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Lung Nourishing Soup Recipe: White Fungus Apple Pork Ribs Soup

Finally, managed to update with this lung nourishing soup recipe that we had a few weeks ago.

Soups are essentially part of our dinners (except when we do stews or one-pot dishes. hehe.) and I’ve been bored of the ones we have been cooking.

We had some apples and I thought, how about a fruity soup? Well, why not? :P

It was a surprising treat for the hubs and little V, and happy to say both daddy and tot loved it!

So, here’s sharing this popular lung nourishing soup recipe that’s great for strengthening the lungs while building immunity, according to TCM! It’s also a twist from the usual savoury soups! In fact, it’s a superbly quick and easy recipe – time-savers score with our family! Enjoy!

Lung Nourishing Soup Recipe: White Fungus Apple Pork Ribs Soup (serves 3 adults + 1 child)


2 large Fuji Apples, pit and cut into desired size (you may choose to keep the skin on too!)

A handful of White Fungus (if you’re using dried white fungus, do soak them till they expand and are soft, and cut them into smaller pieces when they’ve expanded)

Pork Ribs (Spare ribs and shoulder ribs are great!)

1 tsp Wolfberries

5 Red dates, slit

3/4 pot of water (avoid filling with too much water as the white fungus expands and takes up space, so the soup may overflow)


  1. Blanch pork ribs and set aside.
  2. Place all ingredients (including pork ribs) into pot and allow to boil. Lower flame and allow to simmer for 2 hours.
  3. Salt is optional. We enjoyed it as it was – naturally sweet :)
lungs nourishing soup recipe white fungus with apples
This popular White Fungus with Apples Soup helps to strengthen lung health and moisten our airways.

Health Benefits and Cooking Tips:

  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), white fungus is believed to offer beauty benefits to the skin, and helps to improve weak respiratory systems. White fungus is taken to relieve dry coughs as it helps relieve the throat too. With its collagen value, white fungus is also referred to as the poor man’s Bird’s Nest :P
  • The soup is naturally sweet without additional seasonings, and may be taken as a dessert if preferred.
  • Another version of this soup uses Snow Pears instead of Apples – Snow Pears are known to be more cooling.
  • Some prefer to use dried figs or dried longans in place of red dates, and that works too.
  • You can also add sweet or southern almonds – they are believed to help tonify the lungs too and some versions of this lung nourishing soup recipe includes them!

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We hope you and your family enjoy this yummy lung nourishing soup recipe too! What are some of your favourite soups? Do share with us!

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