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Thank You for the Last Lesson on Life, Mr Lee Kwan Yew.

As we move towards the end of Q1, our nation has been on bated breath when each news update of Mr. Lee Kwan Yew’s condition surfaces.

This morning, my husband whispered in my ears: “LKY has passed away.”

The news didn’t quite sink in until we caught the official snippets on television that’s hardly switched on these days. The week has been scheduled for the State’s mourning, but we know deep in our hearts, time cannot be measured or replaced for what this man has done for our tiny country, one without natural resources and needed to be built from scratch back then. As we celebrate ‪#‎SG50‬ this year, these unplanned plans now seal the deal, marking the end of Mr Lee’s career (and life).

Credit: People’s Action Party

Many of us are in varying camps when it comes to politics/government, but let’s take moment to ask ourselves:
On the very day at our own death beds, what do we want to be remembered for or have we idled in this lifetime? How have we value-added to the world/country/family or have we been merely a statistic? Many of us grouse about our lives, but let’s not forget those who are in worse-off conditions; those with trouble putting food on their table; one of the most basic needs in life. Because we are able to, in pursuit of our material wants, we sometimes forget the simplicity of things, forget to appreciate having them and forget to be thankful.

RIP, Sir Lee Kwan Yew. You are in Paradise now.

Thank you for the last lesson about life.

For those who would like to pay their final respects to Mr Lee Kwan Yew, here are the details:lky-2nd-statement1-2503


The public can express their condolences and share their memories of the late Mr Lee at the official website: http://www.rememberingleekuanyew.sg. People can also call the 24-hour hotline on 6336-1166 with queries, or visit http://www.facebook.com/rememberingleekuanyew for more details – The Straits Times


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