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Getting Crafty with Scotch Expressions Tapes + Giveaway!

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Art and craft was a subject back in school that often fascinated me. Some of my peers are talented artists (in my eyes) and can sketch out/colour biscuits, fruits and everything else so effortlessly, with all the right details. And after my intake, the next batch of students had to take on Design & Technology (D&T), where everyone got to create things from scratch, and alternating the next half year with Home Economics (not my cup of tea either…LOL!). I was pretty thankful for skipping D&T as I reckon I’m not very skilled with tools and all (actually, I’m just scared of heat, loud noises and possible pain. Yes, I think too much.) But my husband loved D&T during his school days and proudly tells me that he would even stay back in school (?!) to perfect his project work then. Without a doubt, that was one of his fave and best subject!

When 3M Scotch brand contacted me, I was a little apprehensive. Craft work is pretty much about do or die making things prettier (or ruining everything!). After reading and researching about these tapes, they are actually not that daunting after all! Plus, they are really easy to use and mess-free, so what’s stopping me?! So here I am, challenging a non-crafty me to create pretty (I hope!) crafts using Scotch Expressions Tapes! How will I fare?? Read on to find out!

Girls being girls, I decided to make something to prettify myself. So, I decided to upcycle some old loot I found. Here’s what I managed to gather for my art piece.

Make Amazing Masterpiece #1:

My amateurish sketch piece and tools to kickstart this creativity project!
My amateurish sketch piece and tools to kickstart this creativity project!


Next step: Use a stapler to hold the rolled paper together.
Next step: Use a stapler to hold the rolled paper together.


Beautifying the papers with Scotch Expressions Tapes. Although the tapes are hand -tearable, they can also fit the tape dispenser for easy dispensing!
Beautifying the papers with Scotch Expressions Magic™ Tapes. Although the tapes are hand -tearable, they can also fit the tape dispenser for easy dispensing!

What are Scotch Expressions Magic™ Tapes?
These tapes are pretty much like their cousin, the Scotch Magic Tape. At some point in your life, I’m pretty sure you’d have used Magic™ Tapes before. These coloured ones boost the same innovative features and benefits: elegant matte finish, hand-tearable and can be written on with a pen, pencil or marker. In addition to being easily repositionable (which I did a couple of times, because craft work requires precision), Scotch Expressions Magic™ Tapes adheres easily onto most surfaces, and dummy-proof (great for amateurs, like me! LOL!) too. Available in 9 solid colours and themed packs such as Preppy, Blue Floral and Tribal. RSP: $3.90/roll, $9.90/pack.

So, what did baby Vera think about mummy’s creation?

Is that my new toy, mummy?
Hmm.. what do I do with this??
Ah, put it over my neck, I see now! Do I look good with it?? PS: Oops! Excuse the unglam pic.. she’s teething and half a tooth has surfaced! *woohoo*

I started to get the hang of crafting and decided to get more adventurous, challenging myself to beautify something this time.

Make Amazing Masterpiece #2:

Found this lying around the house and decided to jazzzzzz it up with Scotch Expressions Washi Tapes. Can you guess which ones I picked to do the deed?
When I first laid eyes on this prints (Kaleidoscope), I knew I had to use it! Funky and colourful, this made me feel like there’s a burst of energy there! All that pasting is also a great way to train one’s patience :P

What are Scotch Expressions Washi Tapes?
You probably have seen lots of DIY blogs showcasing crafts with Washi Tapes, but how are they different from Scotch Expressions Magic Tapes? They are paper-finished tapes made from natural fibres of bamboo or hemp, and just like Scotch Expressions Magic Tapes, they are hand-tearable and can be written on with a pen, pencil or marker. Slightly slimmer than the former, Scotch Expressions Washi Tapes are also very easy to use; initially repositionable, yet sticks securely to most surfaces. Available in 13 solid colours and 20 patterns such as Kaleidoscope and Quatrefoil. RSP: $3.90-$6.90/roll

And, to showcase the diversity of these tapes, I managed to catch a baker friend who was due for a holiday over the weekend, and yet squeezed time to work her nifty fingers and created some magic!

Make Amazing Masterpiece #3:

Created with Scotch Expressions Magic Tapes, plain packaging are instantly cheerier with these colourful dots! Credits: Mess with Cakes.
These pretty cupcakes look good and taste equally good! Credits: Mess with Cakes.
With the themed packs, complementary colours help to pull the whole look together. Create toppers easily with toothpicks and your fave tapes. Credits: Mess with Cakes.

