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100% Organic Green Tea – Bottled OISHI Goodness!

Media Invite

Green tea has earned its ranks to become one of the most drunk beverages for its healthful benefits. For that, the Japanese culture has contributed much to its popularity. Green tea is usually paired with their meals, and each cup of freshly brewed goodness boosts high levels of antioxidants and flavonoids to fight free radical damages – probably their not so well-kept secret to looking youthful and outliving the rest of the world! Little wonder why green tea is also a popular ingredient in skin care too!

OISHI Green Tea was recently launched in the Singapore market, after enjoying success in Thailand and Malaysia in recent years. Marrying our local demands of organic products, OISHI Green Tea teases consumers choices with convenient Ready-to-Drink green tea brewed from 100% organic green tea leaves, where only the freshest top three leaves of each branch are carefully selected.

Getting our Japanese names done up beautifully by the calligrapher.

The media event last Thursday was aptly organized in the lush greenery of Villa Halia at the Singapore Botanic Garden. Held together with their trade partners and organizational representatives. F&N Singapore arranged for Japan-inspired theme to take guests away from the hustle and bustle of a work day.

The event opened with a trio of Taiko drum players from the famed Hibikiya Japanese Drum group, who ceremoniously welcomed everyone to the party which got off to a resounding start with the Kagami Biraki launch. This was followed with an opening speech by Dato’ Ng Jui Sia, Chief Executive Officer, Non-Alcoholic Beverages, Fraser and Neave, Limited. That beaming moment relived memories for me. Over the years, I have been involved in similar events, advocating brands and products under my marketing arms. But this day was different. Standing in the crowd, I was snapping pictures not for those Post-event Reports, but to prepare for a feature on my blogazine as a writer. It was quite a flashback moment for me, and yes, I’ve come full circle.




Personal thoughts aside. The media guests were ushered to an intimate party of our own, where Ketki Vinayachandra, Naturopath Nutritionist, Herbalist, Iridologist of Natural Medicine, shared with us the amazing  properties of green tea which have extended lifelong benefits to mankind. These delicate tea leaves – who knew they had such amazing prowess!

We tucked into a palatable delight of high tea, specially prepared by Villa Hali, while sipping on our OISHI Green Tea. There were savoury bites and sweet palate teasers (not pictured below), which were such lovely accompaniment to the company for the afternoon. Had the pleasure to catch up with Melvin again (the previous time from work engagements) and Derrick, who takes awesome pictures!


With two alluring flavours, OISHI Green Tea Original and OISHI Green Tea with Genmai (germinated brown rice), each bottle is masterfully brewed using 100% organic green tea leave with no added preservatives and artificial colouring. Through advanced technology and under the attentive care of experts, the young organic leaves are brewed using a refined manufacturing process to seal in the authentic goodness of the taste of green tea.

It is actually a befitting time to introduce these two delicious drinks as temperatures seem to be creeping up on us here on our sunny shores. March is the time where new sun care/UV products land on the beauty shelves of retailers in a bid to protect us from the harsh sunlight. These thirst quenchers will indeed sit very well in many tummies!

And if you are wondering what Genmai is? Well, they are germinated brown rice which are primarily used as a food grain during meals. It is similar to the brown rice we eat, and has higher nutritional value than white rice. Brown rice is germinated to enhance its taste and health benefits, and is known to be high in vitamins, minerals, dietary fibers, and essential amino acids. Furthermore, many parents offer brown rice in place of white rice to their little ones so they enjoy bowls of good health food. How’s that for downing several mouthful of healthy tea goodness in a bottle!


Of the two, my taste buds are swayed towards the Original. Taking my first few sips left me an impression that this was smooth-tasting with being over-empowering. My usual option of hot green tea sometimes leave a slightly bitter and dry after taste. Thankfully, OISHI’s wasn’t anywhere near that. As for the Genmai flavour, it might be an acquired taste for those who are less acquainted with brown rice. Health element does throw in a bonus, but it might take some getting used to for me. Sticking with pure green tea for now :)

About OISHI Green Tea

OISHI blends the healthful benefits of green tea with enticing flavours that meet customers’ varied tastes. Brewed from 100% organic green tea leaves and only the top freshest  three leaves, the OISHI range of green tea is masterfully concocted using a refined manufacturing process according to OISHI’s signature recipes.

OISHI range of green tea is now available in Singapore through F&N in the following variants:
OISHI Green Tea Original Flavour (380ml and 1.5L)
OISHI Green Tea Genmai Flavour (380ml and 1.5L)

RSP: S$1.00 (380ml) and S$2.05 (1.5L). Available at major supermarkets and hypermarkets.

Thank you F&N Foods Pte Ltd and Integrated Marketing Solutions Group Pte Ltd for the lovely afternoon of tranquil tea-sipping opportunity! :)

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