Eco Spotlight: Rags2Riches

It’s heartening to know that companies are doing their part for the environment and the communities that need support. These bags are really pretty and embrace the eco-friendly messages. A pity they’re not available in Singapore yet…

The Fashion Foot

Anthropologie has been around for twenty years, and after all that time it still operates as a destination where women can get a mixture of clothing, accessories and items for around the home.  The store, which was started in Wayne, Pennsylvania, has always strived to offer its customers products that reflects their own style and fuels their passions whether it be fashion, art or entertaining. Their newest attempt to offer their customers items that speak to their own personal tastes is their partnering with the company Rags2Riches.


Rags2Riches is an eco-ethical company that works with artisans from the Philippines in an attempt to create products that reflect the culture of the artisans and helps support their communities. The Philippines is a country made up of over seven thousand islands and RIIR works with artisans from the densely populated capital to the remote rural tribes. Artisans in some areas would not…

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