5 Posts that Make You Go “WHOA?!”

It’s NOVEMBER already! We are inching closer to the weekend, and we’ve put together some tongue-in-cheek stuff to get in the groovy chillax mood :P

Happy reading and tell us which ones made you go “WOAH?!”, okay?

1. 15 Legendary Marketing Fails

broken bus ad
Some people can take advertisements a little too literally, if you know what I mean. Here’s a jab at marketers and some facepalm moments for the record. Ouchness.

2. The Things They Really Don’t Tell You When You Have a Baby

smiling baby
This one is for the expectant mum or new mummy. While I’ve yet to be “officially promoted” to my new role yet, #17 and #25 did jolt me. Take a breather before reading and abide by the Girl Guide’s motto: Be prepared

3. 25 Unusual Despicable Me Minions Artworks

minion lightyear
Look at that face – how could we not include this post?! A collection of designs by illustrators from all over the world (e.g. Vietnam, South Korea etc) who put together different personas of the minions. Uber talented, we say!

4. 10 Elegant, Inexpensive, Homemade Holiday Gift Ideas

cookie jar
With the gifting season coming up, self-personalized gifts are hard to come by these days and add extra touch of sincerity to receipient. Are you crafty and brave enough to do some DIY magic? These homemade cookies in jars are simple yet pretty. Sweet idea!

5. 28 Incredibly Beautiful Places You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

bolivia salt flat
I literally scrolled the page with bated breath for a good 5 mins. Unbelievably beautiful scenic places to keep one in awe (and wondering if they are for real?). Like the above pic which depicts the largest salt flat located in Bolivia, doing jumps at the Maldives beach or the Grand Canyon feels so passe. Enjoy the visual feast!

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