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Tired Parents’ Massage at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort

We’re back from our road trip to Malaysia, and missing the relaxing massage at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort!

We researched for family resorts in Malaysia with kid-friendly activities PLUS spa/massage treatments. K and I were very much looking forward to the latter to soothe our tired muscles! HA! Hence, we were excited to discover positive reviews about the massage at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort.

massage at avani sepang goldcoast resort
Enjoying the resort view over the waters after our massage at AVANISPA.

After all, Avani Hotels & Resorts owns a chain of hospitality properties across 15 countries. Heard that their service standard is at 4 to 5 stars level too. Yes, let’s go there!

Excited for our massage at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort in Malaysia

Spa and massage sessions can be pretty pricey in Singapore. Many folks drive up to Malaysia for a short escapade to indulge in spas and massage at friendlier prices. In the past, K and I would also sneak up to Johor (JB) for day-trips by taking leave from work. However, it’s definitely harder to now with our crazy work schedules.

During our 3D2N resort stay, planning for our own breathers in between activities was part of the itinerary. We decided to book 2-hour spa/massage treatments for 2 days, so we could take time to rest and recharge.

We left our stroller and baby carrier behind for this family holiday. That meant the kids were walking or running freeeeeeely too – chasing them counts as exercise, right? HA!

To be honest, it was hard to master the art of doing “nothing”, especially when travelling with kids. I’m sure fellow parents would know what I mean :P

massage at avani sepang goldcoast resort
Yes to night massage just before bedtime! Tired parents’ haven!

Tired parents + massage sessions during our resort holiday

Understandably, it was a peak period over the long Easter weekend. Indeed, it was tricky to book a longer duration for the spa sessions. I was talking to one of the Avani staff – occupancy at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort goes up to over 90% or even full house over the weekends!

My advice: If you’re heading up over the weekends or over a public holiday, do book your spa and massage sessions in advance.

avanispa massage at avani sepang goldcoast resort
Embracing the 4 natural elements at AVANISPA, massage and spa treatments surround their beliefs to refresh visitors.

Having experienced 2 different sessions, I’d be combining our reviews of both massage at the Avani Goldcoast Sepang Resort to share :)

Avani Spa prides itself to “offer you a wealth of wonderfully uplifting and inspiring all-over pampering and treatments that will soon have your physical, mental and spiritual equilibrium back to its optimal best. “

Sounds just like what we needed!

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Upon arriving at Avani Spa, we browsed their spa brochure to select our massage treatments. Then, we filled up a form to indicate our massage pressure preference. Also, we had to declare any medical conditions, note body areas to avoid and to focus on.

Since we arrived 15 minutes earlier for a quick shower, our masseuses led us to a couple room to shower before the massage started. We were led to different rooms for our massage sessions on both days.

On the first day, the room was spacious en-suite with a bathtub, 2 standing showers, a wardrobe to keep clothing and belongings, a day-bed, 2 massage beds and other peripherals.

avanispa massage room at resort malaysia
Did our massage treatment at the room cordoned off by a curtain next to this room – I look so tired cos I almost fell asleep! Oops!

For the second day, we entered a simple room with a curtain partition that draws to reveal another room. Looks great for friends to have their spa and massages together!

I was ready for my aromatherapy massage with light pressure (MYR 250 for 60 minutes). K wanted stronger pressure, he picked the Malay ‘Urut’ massage (MYR 250 for 60 minutes). With currency conversion for Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) to Singapore Dollars (SGD), each massage session costs about SGD83 per person.

Review of our massage treatments at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort

The first massage session was right after dinner on the first day. Thus, it was quite the perfect pre-bedtime treat after a long drive that morning. Looking forward to an hour of bliss!

The next day, the only time slot available was in the afternoon. Hence, we did our massages post-lunch, after returning from our Mangrove Tour. I’m not recommending anyone to massage with full bellies, but we were simply plain tired parents =x

massage at avani sepang goldcoast resort
I got a bird’s eye view of the villas at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort from the Avani Spa.

Our masseuses led us to a couple-room and informed us to lie face down on the massage beds. I was kind of expecting them to introduce themselves and mention that they were about to start the massage session, but it was a pretty quiet session. Don’t really like those that keep talking so some peaceful time is good.

The massage started from my neck and shoulders area, down to my arms and back. My thighs and feet were the last to be massaged.

I was a little surprised as most massage centres I’ve been to usually start with a foot spa for cleansing, or a foot massage first. Guess there’s always a first to new massage procedures!

The strokes were light since I’m quite a tofu when it comes to pain. HAHA. I often face giggling masseuses as I need little strength for my massages. They get very amused, and my husband says they only need to tickle me; not massage me! >.<

Although it was an aromatherapy massage, I didn’t get to pick a preferred aromatherapy oil. There’s just one standard oil for everyone.

Feeling the oil on my skin, it was lightweight, making it smooth for the massage strokes to be applied to my body.

Truth be told, upon arriving at the resort, a terrible migraine hit me! I needed a head massage badly despite popping Neurofen! We managed to enjoy the massage for only 60 minutes. Wished we could have done the 120 minutes session so more time could be allocated to the focus areas and aching muscles!

How did my husband’s massage experience at Avani Spa go? He had a great massage session on the first night, and was all praises! The petite lady who kneaded his knots applied the hard pressure that he liked. If you’re visiting Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort in Malaysia, look for Cyinthia if you prefer hard massage pressure!

After our massage sessions ended, they offered ginger tea to rejuvenate our senses. We were ready to knock-out after our relaxing massage!

Look out for the sauna, jacuzzis and day beds too!

In addition to massage, spa, facial and manicure and pedicure services, there were also other facilities such as a sauna and 2 jacuzzi spas in the common area. See if you can spot the two daybeds spotted at the patio facing the villas when you are there! It’s free for visitors to use :)

manicure and pedicure at avani sepang goldcoast resort malaysia
Enjoy some quiet time while having your nails done at this room.

We didn’t get to soak ourselves in the jacuzzi pools due to time constraints… oh well, maybe next time!

massage at avani sepang goldcoast resort
Wishing I could soak in that Jacuzzi tub!

Avani Spa is located at Avani Sepang Goldcoast Resort.

Address: No. 67, Jalan Pantai Bagan Lalang, Kg Bagan Lalang 43950 Sungai Pelek, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Telephone: +603 3182 3600
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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Do you love going for massage and spa sessions in Malaysia too? Do share some of your favourite short getaway locations!

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