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18 Things Only Parents of Toddlers Can Relate To

parents of toddlers can relate
Turning two means we’re halfway into toddlerhood! Fellow parents of toddlers, can you relate to these things too?

Now that two-year old Vera has hit the middle of toddlerhood (which is between one to three years-old), things have been rather different as compared to before.

As newly minted parents back then, we had a list of signs new parents could relate to, and many readers were nodding and laughing along as they went through it.

So, here we present you X things only parents of toddlers can surely relate to, and no, we’re not talking about the “terrible two’s” and “terrific two’s”! Read on to find out, and share with us if this is all to familiar (or not!) to you!

Linguistic abilities

#1: When your toddler was not saying words by a certain month, you start getting paranoid. After the floodgates were magically lifted one fine day, that’s when the fun begins!

#2: Your toddler tries to pronounce certain words and they end up wrong, so your face shows it. Try repeating the right way of pronouncing it again, only that she gets more entertained with your reaction when she says it incorrectly.


parents of toddlers
Parents of toddlers will know what it’s like if your child decides to say goodnight to all her fave toys before sleeping!

#3: Your toddler now calls “mummy” 50 times before she finally dozes off.

#4: Pretending to sleep becomes a nightly affair. No, we’re not referring to the toddler.

#5: Just as you thought your toddler is about to fall asleep, she wakes up asking for water.

#6: The new bed time routine version 5.6 now includes acceding to song requests, patting, hugs, and some “mummy talk me” after that boob juice or bottle of milk that used to work like magic. Yoga and somersault are special shows that cause you to sigh out loud.

#7: You tell your toddler goodnight and that it’s time to sleep. She tells you “mummy lie down”, “goodnight” and plants kisses on you like a sweet child but takes an hour to reach slumberland.

Rise and shine

#8: Waking your toddler in the morning can sometimes awaken the angry tiger. Be warned of possible loud cries, whines and grumbles of “Me go (insert her fave place)” when you say that she has to get ready for school.

#9: She used to take to boob juice or the milk bottle first thing in the morning. Now, a negotiation starts when she opens her eyes. And you’re often at the losing end.

#10: Getting a grumpy toddler out of bed calls for far more energy now, especially if you have a meeting first thing in the office. And you wish you could be the grumpy one screaming away instead.

Making decisions

#11: Getting dressed means she gets to choose her favourite owl/cupcake/rabbit/duck pyjamas. Any other choice might be responded with negotiation. Fingers crossed on your toddler accepting the next choice when the rest are in the wash or she can no longer fit into them.

#12: Shoes are a similar affair, and you start questioning yourself for buying so many different shoes for different outfits. And then switch to explaining to her that the pair of beach sandals she wants to wear does not go with the pretty frock that she is wearing. Be prepared for “noooooooooooooo!!!!” and every other vocab in her dictionary to tell you what she really thinks.

#13: Going out and about, you have learned to detour or skip certain shops or areas because you know that your toddler will demand to go in/sit in a certain kiddy ride/want to hug or play with the toys in there.

parents of toddlers
Putting the little one on such rides may result with refusal of getting down… any other parents of toddlers have the same experience?

#14: Your toddler used to be happy with holding hands with you and walking blissfully to the envy of others. One fine day, she decides to stop in her tracks and leave you trying to pull her along while she flashes a grin, causing you to raise your voice and telling her to move it.

#15: Holding hands with mummy and daddy is just not cool at certain places (read: crowded areas). Running amok is.


#16: Toddler: Me eat tomato. *points to tomato*
Parent: Okay, eat the tomato, together with the brocolli, okay? *attempts to feed*
Toddler: Noooooooooooo, me eat tomato!!!! *starts sulking, making a fuss, creating a scene*

Toddler: 1
Parent: 0

#17: Insisting to only eat certain food is part of the new mealtimes. Other days, we have to coax/bargain/wait for a better mood for her to eat.

#18: The tot insists for food to be cut only a certain way otherwise, it’s an outright refusal!

And I’m pretty sure, this list will only grow as our parenting journey with our toddler does!

Have you encountered any of such experiences with your toddlers? Do share with us other quirky (or annoying) things you have discovered about your toddlers!

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