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A Little Motivation Goes a Long Way…

Watching our two young bubs learn and grow is very much like unveiling a surprise gift; one that we do not know what we will discover, but nevertheless amaze us.

Now that little V is almost three, some of my memories of baby V are blurred (no thanks to mum’s brain!) while others are deeply etched in my mind because they pulled at my heartstrings.

Every child is different, they say. And they can’t be more right about that.

We watched our firstborn develop in so many ways, ways that we’ve never imagined (oh, the conversations we have now!), ways where we didn’t think would be expected of a toddler (say, WHUUUTT??) and ways we had impatiently thought should have been quicker.

As first-time parents then, there were tons of sources and well-meaning folks who shared this and that about parenting. Milestone guides, “my child can do this at X months, how about yours?!”, “Why is she not doing XXXX yet?” – all these sometimes made us lose sight that our own child is unique in her own ways. I questioned myself so many times, and blamed my less-than-zealous efforts to try a zillion ways to “help” her.

Everyone learns and develops at their own pace (adults too, isn’t it??), and there are just some things that cannot be rushed because nature would take its course in its most miraculous way, to unveil at the least expected time. Parents also need to remember to keep our own expectations in-check.

As parents, our energy is vital to the little one, to spur her on and channel a source of motivational drive.

Well, during our recent trip to Korea, we were greeted with a surprise.

how to motivate kids teesaurus motivation magnets
Heading to Korea for our first family holiday with two young kids! Definitely a milestone to remember! #achievementunlocked

There were flights of stairs at both our Airbnb lodgings, and many shops and restaurants in Korea were on the second or third levels. At first glance, it was definitely not child-friendly, and oh, the trouble of having to carry two young kids, a stroller and the diaper bag up and down! We were worried that Little Miss Cautious would want to be carried whenever we had to climb, but little did we know…. she had it all mapped out in her mind.

how to motivate kids teesaurus motivation magnets
Everyday, she went up and down from our room at the 3rd floor independently!
how to motivate kids teesaurus motivation magnets
Shopping? Let’s go up again! On my own, daddy, I CAN DO IT!!

She was neither daunted nor helpless as we thought she would be. In fact, she excitedly climbed them ON HER OWN, refusing to hold my hand or daddy’s, but instinctively held onto the wall or railings for the first few seconds. Once she had her balance in place, her hands were free – I mean, LOOK AT HER GO!

We are cheerleaders to motivate our baby girl, because we hope to see her progress with each step (literally!). We do a round of high-fives, exclaim “Well done, Vera!”, “Good job, baby!” and “That was very brave of you, darling!” right from the time she first attempted stairs on her own when she was younger. Now, we see huge smiles and a more confident young lady all of 34 months old, and we realised that we’ve been taken on a parenting course all this while.

how to motivate kids teesaurus motivation magnets
Conquering stairs in a foreign land – my baby girl is taking steps towards independence! *tears*

Motivation is not hard to do, and as parents, we lend our support to help nurture our kids from day one. Offering praises, telling them to “try again” when they fall, giving them hugs to get them going… there are more ways than one to share the infectious positive energy to help our kids explore and learn.

I realised that it was all a natural phenomenon we were fueling all this while, and were just waiting for things to blossom: The Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is triggered, and intrinsic motivation comes into play by the person herself (in this case, Vera), where she enjoyed doing this interesting task of climbing and going down the stairs.

As researchers put it, “This natural motivational tendency is a critical element in cognitive, social, and physical development because it is through acting on one’s inherent interests that one grows in knowledge and skills.”

While mummy is not exactly artistically inclined, I’m thankful that there are symbolic items that we could use to help mark Vera’s efforts and achievements.


And our intention is straightforward: we tell her why she gets a motivation magnet, and we put it up where she can see it often, to be reminded of her achievements so she keeps going forward.

It’s a simple idea, and can be incorporated with a rewards chart too if you’re already using one at home. Afterall, we want to recognise our child’s effort and share her joy. Because with that, comes confidence which will continue to motivate her to open up and explore new things so she continues to grow in her own ways.

These locally designed and produced Kids Motivation Magnet Set from Tee-saurus are available here. They come in a set of 10, and there’s a special promotion going on at $35 (U.P. $50). Just for our readers, you get to save a further 10% off the promo price, so it’s only $31.50! Makes a perfect Children’s Day gift that’s coming right up!

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Parents are the greatest cheerleaders of our kids, always spurring them on to take that first step, "try again" and acknowledging their efforts with big hugs, high fives and loads of words of encouragement. . Motivating our kids need not mean enticing them with rewards like candies, food or getting yet another toy. A simple magnet with the right words can help share the message that we recognise little V's efforts and achievements too. She's happy to have her hands on 'My Brave Warrior' and 'We're Proud of You!' because she's progressed in her own ways during our recent family vacay – you can read our story on the blogazine via #linkinbio. . This Children's Day, how about sending extra cheer to the kids in a meaningful way? These Kids Motivation Magnets come in a set of 10, are from @teesaurusproject 📍Readers can enjoy 10% off storewide! PROMO CODE: HootingSaurus Valid till 30 Oct 2016.

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how to motivate kids teesaurus motivation magnets
Tee-saurus Kids Motivation Magnets Set to help send some encouragement to kids!

We hope these colourful magnets come in handy in your parenting journey too. Afterall, the zest we received from our daughter was like a pat on our backs. We hope you experience the amplified boost of motivation right back from your own children too :)

how to motivate kids teesaurus motivation magnets
That was such a beautiful photo taken with my sister on her birthday, and Vera was just too cute! Since we celebrated my birthday in Korea, I’ve been reminded to print those digital photos to update the photo that goes with this ‘Happy Birthday’ magnet!



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How do you motivate your children? Do share some fun and interesting ways that have worked to motivate your kids!

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  1. It’s amazing how our every word of encouragement can give our little ones so much courage to try and with every time they try sth, their confidence grow :)

  2. Motivation is key to everything we do and as parents it’s perhaps one of the most important things we need to build up (and keep building up) in our kids. Your post reminds me to do just that and the buttons and stationeries are certainly attractive as motivational momentos.

  3. Love this statement ! “..We realised that we’ve been taken on a parenting course all this while.”
    The little ones are motivating us to be parents :)

    Cheers, Andy

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