From Bump to Baby

17 Signs You’re a (New) Parent

Now that we have been newly promoted to “parents”, we’ve also made some amazing discoveries as we go along. And because of that, I’m actually egged on to put up this post to share. These are based on our personal experiences – any resemblance to anyone else’s is entirely unintentionally and purely coincidental :P

1. Having uninterrupted sleep is a dream. And we mean being in deep sleep.

2. Your bed sheets get stained with poop, pee, milk, water….. and you realized that’s the 3rd time you’ve changed them this week.

3. You discuss poop/pee/fart in great depth with your husband/wife/mother/father/in laws/confinement nanny/friends who have kids/friends who don’t have kids… well, just about anyone who can hold the conversation with you for 10mins. Oh, and did we say this topic acts as an ice breaker too? Just don’t use it as a pick up line.

4. If you’re already classified as “slow” by your hubby, heading out with your baby can now be a reason/an excuse. Getting out of the house takes X times longer these days, so packing and planning start the day before.

5. You never thought that bringing baby out would require full army combat – well, almost, anyway.

Does your diaper bag NOT resemble anything close to this?
Does your diaper bag NOT resemble anything close to this?

6. You realize that you start to worry about forgetting things. And then you forget to worry at times when you should.

7. Your memory has started to deteriorate post-partum – when was baby’s last feed? did baby poop today? did you brush your teeth this morning?

8. Post-it sticky notes become your best friend – and they start to adorn your home too.

Stick stick stick...! Post-it notes to the rescue for deteriorating brain cells :P
Stick stick stick…! Post-it notes to the rescue for deteriorating brain cells :P

9. Some days, you start the day breastfeeding the little one. Then, you realize baby has been inhaling dragon’s breath – refer to #7.

10. On the rare nights when baby sleeps right through, you count your blessings and so does your partner.

11. During outings, you usually end up spending a third of the time at the baby care room/nursing room.

12. Shopping bags sit on the stroller.

13. A day-out to run errands ends up with bags of unplanned baby stuff instead.

14. You love staring at that morning face/sleeping face of your precious bub – as long as his/her face doesn’t change to crying mode the next instant.

15. These days, you have learnt to strategize on how to go about your daily tasks via Fredrick Taylor’s scientific management theory – working as a tag team with your partner – to get things done efficiently and in a timely manner to ensure the key objectives for the day (e.g. to run errands) are met without compromising on baby’s needs. Helps to tackle #4.

16. Both of you become extra sensitive to sounds that resemble baby’s cries – fastest feet first!

17. Multi-tasking ups several notches – never thought you could do those stunts!

Am sure the list goes on and on and on……. have you got any more to add on? :)


“We mother our children, and are children to our mother.
Happy parenting!”


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