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A Cuppa to Beat the Mama-to-be Blues + Giveaway!

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Pregnancy is an eye-opening journey. One moment, you might be laughing heartily at someone’s jokes; the next moment might bring tears to your eyes. Couple that with queasiness, heartburn, anxiety (just to name a few!), you feel like a ticking time bomb!

Food can make one happy – that’s something I believe. Mums-to-be can also take heart by enjoying a nice cuppa to beat those pregnancy-related blues! During my first trimester, the all-day morning sickness really got on my nerves! If you’ve read my earlier article, you’d know what I mean.

Cast your worries aside – Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Mama-to-be Tea Sampler ($11.90) to the rescue! This convenient suite packs 4 delicious varieties of 100% organic caffeine-free herbal teas, specially put together for expectant mums.

With the USDA organic seal, the product is certified organic and has 95 percent or more organic content!
Mama-to-be tea sampler
This tea sampler is is great throughout pregnancy. Simply boil water and steep for 5-10mins to enjoy!

Morning Wellness Tea: Helps tackle nausea with its ginger-minty flavour. Have it hot for a comforting drink anytime of the day.
Heartburn Tea: Delicious and soothing to ease that fierce furnace at your chest area and belly. This Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Red Raspberry blend helps to relax and make things that much better.
Peaceful Mama Tea: When the anxiety levels go into overdrive, calm down with this delectable natural herbal mix and *ohm* to tranquility.
Third Trimester Tea: Great for the final leg of the race, sip this special blend to help mama ease up to get ready for the arrival of your little bundle of joy.

Surprise quotes in the box
Surprise quotes of encouragements in the box! Sweet! :)
Packed tea bags for easy usage.

At times within a day, dips in energy levels hit me and I desperately need quick perk-me-ups (lucky you if your employer allows a quick shut-eye!). Drinking tea and coffee is a norm for me, even during pre-pregnancy days. Miss those mornings when my previous companies had an aunty who helps to brew freshly-made kopi. Other times, dunking a tea bag is so easy, and going for green tea, black tea or even bubble tea (my fave hot weather saviour!!) makes my day. Because of caffeine, I have cut down on coffee and tea, limiting to probably just a cup or 2 per week, from my usual daily morning coffee. For me, it’s a “wake me up” in the morning but for some friends, they swear by coffee, perhaps more than a cup each day. When they got pregnant, it was a terrible swarm of fatigue for them to stop totally. Known as a diuretic and for causing dehydration, caffeine is also rumoured to increase the risk of miscarriage, contribute to heartburn due to stimulation of stomach acid, lead to insomnia due to increased heart rate, and (horror of horrors!) they contain compounds called phenols that make it harder for our body to absorb iron. Arghhh!! Thank goodness, I’ve already been cutting down on caffeine. Gosh!

Here’s how I like savouring my mama-to-be teas:

Tea samplers
Top L-R: Peaceful Mama Tea has a calming aroma similar to chrysanthenum; is a light tasting tea for an instant relaxant. Third Trimester Tea has a soothing spearmint tinge to freshen up the senses.
Bottom L-R: Morning Wellness Tea goes great with Pepperidge Farm Gingerman cookies if you like yours slightly sweet. No need to add extra sugar! Heartburn Tea’s herbal flavour is good on its own, for that extra warmth inside.
*Teas are preferably enjoyed without sugar or milk, although it’s entirely a personal choice to add them :)

Earth Mama Angel Baby has each tea in individual boxes of 16 tea bags ($11.90/box) to enjoy too!

Earth Mama Angel Baby Tea choices
Earth Mama Angel Baby Tea selection for mums!

For times when the milk of momness needs a little encourgement, there’s Earth Mama Angel Baby, Organic Milkmaid Tea, Fragrant Fennel Herb ($11.90). Fennel herb is known to help increase breast milk supply for breastfeeding mamas. Infused with herbs such as galactagogues are fenugreek, milk thistle seed, anise seed and caraway seed. Blended with mineral-packed nettle and red raspberry leaf’s powerful vitamin-mineral combo, they help keep breast milk flowing from healthy mama to healthy baby.

If, like me, you’re about to welcome your new bundle of joy and are looking for special care products, you’d be happy to know that Earth Mama Angel Baby has your needs covered from pregnancy, post-partum and even baby care.
P/S: Earth Mama Angel Baby New Mama Bottom Spray ($24.90) and Earth Mama Angel Baby Bottom Balm ($24.90) have garnered raves from mums in all over USA and other parts of the world too!

All these wonderful products are conveniently available right here in Singapore! What’s more, with your growing bump or a new baby in tow, shop easily without stepping out – head over to Willow & Sage in the comfort of your free time, any time anywhere!

About Willow & Sage
Parents naturally want the best for their children, and more of us are getting more discerning about what goes into the everyday products used on kids. As a SAHM of 2 young toddlers, Teresa, has had her fair bit of experience of harsh products that her kids reacted negatively too. With the philosophy to help other parents, this brought about the birth of Willow & Sage, a local online store which stocks natural and safe products for babies, kids and even items for pregnant and post-pregnant mums. As the founder of Willow & Sage, Teresa strongly believes in using products that are authentically-certified to be safe and many of these items have already garnered a strong following amongst parents worldwide. Eco-friendly advocates would be happy to know that Willow & Sage brand cloth diapers and wet bags will be available very soon, and with their specially-sourced quality materials, comfort and durability is key. That’s what we like about Willow & Sage’s positive attitude – caring for our children in more ways than one! Stay tuned for updates on promotions and news on their Facebook page.

1 lucky mummy-to-be WINS a box of Earth Mama Angel Baby Organics Mama-to-be Tea Sampler!

Here’s how:

Step 1: “LIKE” The Hooting Post and Willow & Sage on Facebook.
Step 2: Read this article and name the tea that I savoured with Pepperidge Farm Gingerman cookies by commenting on our Facebook wall/post!

*T & Cs:
– This giveaway is only opened to Singapore addressees – sorry about that, friends from other countries.
– Giveaway ends 24 Nov, 2359hrs, Sunday, SG Time.
– Prize will be sent to a single local address via normal post. Option for registered mail available at SGD$3, at winner’s expense.
– Judges’ decision is final. Pls join only if you’re cool with the T & Cs :) Participation equates to acceptance.
– This giveaway is made possible with the support of Willow & Sage. We’re truly honoured!

Good things are meant to be shared – don’t forget to share this giveaway with your mummy-to-be friends! :D

Thank you, Willow & Sage, for the kind opportunity to review these wonderful tea! :)


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