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Multi-Sensory Learning with Badanamu Bada Sound Programme

With the digital age and new technology infiltrating learning, children are exposed to multi-sensory and multi-dimensional education tools at a young age.

When it comes to a play-and-learn curriculum, I’m all up for it! And that includes the use of technology in moderation :)

So when we got to know about the Badanamu Programme that’s available in Singapore, we thought it was an interesting learning opportunity to expose both Vera and Leroy too.

In Singapore, Badanamu offers the preschool programme on weekdays, as well as enrichment classes on weekends. You can book a trial class here!

In this article, we will be sharing our review for Vera’s classes with the Badanamu curricula, where she attended the Bada Sound programme for a term.

Click here to read our review on Leroy’s Bada Genius programme, and our experience with their home learning package in the upcoming articles! Keep your eyes peeled ūüėĄ

review Badanamu classes in Singapore
Classes start with foundational skills (Bada Rhyme and Bada Genius) before moving to core skills development in vocabulary (Bada Talk), phonics (Bada Sound), reading (Bada Read), and STEM (coming soon!). Image credit: Badanamu Singapore

What is the Badanamu Bada Sound Programme about?

Catered to 3.5 to 4.5-year-old, Bada Sound classes support preschoolers by developing and sharpening their phonetic and phonological awareness through a carefully structured phonics programme.

In the one-hour once weekly class, the educators introduce children to English via interactive activities.

Think catchy songs, whole-body activities, and quiet sit-down activities to work on fine motor skills and soft skills such as independence, social communication, and independence.

The monthly theme also allows children to learn about facts and pick up new vocabulary through their senses.

In fact, if you think the name ‘Badanamu’ sounds familiar, you (or your child!) might already have chanced upon their lively songs on YouTube and even their Apps on Google Play and the App Store! Yup, Badanamu has an impressive suite of educational videos that are available for free public access worldwide!

After all, Badanamu is all about active learning… and learning through play TOGETHER!
Click here to check out Badanamu YouTube channel. Head here to learn about the Badanamu Apps.

To support our kids’ learning, Badanamu has also developed home learning materials for children to explore and review what they’ve learned in class. I’m totally in awe with the Badanamu Home Learning Kits which includes the Bada Genius Package both Vera and Leroy LOVE. Yup, BOTH of them are able to take a proactive approach to learn with the Bada Pen, despite being just four and two years old. I’ll be dedicating a review on that, so stay tuned! In the meantime, you can find out about the learning tools here.

To me, the Badanamu programme encompasses a holistic learning adventure to marry both offline classes through the guidance and interaction of educators and fellow friends, as well as online learning which takes off in the digital world through sight, sound and digital engagement. Sounds pretty wholesome, doesn’t it?

Read on to discover what Vera picks up in her Badanamu class!

What goes on in a Badanamu Bada Sound class?

These are drop-off classes, so K and I rejoice for an hour before coming back to pick Vera and Leroy. There’s always resistance when it comes to leaving though… and I’ve to say that the teachers are ever so patient and welcoming! :D

Sharing snapshots of the different activities that go on in a Badanamu Bada Sound class for Vera!

Classes kickstart in the yellow room, which allows plenty of space for these energizer bunnies!

review Badanamu class Singapore
Mummy peeping through the door! A typical Badanamu class starts with meeting the Badanamu characters to sing and dance with them!
review Bada Sound Singapore
We are learning about koalas and their diet! Teachers at Badanamu explore the month’s theme with students through photographs, words and interactive activity.

Students then move to the blue room for art and craft, doodling, Montessori-inspired activities and more!

