bags of fruit, gallons of detergents and shampoo can be!), PLUS a toddler snugged onto him like a koala!

Wouldn’t it be helpful if I could lighten his load? That would certain offload my guilt as well, from being unable to help with the physical load that this superdad has to go through week after week.

And boy! It was as if someone heard my plea for help, and it made me really excited to do some online shopping for the family, while secretly hunting for some beauty products for thyself all in the comfort of my own home!

Introducing Beautiful.Me, a premier members-only shopping club, home to over 3,000 products and more than 500 brands with amazing savings for you and me! With a wide plethora of offerings including beauty, baby (yes!), maternity (yes! yes!), health and personal care, it makes shopping for mothers much easier with having to squeeze with the weekend crowd and trying to tame your children without being judged. Yes, it’s real!

Here are 6 reasons why mothers will love

#1: Beautiful.Me Understands Mothers

Several months ago, a chance encounter with a representative from Beautiful.Me had already gotten me excited with their yet-to-be-launched project. The brainchild behind this local company includes a mother, and that was how the idea came about to cater an online shopping hub for modern mums and ladies in Singapore.

Stemming from a mother’s needs, her family takes priority and she aims to look good as well – no mama wants to turn into a yellow face wife, yes?

Shopping for beauty loots at any pockets of time during the day erases the need to chase after a toddler in fear of breaking glass bottles. No hair out of place equals WIN-WIN? Uh-huh.

With that, their creative juices spiraled and the product offerings expanded to include more than just products for women and her family, but also practical gifts that the people around her would appreciate. While this shopping haven is not built just for mothers, it houses a wide mix of popular brands most families use. Throw in special savings and perks, those moolah saved will definitely go into our next holiday *dream*

#2: Enjoy Savings as You Shop

Every dollar saved is a dollar earned!

Members prices always start lower than the Recommended Retail Price (RRP) of products listed on the site. That translates to instant savings for members. And guess what? Membership fee is not even in the equation… so that means, membership is FREE!

Expect to see hot deals across different categories (yes, including diapers, formula and baby essentials such as wipes!) – Additional savings any mama wouldn’t say ‘no!’ to!

#3: Earn Shopping Credits to…. Shop!

Yes, you read right! Beautiful.Me lets you earn shopping credits (known as “Beauty Coins”) that can be used to offset your purchases!

Unlike other shopping portals, where shopping credits are usually allowed for redemption of freebies or used up to a maximum value in credit when shopping, smart shoppers will be happy to know that there is no maximum cap on the amount of Beauty Coins to use. Plus, it’s uber easy to earn Beauty Coins too with these simple ways:


Beautiful.Me online shopping Singapore
Earn some beauty credits as you shop at Beautiful.Me, the online shopping portal for women!
Beautiful.Me online shopping Singapore
Earn Beauty Coins as you browse and LIKE these products on Beautiful.Me!

With My Beauty Bank, a rewards program by Beautiful.Me, members can earn 10 Beauty Coins when they LIKE a product on Beautiful.Me (up to 50 Beauty Coins per day).

In time to come, the Referral Program will run, so that gives members additional chances of earning more Beauty Coins to shop!


Isn’t it nice to be rewarded as you shop?

Members receive 1 Beauty Coin for every $1 spent.

100 Beauty Coins = $1, which can be offset against purchases, redeemed for samples or full size products.

Under each product listing, you may notice an additional liner which states the number of Beauty Coins you will earn, or the existing promo that the product is under.

Beautiful.Me online shopping Singapore
Look out for Special Promo and earn some beauty coins as you shop at Beautiful.Me, the online shopping haven in Singapore.

In the case of the Huggies Diaper, there is a Special Price (SP) in addition to the number of Beauty Coins available for shoppers. That actually translates to savings on the purchase, as Beauty Coins can be used to offset – how cool is that??

For the MamyPoko diapers, you will notice that there is a “2 for $22.50” offer stated, so that means for every 2 packets added to your cart, you will get to enjoy this special promo! The discounts are shown at your transaction sheet available at check-out, prior to making any payment. Transparency is important, because we want to also make sure that the prices are indeed accurate before payment is made, and am glad Beautiful.Me has chosen to showcase this aspect.

And yes, I’m so stocking up on Mamypoko diapers for B2 and Vera! :P

Promotions vary from time to time, and are on a while stocks last basis. So if you spot a fancy deal – grab it!

#4: Amazing Deals, Crazy Prices and Giveaways

To sweeten the shopping experience, Beautiful.Me regularly plans special deals across the product categories and you definitely should keep your eyes peeled if you’ve been wanting to get something!

Beautiful.Me online shopping Singapore
Look out for amazing deals offered on Beautiful.Me, so you get to save more too!

Shop for current deals here!

#5: Seasonal Gift Sets + Savings

With Christmas just round the corner, getting gifts for family and friends (are you ready for gift exchange parties??) can be nerve-wrecking when everyone else is rushing to the same malls to get those presents. With a toddler in tow and a huge belly, I’m glad to be able to avoid squeezing with the crowd and yet support local business. #supportlocal

Beautiful.Me online shopping Singapore
I’m soooooo tempted to get that SKII set to pamper myself this Christmas!

The thoughtful folks at Beautiful.Me have put together various sets of items for different needs – and best of all, they come in pretty Christmas packaging so busy mamas will be relieved to know that no gift wrapping is needed! Wee! Time saver hacks FTW!

#6: FREE Delivery in Singapore

Yes, absolutely FREE with no minimum purchase needed and your items will reach you within a maximum of 3 working days, depending on the option chosen! Now, there’s no pressure to chock up the minimum spend required just to enjoy free delivery. If the items are needed urgently, simply top up with a small fee for courier services to expedite delivery.

Beautiful.Me online shopping Singapore
FREE shipping for deliveries in Singapore, extended by No minimum purchase required – phew!

My honest shopping experience

Our browsing experience was generally smooth, and the website was easy to navigate. Plus, the perks of earning to shop can get pretty exciting too, so start sharing the good stuff with friends and family and be rewarded too for your next shopping spree!

Best of all, there’s no toddler to keep my eyes on, and shopping can be done on-the-go, via mobile. Slipping in some shopping time when commuting to work sounds like a great idea! No sweat? Checked!

Beautiful.Me online shopping Singapore
Little V spotted mummy’s shopping loot and happily peered in and exclaimed “Diapers!!”

As with new platforms, it’s pretty normal that there are some hiccups during the initial phase. For shoppers who are ready to proceed to purchase after reviewing the shopping cart, do remember to use your Beauty Coins to offset your purchases!

And after you’ve entered your shipping address, chosen the preferred shipping mode and gift wrapping options, do check your bill summary as there will be updates to the final amount, depending on your chosen options for the above. In fact, you may even save $1.50 for choosing the ‘Just On Time’ delivery option! :P

Areas for improvement? I’d say that the Beauty Coins option should also be reflected at this point, just a step before keying in your credit card details. This would allow shoppers to update the use of their Beauty Coins – whether to use fewer coins now with the savings from delivery, or increasing the number of coins used to offset the delivery fees. But seriously, it gets thumbs up already by allowing Beauty Coins to be used even for delivery!

If you’re planning to do some last minute Christmas shopping, check out those amazing deals on Beautiful.Me, and shop your way to extra perks too!

Join the #SHOPPINK Club to earn Beauty Credits to kickstart your shopping journey too! Psst! With their referral program is in the works – stay tuned for our unique code so you get to enjoy further perks too!

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