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Record-breaking Breastfeeding Challenge – and We Were There Too!

Remember our previous article on the Breastfeeding Challenge organised by Thomson Medical Centre (TMC)? We are honoured to be invited to be part of the event, and the turnout was a pleasant surprise!… Continue reading

7 Ways to Engage Your Toddler in Reading and Word Fun

Sponsored advertorial As a child, I’ve always loved books and my parents could easily leave me at the bookstore to get on with their shopping. Now as a mother, I hope to instill… Continue reading

Relieve Inner Heatiness with Homemade Green Bean Soup

Temperatures have been quite mad of late and coupled with internal body heatiness and less than healthy lifestyles, it’s easy to get under the weather for both adults and kids. We did a… Continue reading

Baby-friendly Shakshuka with a twist

Shakshouka or Shakshuka, also known as Israel army stew, is an egg-centric dish of poached eggs in a sauce of tomatoes, chili peppers, and onions, often spiced with cumin. It is believed to have a Tunisian/Middle… Continue reading

Mashed Potato with Italian Herbs Recipe

We’re usually time-strapped over the weekends rushing to run errands or moving from place to place. Quick and healthy meals are my time savers as I believe that cooking (for the little one… Continue reading

Wrapped Up Goodness – Bed of Veggie & Salmon Wholegrain Wrap Recipe

Many mums and friends were asking for this recipe when we posted updates of our menu for the day. Pardon me for the delayed response in putting it together, and I promise this is worth the… Continue reading

How to Pack Your Child’s Luggage for a Winter Holiday

Singapore’s weather has been scorching hot, and an escape to some winter wonderland sounds like a dream come true! If you’re planning to bring the mini-me’s along, do ensure preparations are done to… Continue reading

Purple Cabbage Carrot Cheesy Pies – Oh, So Colourful!

Who’d have thought a veggie pie could be yummy and healthy to boot?! Here’s an easy pie recipe that’s versatile enough, you could mix and mash it up with your preferred ingredients! And… Continue reading

No Fishy Business with this Steamed Dish!

Fish serves up a chockful of healthy nutrients that are essential for growing bubbas. Rich in proteins, DNA, good fatty acids like Omega-3, what’s not to love about these fishy? Well, some adults… Continue reading

#EyeSpyLondon: Food Glorious Food (Part 1)

Wow! It’s been more than a month since we returned from London, and boy oh boy, time zooms past! Yours truly has been busy fighting datelines, and yes, it’s time to catch up on ALL… Continue reading