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Try this Two-ingredient Yogurt Popsicles Recipe that’s Healthy & Yummy!

With the Covid-19 situation escalating since it was called “coronavirus”, keeping healthy is a definite priority! This means keeping our kids home for longer hours and feeding them with healthy snacks.

Besides watching DVDs and chowing on healthy snacks which are veggies, this was another kind of stay home activity that doesn’t cost a bomb!

Little Chef Vera made some yummy two-ingredient yogurt popsicles, with instructions from yours truly. She was visibly excited to MAKE and EAT these super easy homemade frozen yogurt that’s pretty much like healthier ice cream! HAHA! :D

two-ingredient yogurt popsicle recipe
Wondering how to make yoghurt popsicles? It’s super easy!

If you are staying indoors more often these days, how about trying out this homemade two-ingredient yogurt popsicles recipe with yr kids? Additionally, they can literally enjoy the fruits of their own labour after that! :P

What’s more, yoghurt is loaded with probiotics, which is essential to keeping our guts healthy. The “happy bacteria” helps with digestion (or constipation and indigestion, like us… oops!), and helps support the absorption of minerals and vitamins from food. YAY to healthy digestive systems and happy tastebuds!

two ingredient ice cream recipe
Leroy was SUPER HAPPY to come home to a yummy frozen yogurt treat, because Jie Jie made it for him!

Two-ingredient Yogurt Popsicles Recipe


2 cups of store-bought yogurt – we used Meiji yogurt

Blueberries – or your favourite fruit. Berries are a popular choice because there’s no cutting involved! :P

how to make two-ingredient ice cream recipe
Mummy bought this Reusable Ice Cream Mould from FairPrice for just $2! The happy faces = PRICELESS!


  1. Pour yogurt into reusable ice cream moulds and fill them to about 80%.
  2. Add fruits and push them downwards, ensuring they do not overflow. Put the accompanying ice cream sticks into the mixture, then, leave in the freezer for at least 8 hours. Or, periodically check to see if they are ready as different brands of reusable ice cream moulds may need varying amount of time to freeze completely :)
two-ingredient ice cream recipe singapore mum bloggers
Mummy’s eager helper could do everything on her own, which means she’s becoming more independent too!


  • Try this versatile two-ingredient yogurt popsicles recipe with other fruits like strawberries, bananas and pineapples!
  • We used 2 different flavours of yogurt – aloe vera and strawberry – and they turned out with a pretty pastel pink, much to the kids’ delight!
  • How about adding Chia Seeds to give this healthy two-ingredient yogurt popsicles recipe and EXTRA oomph? :P Love that it’s really simple and parents can simply mix and match different yogurt flavours and fruits for discerning tastebuds!

Try out this yummy Matcha & Adzuki Yogurt Butter Cake which uses yoghurt in its recipe too!

I’d say, this stay-home activity is suitable and safe for young children. No cooking or any fire involved; just cold fun and perhaps little mess :) Oh yes! Kids under 1-year-old can eat these yummy yogurt popsicles too! Will you be making them this school holiday? :D

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