Learning phonics at Badanamu Singapore
Every week, the kids learn a new letter and its sound. Through activity worksheets, they are exposed to new vocabulary and get to colour and work on their grip, hand-eye coordination and social skills such as sharing.
child learning to cut with scissors during enrichment
Vera gets to cut out the letter of the day, and have a creativity let loose on how she’d like to “decorate” letter K. Glad that both kids are able to attend classes at the same time, which is really godsent for parents when it comes to scheduling! They also get to work on their own activities and learn to share. No joke about siblings squabbling over the same thing/people/toys/food, eh? :P

It’s not all just about phonics and vocabulary…

We were also pleasantly surprised that the Badanamu classes are more than just phonics and vocabulary!

For a preschooler, their developmental milestones involve a myriad of aspects. The Badanamu team understand that and deftly incorporates physical activities into the curriculum.

If you’ve read about Vera’s cautious nature in our previous sharing here, we’ve come to understand that children blossom when they’re ready to. More often than not, it is our own fears that bar them.

Read on to see how Vera fares at these physical workouts in a typical session of the Bada Sound programme!

learning about body control at Badanamu classes
Cautious Vera was obviously having fun despite crawling through chairs for the first time! She’d probably never have the chance to do this at home, but she was brave enough to do as guided – WELL DONE, Vera! This activity lets her learn about body awareness, develops listening skills, and body control and coordination. Safe playing WINS mama’s heart, that’s for sure!
review Badanamu class physical activity
Here’s another activity that caught me dumbfounded, only to realise that my fears sometimes get in the way of the kids’ learning. Vera carefully balances and climbs over chairs confidently, and is determined to complete the obstacle course with teacher Sol. KUDOS!!
Balancing on the Bilibo seat Badanamu review
Oh, what have you got there, Vera? That’s the Bilibo with its deceptively simple look, but it’s known to provide endless fun for kids! Stand tall and balance, Vera!
playing in the Bilibo at Badanamu class
That’s another way to creatively play IN the Bilibo! Swing and balance, little girl!

Our overall review of the Badanamu Bada Genius programme

Firstly, it’s easy to point out the fact that Vera loved attending “Bada class” every week! In fact, when we had to skip lessons as we were traveling to London, she was disappointed. Glad we packed the Bada Pen and some of the portable educational materials along and shared them with our friends during the holiday :)

The mix of activities during the class was at a comfortable pace for her to follow, and for the first time, her younger brother was in class with her. That sets a nice learning environment for her too.

I’m glad she had a chance to reiterate phonics through a different teaching style. While she has some exposure of it in childcare and at a phonics enrichment centre, the diverse learning offers new variety for a young child’s mind :)

The tight teacher to student ratio 2:5 is also great since parents are not in the class to manage these active kids.

In addition, not many may know that some of the educators at Badanamu Singapore are also trained and experienced in supporting parents with kids of a different learning spectrum such as Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The fact that they embrace inclusiveness makes it special, and to me, it says alot about the hearts of both founders (Emma and Sol!) and their teachers. For our own children, it’s about learning to be socially inclusive too from a young age.

Sharing more details about the Bada Sound programme and Bada Genius programme (Leroy attended this!), and their fees:

Bada Sound and Bada Genius fees Badanamu review
Sharing the fees and details of both Bada Sound and Bada Genius programmes for Singapore.

You can sign up for a TRIAL CLASS >> here!

What is Badanamu about?

Calm Island is the developer of the brand Badanamu and sells educational products in over 30 countries. The company focuses on literacy and S.T.E.M development for children aged from 12 months to 5 years old.

Created by David Roberts after years of watching his nephews grow and develop.

The company is headquartered in Los Angeles, USA and in Seoul, Korea to take advantage of their fantastic animation and game development expertise. Musical and storytelling content is produced in the United States and Canada, while interactive play design is produced in Sweden. The curriculum design hopes to capture the best elements of different methods to make learning a playful experience.

For more information about the Badanamu programme for young kids:

Badanamu Singapore
1 Marine Parade Central #11-07
Parkway Centre Singapore 449408
Tel: 6344-2886
Website | e-store | Facebook | Instagram

Are your preschoolers attending classes too? Do share what you look out for when you sign up for their educational programme!

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