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Mini Rosti for the Little One

Rosti make great finger food and can boast wholesome goodness in that skinny pack. This versatile and simple recipe gives traditional mealtimes a run for their money. Skip the usual porridge and rice, potatoes are carbs little ones will enjoy too – save for unhealthy fries that are giving potatoes a bad name, these tubers deserve more credit than they should.

Potatoes can be introduced to babies between 7-10 months, but some offer potatoes as first foods at 6 months too – like us! Potatoes are packed with energy (carbo), mineral and vitamins that benefit babies. They are high in alkaline sugars which help protect gastrointestinal health. Apparently, red fleshed potatoes contain anthocyanins which aid in the fight against influenza viruses too. Well, it was also the very first solids that baby V had, and truth be told, because food was a whole new experience for her, she wasn’t much a fan of eating and potatoes. Along the way, when potatoes were mixed with other ingredients, sometimes she didn’t really fancy them. I’ve tried making similar ones before when she was around 10mo, but not much luck then even when sweet ingredients like carrots were added. But more recently, when I tried my luck with this mini rosti again, she chomp them happily despite them tasting very potato-ish! Yayness!

Here’s the lowdown on how to prepare these easy Mini Rostis (or some call them Potato Cakes, which consist of mashed potatos instead of grated ones) that are great Baby Led Weaning recipes when you’re bringing the bub out, or even for the grown-ups!


Mini Rosti
~ makes over 10 pieces depending on preferred size


1 medium size potato

A handful of grated mozzarella cheese (we used Perfect Italiano Mozzarella Cheese)

Some broccoli – wash and cut florets into desired size

2 large white button mushrooms – washed and sliced

Olive oil or butter for cooking



1) Boil potato with skin on, till nearly soft (Approx 20 mins) but not totally soft till it can break. Check doneness. Place on kitchen towel to allow excess water to be absorbed. When cool, remove skin. Try to have potato as dry as possible.

2) Grate potato onto kitchen towel then place on plate and mix the other ingredients in (as shown in photo).

3) Using a spoon, scoop a spoonful onto heated pan and shape accordingly. It’s normal that the ingredients are loosely apart. Egg can be added to bind them better, an option if it is preferred but do ensure your little one is cleared for eggs before adding.

mini rosti3

4) Panfry the mini rostis till slightly brown. They tend to take awhile to brown so a little patience is great. Allow to cool slightly before offering baby. Read to serve!

So did baby Vera like them? She was getting impatient while waiting for these mini rostis to cool and in all eagerness, we forgot her bib!

First dips of mini rosti!


HOHOHO! Little Santarina here!
She’s also showing interest in using utensils, so we’re allowing her to self-feed during meals. But the excitement of using utensils usually varies; some days she’d refused to use them on her own and expects to be spoonfed. Heh! Little Boss.


vera rosti1
Maybe it’s a new game for her? LOL.


This is also another highly versatile and simple baby food recipe! Basically the key ingredient is potato, and the rest is entirely up to you or whatever’s in the fridge! Heh!

– Sour cream or yogurt can also complement baby’s meal, and allows her to explore dipping too. For babies and toddlers, look out for full fat yogurt or Greek yogurt. Baby yogurt are also available – Baby V tried Mundella Vanilla Yogurt for babies and toddlers at 9mo.

– Additional sides can also be included in the meal e.g. fruits. Just take caution not to overfeed your little one.

– Potatoes are naturally bland, so some munchkins don’t fancy them. Try “hiding” these carbs with their fave food – add fish or cheese to please those fussy palates.


Do you children love potatoes? Feel free to share with us on your fave rosti combi too! :)



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