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Pan-fried Salmon Recipe in Just Minutes!

With only 1 ingredient, serving up a load of Omega-3 and DHA for your little bub takes just a few minutes!

Uber easy and super quick recipes are yours truly’s favourites since we’re usually pressed for time. No seasoning required too! Here’s what you need:

Fresh salmon – depending on your child’s age and appetite. For Vera, we used slightly less than palm-sized.

1) Heat pan. Add a tiny bit of olive oil/butter if your prefer. Optional as salmon is a type of fatty fish and can fry in their natural oils.

Go easy on the olive oil else the salmon ends up being too oily.

2) Carefully place salmon into pan. Be careful not to throw it in, as salmon might have water residue on it causing surprise splatters.

3) Panfry both sides evenly till slightly golden brown and no raw areas are visible. Babies should not consume raw food due to high risk of contamination and bacteria. Allow to cool before serving baby.

Fully cooked salmon!

– Wash and clean salmon to ensure there are no scales. You may omit offering the skin to baby
– Before offering baby, check for bones as they might be sandwiched in between the meat flakes. Ideally, you can use a fork to separate the pieces so that proper QC for bones can be done. Smaller pieces also allows baby to pick them up easily with his thumb and fore finger as a practice for his fine motor skills.
– The natural sweetness from the fish was nice and juicy without the need for seasoning. If preferred, feel free to add herbs or pepper to spice up baby’s palates. You may wish to introduce new food to baby with the 3day rule.
– Other fish like Cod, Threadfin, Batang make great options too.

Baby V had hers BLW style and she chomped up everything! Woohoo!

“What’s that, mummy?” Baby V looking suspiciously at her food.


“Okay, i’m going for it now!””
We give food to her in bits instead of the entire plate of flakes as she tends to grab a handful and stuff everything into her mouth. She’s starting to do that less often, so we should be able to put everything in front of her to feed herself safely :) Safety is always priority!


“Yums, that wasn’t too bad!”

Baby V was 11 months 23 days young when she tried this the first time and has eaten salmon in porridge a couple of months back. Has your little one tried fish? Does he/she like it?

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