Thank you, Xiuli, for these inspiring ideas on how to improve presentation and making it look so simple… lol! Do check out Mess with Cakes for other wonderfully yum-meh creations!

How were the masterpieces? Yours truly needs loads of practice, for sure :P. Looks like I’d better brush up before Vera goes to school – heard there are tons of projects even before they hit Primary 1. *horror* If you need more inspirations, scoot over to My Activity Room, where everyone can create projects, share ideas and learn from others in the region. There are interesting ideas and imaginative works from other contributors and step-by-step tutorials by Scotch brand too, so you can pick up some tips via this online resource easily.

If you are up for some fun with the kids, save the date for the Scotch Make Amazing Workshop happening soon! Only 60 slots available (1 slot per family!) and on a first-come-first-served basis – book early to avoid disappointment! Details as below:

Enjoy an afternoon of hands-on fun with your kids on 2nd Aug, and learn to recreate items and upcycle boring items to give them a new lease of life!
Enjoy an afternoon of hands-on fun with your kids on 2nd Aug, and learn to recreate items and upcycle boring items to give them a new lease of life!

Date: Aug 2 (Sat)

Time: 2 sessions – 10am-12pm; OR, 1-3pm

Venue: Food For Thought @ National Museum
93 Stamford Road, #01-04/05
Singapore 178897

Fee: $20 per family (4 pax) – each family will receive a starter kit with $40 worth of Scotch craft materials!

Scotch Make Amazing Workshop - Starter Kit
Scotch brand Starter Kits await you!
Open up a box of creativity tools and unleash those ideas for some crafty fun!

To register, please visit:

FEELING LUCKY? We have $180 worth of Scotch brand products just for our readers!
3 lucky winners will bag a gift set worth $60 each, no purchase required!

How to WIN:

Simply leave a comment on this article with a creative idea on how you’ll be using the Scotch Expressions Tapes!

This giveaway is opened to fans of Scotch Brand SG and The Hooting Post only, so do LIKE our pages if you haven’t done so! Post away, and GOOD LUCK! ;)

*Contest ends 30 July 2014, 2359. 3M Scotch will get in touch with the winners on your gifts.

Thank you 3M Scotch brand for this opportunity to challenge myself! What better way to start preps early before we are due to start art and craft with baby Vera :P In the meantime, stay tuned as we go on a family trip this week! Follow us on Instagram @deedeedee13 and see my OOTD shots paired with my “new” sunnies! :P


  1. i’m planning on using scotch expressions tapes together with duct tape (as a base) to make it into a clutch!

  2. We will have an art & craft session with our kids using the scotch expression tapes to decorate our kite and will use it for our next kite flying session. Our kids love flying kite and I am sure their will be very happy and excited to see their own decorated and beautiful kite flying up high in the sky

  3. I’d like to use the tapes to decorate my plain notebooks and also use them when designing birthday cards for my friends :)

  4. I plan to personalize my phone case, decorate the ring binder files at home and make some unique bandages for my children.

  5. I’ve been getting into scrapbooking so I’d use the tapes for that. I’d also use them to decorate my notebooks, binders, folders, etc and also when making birthday cards for people because the tapes are super cute :)

  6. I would use the the tape to decorate things in my classroom- particularly marking pencils and art supplies so that they don’t “grow legs and walk away”!

    1. Hello Melissa! Guess you might have missed out shoutouts on our FB page. Do get in touch with us so yr gift can get to you asap! Pls drop us a note by tomorrow 12noon, otherwise we’ll have to pick another winner. Cheers!

  7. I would enlist the help of my 4.5year old son to jazz up the decorations (invitation cards, table settings, thank you goody bags, food tables, etc) for my baby’s full-moon party in mid-Aug :)

  8. Thank you for all your amazing ideas!! We had such a tough time deciding the winners – and we’ve finally picked 3 lucky names! In no particular order:
    – Melissa Murphy
    – Celyn Huang
    – Jolin

    CONGRATULATIONS ladies!! Those Scotch gift bags are coming your way so you can enjoy some creative fun too! Pls send the following details (Name, email add, mailing add & tel number) to so we can get the good fellas at 3M to arrange your gifts!

    We’re sure you’re gonna enjoy the gift – happy crafting and continue to #makeamazing stuff! :) Thank you for the support and do stay tuned for upcoming giveaways! :D

  9. As we’ve yet to hear from Melissa Murphy, so we’re gonna pick another winner!
    Congratulations to Grace!!
    Do email us yr info so your gift can reach u soon!
    Cheers! :)

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