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Christmas Gifting Ideas: Personalised Presents

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Did that look familiar to you?

If you’re working in the Central Business District (CBD), it is a legendary common sight during lunch time when the school bell rings lunch crowd spills out of their offices. For some of us (thankfully the companies I’ve been with are usually off-central; less stressful during lunch. Heh!), umbrellas enjoy some horizontal rest to mark the spots.

Or, do you place your belongings on the table while having your meals?

Source: Google

Quite a handful to bring along just for an hour of lunch, isn’t it? Many folks also tend to take it for granted by leaving personal belongings scattered or unattended on the tables.

Personally, I ditch my handbag and wallet and use a wristlet to hold my items (moolah, mobile, tissue paper) when heading out for lunch – it’s more convenient and easy to handle! Mama’s brain is not helping either – scatter brainers can identify with forgetting this and that, so ain’t gonna take a chance! Imagine balancing a tray of food and carefully maneuvering around the crowded food court or coffee shop with other sweaty peeps. YIKES! Why risk getting your prata Prada (not that I own one. LOL.) stained with oil or food residues?

Here’s an affordable, neat way of strutting out in style with those lunch essentials. Best of all, you can choose how you want them: your creativity in the details determine how these possessions look! But don’t say we didn’t warn you – over 10 colour choices of leather and multiple styles (wristlet, tissue paper pouch, ipad pouch, clutch, notebook cover, key chain and more!), and right now, there are 115 charms to choose from (and more being added regularly!) – you’d be spoilt for choice and it can get rather mind-boggling when you can’t decide. That’s not all! Before everything is nailed (literally) in place, the hands-on Ditto folks will show you a mockup visual of how your final creation is likely to turn out. This is great especially if you can’t visualise it in your mind; this effort from Ditto certainly helps you “see” it better and when all is good, order away! Need some inspiration, take a look at how others had theirs done. Their tight team meticulously ensures details are in place, so customers order with confidence. It’s easy to keep things organized, and when you’re rushing through your food, simply keep your eye on one item; when you leave the place, make sure you grab that item too. One less stress factor in your life, eh? :P

And because these are synthetic leather, unlike real leather like lamb or cowhide which require regular maintenance, Ditto leather goods are virtually maintenance-free. Great for busy folks who appreciate fuss-free and no strings attached sort of commitment! As with leather goods, we can’t exactly be totally sure of their origins, so animal lovers, this one is for you too :) Some of us prefer subtlety or matchy-matchy shades, and it’s not difficult to find a suitable colour to go nicely with our arm candies, outfits or other accessories. At the same time, you get to have your own unique creations based on your preference, just as how our personal items reflect who we are.

5 Steps to your personalised leather goods:
1. Choose your favorite colour for your selected product (passport cover, notebook cover, keychain, tissue pouch, wristlet, clutch, iPad pouch, mini-iPad pouch)
2. Pick your favourite charms. The 1st one is complimentary!
3. Think about the names/words you want to have embossed
4. Choose your favourite coloured name tag
5. Contact Ditto on your selections above, and a mockup will be prepared for you!

These unique creations are practical and functional, so recipients are bound to put them to good use! Prices are affordable and start from $5.90 with free local normal postage, so no piggy banks will be hurt. Here are some that caught my fancy and they make great gift options for just about anyone!

Tissue paper pouch for my OL girlfriends – must wipe oily lips before heading back to the office :P Credit: Ditto.
Pretty zippy clutch wristlet for the sister so she can keep her essentials for work lunches! Credit: Ditto.
Top pic: Insides of wristlet with suede lining for added protection. Bottom pic: Intricate customization for text and charms.
Top pic: Insides of wristlet with suede lining for added protection. Bottom pic: Intricate customization with text and charms.
Ooohh, a tablet pouch for the techie brother-in-law who lives and breathes with gadgets! Credit: Ditto.
This notebook cover comes in handy for the school-going cousin to get organized with his homework, exams and extra curriculum activities. Maybe his working mum can have a matching one to pen down her schedule and work notes? Credit: Ditto.
A handy couple keychain for mum and dad would be nice! Lightweight and slim enough to fit mum’s handbag and dad’s trousers. Thinking of some tongue-in-chic text to emboss on them :P Credit: Ditto
Looks small yet compact enough to hold several items! I like this envelope wallet for its sleek look and for days when you just wish to step out without looking like you just robbed a bank. Haha! Credit: Ditto.
Nothing beats having a customized friendship bracelet with your BFFs – schoolgirls will heart this ;) So many charms to choose from to make your very own suede leather bracelet! Credit: Ditto.

And Baby V’s passport is starting to make its worth too. Lol! Her newly-minted lovely passport cover comes in a soft shade of pink that’s reminds me of candy floss. Just in time for our year-end trip to Tasmania with the in-laws :)

Vera acknowledging her passport when we returned from Taiwan recently. LOL!
Vera acknowledging her passport when we returned from Taiwan recently. LOL!
Look who’s got a saccharine sweet passport cover! She was obviously very happy upon receiving it :)

Don’t leave gift-hunting to the last minute because Christmas is just round the corner! Personalised gifts make thoughtful presents and better yet, you get to decide how the products turn out. Cheeky messages or sweet notes can be added for a personal touch, from you to the recipient :)

Choose your fave colours, decide on the text and select your fave charms and viola! Easy-peasy!
Choose your fave colours, decide on the text, select your fave charms and VOILA! Easy-peasy!

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Vera is ready to fly with her new passport cover! Which items caught your eye? Time to bring out your gifting list and start Christmas shopping!

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